Sunday, November 6, 2011

Make more Promises.

One of the biggest tracks this summer was "Promises", from the ever-bliss female vocalist, Andain (Wikipedia HERE). If you're trying to remember who she is, she was the voice in Tiesto's Beautiful Things.

There were about 13 remixes (official) for this huge track, but I have narrowed it down to my top three. It's difficult to put it in particular order, but what I may be able to share with you is the mood that comes with the respective remixes.

1. Marco V Remix

First up, is the remix by my favourite tech-trance producer, Marco V (official website HERE).

When I first heard this remix, I was amazed by Marco's fine touch. I have to say, Marco V is probably the reason I started to listen to techno. I love it as it has a dark, edgy and melodic elements.

I've actually played this track in my Sinful Soul Mix Vol. 1, if I'm not mistaken in track number 5. You'll see at least four tracks are made/remixed by Marco, and in fact, this is my first ever Mixset and it's generally a tech-trance mixset. You can always have a listen to my Sinful Soul Mix Vol. 1 down here:

2. Myon & Shane 54 Summer of Love Mix

Myon & Shane 54 (official website HERE) are very famous with their "Summer of Love Mix" which is as you know, lovely and their "Triplet Monster Mix" which is as you know, monstrous.

This remix feels like summer full of love. I can imagine this track being played during an uplifting sets, it is really soothing and I can definitely imagine girls dancing sexily while singing along to it.

3. Gabriel & Dresden Remix

This duo (Wikipedia HERE) has been around since a decade ago, and after resting for few years, they decided to rock the dance world again.

Their remix of this track is tight with a darker feel, something I'd definitely play at 4 AM, you know, when you are ready to get dirty.

Other notable mentions are the ones from Nitrous Oxide, Soundprank and David Call.

Summer has ended, but not the smell and the sound of it. I am also blessed to live in a tropical, all-year-long summer and rain home.

What's your take?

Dem yuh!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Good look around you.

To say that I only listen to electronic & dance music (EDM) is inaccurate. I admit, I spend more time building my foundation around electronic & dance, however the point is making music using electronic devices and software. That is the whole point.

The amount of time we spend doing something we are passionate about, is one of the elements to get a good grip of the surrounding. Having said that, every once in a while, I do bumped into some really inspirational music, from different genres.

I don't discriminate. I don't. My musical journey goes through many phases and encounters, having enjoyed different mixes and mashes to this point where I'm writing now. I love music, I muse your ears.

This, muses me.

Genius? Yes.

Dem yuh!

Friday, November 4, 2011


New things allow us to achieve greatness.

Now tell me if anything is impossible?

Read more HERE.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Black belieber.

See how driven people are to prove their talents.

So stop hatin.


By the way, are they brothers?

Dem yuh!

Friday, October 28, 2011


Alright people.

I've got something I'd like to introduce to this space. I have been toying with the idea of music for a while, and it kind of get me in a nice way. I like it. I like to spend time on music. In fact, I have been mixing some tracks some time ago, and I think I should continue the momentum.

As many of you must have spent generous amount of time to surf porn, I, other than that, surf for music. My interest at the moment: Electronic music. Or EDM.

To ensure the longevity of my blog space and my music interest, I will try and post my favourite music, once a week, depending on the occasion/mood/laziness.

For this week, since it's Halloween Weekend, enjoy this track by Albin Myers.

Don't forget, ECO FILM FEST!

Dem yuh!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rediscover purpose

This is somehow unplanned. I am in the middle of a really hectic schedule, and this week especially is the most intense week for me. Everything I have been doing since January this year, will come to the climax; a project I am involved since day one in 2008: Eco Film Fest.

Last night I was at the Green Drinks event at The Apartment KLCC, a last-Tuesday-of-the-month event where budding environmental-conscious people gather to, drink. In fact, we (the Team) were lucky to be given a slot to to promote our final EFF2011.

After the event started we got out to KLCC to find something less overpriced to eat. Half an hour after that we walked back to the event. Just in front of the Apartment entrance, I bumped into an old friend (if I'm considered a friend), my former schoolmate. I remembered I saw her status update in some social media platform a while ago when she just got married and everyone was congratulating her and stuff. She was with her husband, and my, she's pregnant. We chatted for couple of minutes and she asked me, "do you still work for the motorsports-thingy stuff?" and I answered, "no, I'm now doing environmental education stuff. Close to four years now." A moment later we made our own way.

