Thursday, August 26, 2010


Penyahaktifan telah dilakukan.

Sindrom pengunduran akan berlangsung bila-bila masa sahaja.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ten reasons why it is United's year

Here are 10 reasons why 2010/11 will be our year...

1. The weight of history – Since Sir Alex’s first championship win, only once has there been a gap of more than a year (2004-2006) between United losing and regaining the crown. You won’t get much value betting against another win in 2010/11.

2. Hunger – The gaffer always looks his players in the eye before the season begins to see if the drive to succeed is still there, but he’ll scarcely need to rally the troops this time around. We confidently beat the current champions at Wembley on Sunday, and there’s no doubting we want our trophy back!

3. World Cup woe – Chicharito aside, United’s internationals had disappointing World Cup campaigns. Why is this good? 1) They’ll be desperate to get back to winning ways. 2) They’ll have had a decent rest.

4. We can’t be that unlucky with injuries again – Surely we won’t spend another winter with two entire back fours on the treatment table.

5. Help for Wayne - 30+ goals between a resurgent Dimitar Berbatov and the new-boy Chicharito, You heard it here first.

6. A last hurrah? - Giggsy, Scholesy, Nev and Edwin will all want another winners’ medal before (eventually) hanging up their boots (although rumour has it Ryan may get a contract extension to 2050)

7. Youngsters to the fore – the new breed, led by Jonny Evans, will be crucial to United’s squad. Keep an eye on Rafael, Fabio, Macheda, Gibson, Smalling and Obertan, plus a hot tip for a midfield breakthrough, Tom Cleverley.

8. John O’Shea – His defensive balance was sorely missed last term (he played 54 games in 2008/09) and we’ve just got a hunch he’ll do something absolutely crucial in the run-in. Let’s say, a winner at the Emirates…

9. Rooney’s still learning – 34 goals last season after a tactical shift up top showed Wayne’s football brain is still expanding. He only stopped scoring in the run-in (and in the World Cup) because he wasn’t properly fit. He will get even better.

10. We are United. And we don’t like second.

Masih syaitan, masih haram, maka masih masuk neraka.


Persenelli, gua paling suka kat ayat terakhir (dalam kurungan) serta di'underlined'kan oleh gua pada #6. Memang kelakar.


Monday, August 9, 2010

Human strikes lightning

Barangkali diorang semua ni ada ilmu kebal, atau memang sengaja nak mampus.

Dem yuh!

Friday, August 6, 2010

What is the most resilient parasite?


Watched it two times.

Don't think I'd survive if I was on Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

Dem yuh!
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