The highlight of the story was not meeting an old friend, but rather the fact that I have been doing environmental work for four years. I came a long way; volunteer, part time, executive, and now, the Programme Manager.

And for so long I have done a stretch of things, extending beyond just environment. I write for my blog, I learn music, I lecture, I travel, I play, I party, I everything, in the name of self-development.

However after a while, I got too attached to my works, slowly sunken in the delusional fact that the only reason we all work is for money. Nothing is working without money. My self-development went down the gutter.

And funny, just now, in fact this past month, I've been getting few comments by people I know and I don't: We don't see your writing anymore.

God, a hobby I explored out of realising how crucial it is for my future benefit, was left noticed. Last time I felt like I have the need, the responsibility to write, but now, down the gutter.

It also made me realised how I missed writing; a simple, cheap fun to entertain myself and sometimes, for better or worse, I entertained (or annoyed) others. A hobby which I used to spend seriously to develop and train my honest opinions and thinking process which involves 90% of the time pure bullcrap. Craps take a lot of effort too.

Maybe I was caught in the heat of the moment. We grow older, our drive, our strength, our youthful charm, declining while on the contrary, the world demands more from us; more work, more money, more products.

So is this all worthwhile? The chase for money - something imaginary and feel so damn real?

It made me think that what I need to do is to think of what made me feel happy, what I feel good about, without compromising my commitments and responsibilities. I need to rediscover the purpose of life, my life.

So what I'll do is, I'll start to write again. Or at least pay more attention to my belongings.

Allow me to welcome myself back.

Dem yuh!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Success vs Failure

"Success comes to those who are not afraid to fail." - Benny Gold

I wonder how many people like to talk about failure. Or comfortable discussing it. Or rather, admit that once (or more), they too faced it. It is a jinx. Like what "Laws of Attraction" or even the 'great' Paulo Coelho must have brainwashed you, you never speak of negativity, or "the universe shall conspire and helping you to achieve it," in this case, FAILURE.

Imagine if you don't feel too good about yourself physically, you go to a physician, and run some tests, and see what's wrong with your physical. And then the expert says, "you have a flu." Then what would you do or say, "That's impossible doc, I never asked for it." Deny it?

Who ever ask to fall sick? Who ever ask to get injured? Who EVER ask to face failure?

The thing about failure is, it will always come to you. You will keep bumping on it. Whether you like it or not, more dramatically whether you're prepared, or not. Failure is natural. It's like a preset system that comes to you when your system runs in a strange way. It's an indicator that you need to run your system differently, or fix it. It is natural. It keeps the balance. It keeps the yin and yang.

The secret to success, is, to discuss failure; to admit, to examine, to recover, and to improve.

Just remember, there's around 7 billion people in this world, and every one of them have been through failure(s), even the most successful person must have gone through failures.

Some people believe that if you get "F" for your exam, you failed, but some sets a high standard that a mere "A-" is a failure. I'm sure even Bill Gates can't play basketball like I do. So is he a failure? To me he is. But is basketball important to him? Certainly not. It's about what is important and what is not.

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." - Winston Churchill

Life is unexpected, regardless of the span. So get go, do what you do, find a reason to love it, keep doing it. Failure is the four corners of your wall, but fuck it. Smash it.

Dem yuh!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

FABS vs BudakNakal

Okay just to update on my music quest with you guys, I have two accounts on PodOmatic now.

Why, you ask?

First of all, I'm cheapskate. I don't have money to go Pro (USD200/year or something). I prefer amateurs; they are real, raw, crude, and often nasty.

Secondly, both monikers have different perspectives. FABS is actually more of my music preference, something I am more comfortable dealing with. Usually it is dance, fun and trance elements. I have always enjoyed this kind of music and FABS is more like it.

BudakNakal, on the other ball, is more of the different side of me. My alter ego? Could be. In case you don't know, BudakNakal is a Malay word for 'naughty boy' in English. It means I get to do something naughty with this name, so does my music. If you listen to it, it has more of techno, dubstep, and later something more smacky like electro or indie-rock maybe.

Shit actually I wanted to post all my podcast here, as an update, and I ended up ranting bullshit.

Okay, here we go.

So far I have about five podcast episodes, you guys can listen to it over here, it's easier:


TranscenDance Mix 001
Trancignal Studio


01. Adam K - Point Out Of A Curve (Original Mix)
02. Sander van Doorn pres. Purple Haze feat. Frederick - Timezone (Original Mix)
03. Tiddey Feat. Lyck - Keep Waiting (Orjan Nilsen Midsummernite Remix)
04. Adele - Someone Like You (Alex Dreamz & Jeff T Radio Remix)
05. The Sound Of Arrows - Nova (Tiesto Club Mix)
06. Erick Strong - Cairo (Iversoon & Alex Daf Remix)
07. DJ Maniax - Shift
08. Jamaster A - Nanjing Express (Oryon Remix)
09. Marlo - Whispers (Original Mix)
10. Coldplay - The Scientist (Maarten de Jong Rework)
11. Dash Berlin feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn - Better Half of Me (Club Mix)

IndepenDance Mix 001
Trancignal Studio


1. Vengerov - Kazantip Intro (Swanky Tunes & Hard Rock Sofa Remix)
2. Pnau - Solid Ground (Too Much Worth Living For) (Tim Mason Remix)
3. Michael Canitrot, Ron Carroll - When You Got Love (Nyx Syrinx Nelio Remix)
4. Fadi - Ticket To The Sky (Original Mix)
5. Moby - Lie Down In Darkness (Arno Cost Remix)
6. Goodwill & Hook N Sling - Take You Higher (Club Mix)
7. Avicii - Fade Into Darkness (Vocal Club Mix)
8. Kaskade feat Mindy Gledhill - Eyes (Extended Mix)
9. Alex Metric & Steve Angello feat. Ian Brown - Open Your Eyes (Tim Mason Festival Remix)
10. Ze! - X Lover (Mr Fluff Arena Mix)

BudakNakal (

No Cignal: Sinful Soul 1
by BudakNakal
Trancignal Studio


01. Abner Joel - Ulek Mayang
02. Nicole Scherzinger feat 50 Cents - Right There (Marco V Remix)
03. Prok & Fitch – The Tribe (Original Mix)
04. Fatboy Slim vs. Koen Groeneveld - Rockafeller Skank (Original Mix)
05. Andain - Promises (Marco V Remix)
06. Calvin Harris - Awooga (Original Mix)
07. John Dahlback - Are You Nervous (Original Mix)
08. Steve Angello vs. Diddy Dirty Money - Knas Is Coming Home (Marco V Mashup)
09. Marco V - Rock The Boat (Pleasure Island 2011 Theme)
10. Hard Rock Sofa & St. Brothers - Myth (Disfunktion Remix)
11. Marco V - Unprepared (Recharged Original Mix)
12. Sebastian Ingrosso - Kidsos (Wippenberg Remix)
13. Axwell - Heart Is King (Original Mix)

No Cignal: Rough Reaper 1
by BudakNakal
Trancignal Studio


01. Deadmau5 - Right This Second (Stream Dance Project Remix)
02. Pendulum - The Island (Tiesto Remix)
03. Pendulum - The Island Pt. 2 (Dusk)
04. Tim Berg - Seek Bromance (Porter Robinson Remix)
05. Hypster - The Uprising (Original Mix)
06. Swedish House Mafia - Save The World (Cazette Bootleg Remix)

No Cignal: Rough Reaper 2
by BudakNakal
Trancignal Studio


1. Felguk vs Skrillex feat. Dada Life & Dirtyloud - Unleash The Scary Side (Felguk Mashup)
2. Avicii - Sweet Dreams (Cazzette meet At Night Mix)
3. Fast Foot - Protect Animals (Lazy Rich Remix)
4. Kaskade feat Haley - Dynasty (Disco Reason Remix)
5. Skylar Grey - Dance Without You (R3hab Remix)
6. Adele vs Cazzette - Set Fire to the Rain (A Stupid Hole Bootleg)
7. Avicii - Levels (Clockwork Remix)

I am almost certain that some (or many) people will comment inside their heart, or out loud "your mixtape is nowhere near good," which I totally have expected it. I mean, come on, I myself can detect all the flaws and that's the best part: I need your COMMENTS. I need to improve, I need to listen to critics. I don't believe in perfection, I believe in improvements.

Well, that's all for now. Just remember, you are most welcomed to download my podcast and have a listen while: driving, running, having sex, quarrel, sleep, bathe, whatever.

I will try to share more of what I love to listen to, and hopefully you get my idea, and you get to know me in a more sounding way.

"You don't need 100 songs to love someone's music." - FABS

Dem yuh!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

To Morrow Land

If you don't think this place is magical, you must be sober.


I reckon I could provide you with the tracklist:


00:00 – Pryda – Mirage [Pryda] w/ Empire Of The Sun – We Are The People (Acappella) [EMI]
02:00 – Avicii – Levels (Instrumental Mix) [LE7ELS]
02:52 – Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso – Calling [Refune] w/ Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike – Generation X (Acappella) [Size]
04:32 – Steve Angello & Alex Metric feat. Ian Brown – Open Your Eyes [Size / Positiva]
06:17 – Quintino & Sandro Silva – Epic [Musical Freedom] w/ Chuckie – Let The Bass Kick (Acappella) w/ Boys Will Be Boys – Rock This (Acappella) [Musical Freedom]
06:49 – Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike, Yves V & Angger Dimas – Madagascar [Smash The House]
08:18 – Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike – Rej [White Label]
10:05 – 11:45 – Swedish House Mafia feat. John Martin – Save The World [EMI] w/ Tommy Trash – The End [Downright] w/ Swedish House Mafia feat. John Martin – Save The World (Zedd Remix) [EMI]

Dem yuh!

Saturday, August 6, 2011



My previous post was about my music production, you can find me at Soundcloud - BudakNakal. That's where I'll share my own music, my own sound.

I get so bad at writing now, I don't know what to write.

Anyway, I've got another place to share my interest in music, and it's called PodOmatic. This is a little bit different from my Soundcloud. This one is more like my podcast. Yes I know I can upload my podcast in Soundcloud but since I'm still observing which one has a better value-for-money, I'm trying out both on the 'lite version'.

Anyway, check it out here: PodOmatic - BudakNakal

To make easier, you can straight away listen to it:

You can also download it (there's a tab to it - on my webpage) and please, share it with everyone. This is my first upload although it is not my first mixset. I've done a few but it was shitty and I've been practicing and learn a few more things every now and then. Quite challenging when you learn everything, well almost everything on your own. But that's the fun part and the best one.

What is podcast? I don't know the right answer and I don't want to look up on Google and copy-and-paste here, trying to look smart.

To me, my podcast currently is more like sharing something my mixset/mixtape. I look for tracks (say, 10 tracks), find a good mood (hiphop, dance, trance) , mix it (don't mistaken it with 'Remix') and there you go.


I don't know. The thing about making a mixset, in my humble opinion is about getting the mood flowing. Yes a song or a track is supposed to be good, standing (or sitting) on its own. But for electronic musicians (or they call it DJ) usually plays a set of music that has a growing or flowing mood to it. It's like a journey.

I've been listening to some podcasts by some DJs, and man you'll get what I mean when you listen to it. I'm no DJ to explain it to you.

Everything, music production and mixing was done at Trancignal Studio (TS). Thanks to Gotjo and the other TS Team. We'll try to make it better, time by time.

Keep the music flowing.

Dem yuh!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Life is both a Major and a Minor key

And here I am, making some music.

It's too early to claim anything, but you can now have a listen to my self-produced track at

I am ecstatic to be given the opportunity to be part of Trancignal Studios (TS), consist of DJ GotJo, DJ Dax, DJ Sunday, Dot^3 and yours truly, BudakNakal.

Who are those other four? You will know.

As of now, check this one out.

Monday, June 6, 2011

That kind of man.

In a brief conversation, a woman asked a man she was pursuing the question:

"What kind of man do you want to be?"

He sat quietly for a moment before looking her in the eye and asking, "Do you really want to know?"

Reluctantly, she said, "Yes."

He began to expound:

"As a man in this day and age, I am in a position to ask a woman what can I do for you that you cannot do for yourself?

I can pay the bills. I take care of the household without the help of any woman.... or man for that matter.

I am in the position to ask, "What else can I bring to the table?"

The woman looked at him. Clearly she thought that he was referring to money.

He quickly corrected her thought and stated, "I am not referring to money. I need something more."

"I need to be a man who is striving for excellence in every aspect of life."

She sat back in her chair, folded her arms, and asked him to explain.

He said:

"I need to be someone who is striving for excellence mentally because I need conversation and mental stimulation. I cannot be a simple-minded man.

I need to be someone who is striving for excellence spiritually because I don't need to be unequally yoked. Believers mixed with unbelievers is a recipe for disaster.

I need to be a man who is striving for excellence financially because I don't need a financial burden.

I need to be someone who is sensitive enough to understand what a woman go through as a woman, but strong enough to keep her grounded.

I need to be someone who has integrity in dealing with relationships. Lies and game playing are not my idea of a strong man.

I need to be a man who is family-oriented. The one who can be the leader and provider to the lives entrusted to me by God.

I need to be someone who respects his woman. In order to be the leader, I must earn her respect.

I cannot be a leader to a woman who does not respect me.

I have no problem respecting a woman, she just has to be worthy.

And by the way, I am not looking for her. She will find me. She will recognize herself in me. She may not be able to explain the connection, but she will always be drawn to me. God made man to be a leader for woman. I can't guide a woman if I can't guide myself."

When he finished his spill, he looked at her.

She sat there with a puzzled look on her face.

She said, "You expect a lot."

He replied, "I'm worth a lot."

Then he asked her, "Now, what kind of woman do you want to be?"

Dem yuh!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

What's worse is that I'm beating myself up for not being the man I should have been. My heart is aching because of my own fault. Sleepless nights and losing appetite is a bad, bad combo. Actually I refuse to eat, I think by doing that I'll lose interest on other things too such as music. It's working.

What the fuck am I talking about here

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Friday, June 3, 2011

Fak yuh.

Apparently I can't say anything I want in my own Twitter. It shows my weakness, and people are looking. Good reason to stop.

So this is my blog and I can say whatever the fuck I want to say.

Oh, suddenly I have to be a YES man? Suddenly I have to conform to every bullshits you tried to feed me?

Being selfless is too much taxing and the toll is unreasonably expensive.

I'm a positive person. But when I bitch about something/someone, I'm being positive about it/them. See what I mean?

I'm tortured, I'm torn, I'm shattered. My wound is so deep you'd think it's a Black Hole.

But I'll heal, and when I am, I'll eat Beef Wellington.

Got beef?

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Seperti hujan hilang awan
Seperti hilang arah tujuan

Seperti irama hilang lagu
Seperti hilang suara merdu

Seperti tawa hilang riang
Seperti hilang bayang-bayang

Seperti malam hilang pengganti
Seperti hilang di siang hari

Seperti suria hilang cahaya
Seperti hilang bulan purnama

Seperti cinta hilang jiwa
Seperti hilang dipandangan mata

Seperti dunia hilang perisa
Seperti hilang di mata dunia

Seperti nyawa hilang hati
Seperti hilang kasih abadi

Semuanya indah
Dan semuanya hilang

Sunday, May 29, 2011

One word, and it's all over.

It's almost end of May. The month of my birth date. Who would have thought, it was (still in May) a month to remembered, and to not be remembered.

I started it with Deadmau5, and dramatically, it ended with a Deadmau5's.

Damned, is an understatement.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Friday, May 20, 2011

DiGi WWWOW Awards

EcoKnights' website,, has been nominated for the DiGi WWWOW Awards under the category Best Internet for Good Award.

You can view our nomination at

You would need to log on to your Facebook account to vote.

Help us win by voting for us and shout out to more young Malaysians about what we do, and how we can help elevate the country to a higher state of eco-consciousness.

The nominee of the category with the most votes by end of contest period on June 20, 2011, will win prizes of up to RM 5,000. This cash prize can help fund our activities in many ways.

Dem yuh!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Lambat Seminggu.

On behalf of myself, I would like to thank all of you who wished for my joyful birthday, and not to forget those who wished they should have could have would have wished the same thing to me: I thank you too.

I am grateful for all the reminders, of which telling me how many years I have remained on this Earth, and how many years left of the remain.

As for me, I still wish and work for my health, my wealth, and my stealth. It is rather obvious why this was also my last year's wish, and years past. Speaking of classic.

However, I do hope the noble birthday alert by Facebook reminds you of me for the meaningful moment(s) we had together. And I look forward to more meaningful years ahead.

To those who love me, I'm still waiting for my birthday gifts.

Those who hate me, I'm still waiting for my money.

If you see me at Deadmau5, holla at cha boy.

Thanks for the delightful S***R oxford, elegant Kenneth Cole timepiece, sexy Marc Jacob iPhone speaker and trippy DJ RIRI featuring Lucy.

Dem yuh!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lu Siapa?

Buat baik berpada-pada
Jalan tegak mendabik dada
Ingatlah pada yang dah tiada
Suka kelak menjadi duka
Apa guna gila kuasa
Hidup biar terus usaha
Sarung baju segak bergaya
Makan minum kongsi sama
Bangun tidur sering berdua
Pergi kerja pandu kereta
Kejar mengejar di kotaraya
Berhenti diheret lori tunda
Kekanda adinda mengada-ngada
Harap jodoh jantan tua
Cari teman janda muda
Menanti jelingan anak dara
Hakikat manusia tidak sempurna
Hidup bukan selama-lama
Lu ingat lu siapa?

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Broken Soul

I am a broken soul
Torn in between the shades of white and black
Truth and lies
The world is just too far beyond reach
So many things we could not resist
Yet the mistakes we made feels like a cursed bliss

I am a broken soul
Torn in between reality and expectation
For we all are just the pieces and puzzles
Waiting before our time comes
Before we can truly feel that we are needed
Before everything becomes too late

I am a broken soul
I stand before the tunnel
With a dim of light at the end of the life
Standing on my knees
In humility
Waiting for ultimate forgiveness
And love
Before my one and only Almighty God

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Twit my bird

I have a blog. No, in fact, I have three blogs, and a Facebook account.

However, sometime last year I was forcely introduced to Twitter by my cousin. Even though I am relatively new to it, it has become something that I really enjoy having around, and it is a good avenue for me to express my sarcasm, profanity and smartass remarks, also at the same time I'm able to share those thoughts to others.

I've followed many, and certainly un-followed a plenty, mainly because over time, their tweets became less and less interesting with a lot of anger. Vulgar words are fine with me, but this is different, if you know what I mean.

Apart from friends in which I normally enjoy their dull tweets, I try to be selective whenever I follow someone else. I guess I want just enough amount of decent tweets. The rest I hope the retweet (RT) reaches me.

I also tend to follow fictional characters, and since a Twitter account does not require you to be a 'real' person, I am free to be creative with my choices.

Eventually, I suppose I need to also be selective and carefully choose what I want to write and how I write it. Grammar and spelling needs to be in check, although not necessarily have to be perfect, as long as I know I'm doing it on purpose.

Please do not encourage yourself to write in short forms unless you talk privately with your girlfriend. I know it is a 140-character thing, but instead of writing short forms, try to be more serious about choosing better words. Example: down to earth (3 words) vs. humble (1 word). See what I mean? This will train you to come up with something concise and sharp, otherwise known as witty.

I will not RT unless I know that person, and only if it matters to me, even in a small way especially when we are living in the age where there are too many false information and cheap gimmicks.

Why do I need to be cautious when I write something in my own space? Your account is some kind of an identity, your identity. People do not know you and the do not need to know you personally in order to follow your tweet. So whatever you write something, others can project an image of your character or imagine you based on your tweets. Some people might find you amusing, funny, smart, sexy, angry, shallow or just plain dumb. Of course, it's your choice.

Why am I saying this? Try read back each of your own post and then ask yourself, "Would I follow myself, if I was another person?" If your answer is "Yes, I would," then I suggest you read again.

Twitter is a powerful platform, and the speed of information being traveled in it is extremely fast. You can get your words out to the world within seconds.

So many people can write, but can they write in just 140 characters?

One of the fun parts is when you jump from one account to another and read their tweets randomly along the way, and you find someone/something that interests you. It's like digging for mine, you might find many things, and eventually some rare gems.

You may find everything from old friend, random person, group, wisdom, shop, celebrity, super villain, even death.

Oh, in case you want to follow me (cheap marketing), please find me


Someone has taken my nick though. I hope he really IS a BudakNakal.

Like, watdefakk la kan?

Dem yuh!

Friday, February 18, 2011


My sound in silence,
My light in darkness,
My courage in fear,
My smile in sadness,
My calm in rage,
My laugh in tears,

My love in life.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Setiap tahun masuk bulan Februari isu Valentine's Day mesti jadi modal basi banyak pihak. Bosan nak dengar. Tapi sebab dah hari-hari dengar benda sama gua rasa nak berkata-kata sikit.

Malas nak cerita sejarah pasal Saint Valentine yang mati/kena bunuh apa bagai. Itu mengarut. Tambahan, kalau di 'Wiki' perihal Valentine's Day ini pun tak ada bukti kukuh ia berkait rapat dengan cerita-cerita karut yang kita dengar sebelum-sebelum ini.

Beberapa persialan yang gua nak hujahkan (bukan typo walaupun huruf 'I' dan 'O' masing-masing bersebelahan)

1. Golongan Pertama: Ekstremis

a. Golongan ni memang berotak delusional serta negatif yang kronik. Dia saja yang betul, yang salah semuanya orang lain. Dia ingat dia maksum macam Nabi S.A.W.
b. Dia ingat dia pandai sangat. Benda yang dia tak suka dia cakap HARAM, yang dia suka semua jadi HALAL.
c. Khutbah Jumaat patut utamakan benda yang lebih penting i.e Maulidur Rasul, ini sibuk nak masuk spotlight cerita Valentine's Day. Fokus tak betul.
d. Bila berdebat memang pantang kalah. Bila disuruh cerita sejarah Valentine's Day, ada berpuluh versi. Maksudnya ilmu belum cukup tinggi, dan terlalu percaya khabar angin dan bukti sejarah yang lemah. Kalau nak buktikan sesuatu itu salah atau tidak bermoral, tunjukkan bukti secara konkrit.
d. Macam tu haramkanlah sambutan Hari Raya, pasal Nabi S.A.W tak ajar bagi angpau, beli baju mahal-mahal, ziarah kubur setahun sekali. Tabur bunga atas kubur tu ajaran Islam ke?
e. Sibuk sangat nak betulkan orang lain. Macam tu haramkanlah orang pergi tengok wayang, pasal hal remaja dan orang tua pergi beromen dalam panggung tu dah berpuluh tahun dah.
f. Habis tu bila Hari Pahlawan, kita boleh pula sambut? Buat perarakan, pergi kubur menangis semua? Buat tugu kasi orang sembah?
g. Sambutan Tahun Baru, ikut budaya mana? Pergi lah lawan semua sambutan. Jangan berat sebelah.
h. Habis orang yang jual bunga ros, cokelat, kad ucapan pun kira haram lah?
i. Kalau sambutan Hari Thaipusam, penganut Hindu berarak di Batu Caves, siapa yang jaga trafik? Takkan orang Hindu juga? Mesti ada orang Islam kawal trafik juga kan? Itu kira haram ke? Maksudnya kita menyokong upacara keagamaan agama lain ke?
j. Kalau waktu umat Islam solat Jumaat, boleh pula anggota polis atau RELA penganut agama Hindu dan Buddha yang tolong kawal lalu lintas? Boleh pula?
k. Nampak macam tak relevan, tapi persoalannya ialah, apakah garis panduan kita menentukan soal halal-haram ni? Takkan hanya sebab sakit mata dan rasa pahit tengok remaja-remaja keluar beramai-ramai di bandar sempena Valentine's Day dah dikira jatuh hukum haram?
l. Habis tu kau janganlah keluar, jangan pergi dinner dengan bini kau kat luar, kurung diri dalam rumah, jangan tengok TV, jangan makan cokelat, jangan siram bunga. Itu semua haram.
m. Kepada tuan kedai runcit ekstremis, jangan jual cokelat, kad ucapan atau bunga kepada siapa-siapa pun hari ni. Itu juga kira subahat. Haram.

2. Golongan Kedua: Jahiliah

a. Ini golongan yang lagi hampeh, perangai sensitif tak beragak. EQ rendah. Kerja dia hanya tau nak kondem golongan ekstremis saja.
b. Lagi lahanat daripada golongan ekstremis. Benda yang tak berfaedah nak diagung-agungkan.
c. Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan yang diwakili cendekiawan Islam (harap-harap tak makan cendawan ajaib) dah buat keputusan, yang kau nak melatah buat apa? Tak ada perasaan hormat kepada sebuah institusi yang bertauliah.
d. Benda sambutan Valentine's ni memang menghabiskan duit dan selalu terbabas, mengaku sajalah.
e. Kalau kau kemaruk sangat nak beli bunga, cokelat, dinner bayar dua kali ganda, kau buat lah, tapi tak payah nak bising-bising. Nak impress awek tak kena tempat, immature.
f. Kalau kau ketagih sangat nak sambut Valentine's, tak payah lah nak menyalak-nyalak. Ganja tu haram kan? Hisap diam-diam sudahlah, kau nak satu dunia tau ke?
g. Tanggungjawab seorang Islam mengikut hukum agama yang berlandaskan Quran, Sunnah, Ijma' dan Qiyas. Kalau rasa-rasa tak tahu, pergilah belajar. Kalau malas, diam sudahlah.
h. Kalau susah sangat, buka buku sejarah, cari satu peristiwa yang menarik, buat hari baru yang lebih spesel daripada Valentine's.
i. Takkan kau orang tak sedar kau jadi mangsa Kempen Pemasaran (marketing gimmick) atau mangsa permainan ekonomi Kapitalis? Ini bukan isu sambutan Kristian, ini isu perang psaikologi golongan kapitalis untuk mengaut keuntungan atas kebongokan orang-orang yang jahil. Dan juga misi menguasai dunia oleh golongan Illuminati.

3. Golongan Ketiga: Kafir

a. Ini paling tak ada guna dalam isu ini. Masalah agama orang lain, dia pula nak jadi hero.
b. Memperlekehkan keputusan dalaman agama orang lain. Kau bakar duit kertas, kereta kertas semua masa nenek kau mati, ada orang lain nak kritik? Duit kau, itu kau punya pasal lah, betul?
c. Ini semua isu Islamophobia. Orang Islam nak pakai hijab, kau suruh buka. Habis si Bai tu pakai sanggul kat kepala tu tak ada pun orang lain kompelin. Kalau ada kes bom, mesti Islam. Tak ada ke golongan ekstremis agama lain yang kaki bom orang lain?
d. Kau tau tak babi tu banyak kuman? Tau pun, tak ada pun orang nak halang kau makan. See what I mean?
e. Kau sebenarnya bengang pasal boyfriend kau Muslim, kau pula agama lain. Orang lain pergi celebrate, boyfriend kau takut nak keluar.
f. Kau bengang pasal bisnes kau mungkin terjejas.
g. Tolonglah, jangan nak menyibuk isu dalaman agama orang lain. It shows that you have a bunch of your own goddamn problems but have no brain to solve it.

"Saya ini pun bukan sempurna, tapi saya tahu. Dosa dan pahalaku Tuhan saja, Tuhan saja yang tahu. Tuhan saja yang tahu. Tuhan saja yang tahu."

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Vuck Day.

Yeah yeah yeah,

When it comes to this Valentine's Day, people going insane. Buying presents, going out to dinners, buying flowers, all sorts.

I have actually wrote a series of Valentine's tips and tricks, and it is called the Valentine Mode Series. Please go check it out. Some definitely will work for you.

Or, allow me to lay it down for ya. Click at the topics.

Have fun, and Happy Vuck Day, people.

Dem yuh!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

This is United.

Berbatov did it against the Scousers,

Rooney did it against the scums,

How about superb?

Dem yuh!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The truth about hobbies

Let's talk about hobby-slash-potential-future-career. More like a reality check. Or a solid knock on your head about what you love to do in life that means so much to you and to the world, but in the end it's just something you love to do, nothing more than that.

One example, and the most misconception/mislabelling a.k.a poyo tak bertempat: PHOTOGRAPHER.

1. If you own a DSLR it doesn't make you a photographer. At most, it shows that you are either:
a. A kid from a well-off family and caught up in the 'green grass' syndrome
b. A kid who knows how to manipulate their not-so-rich parents
c. A person who has deep interest/curiosity in photography (with very little knowledge)

2. Don't worry, most people do get into something under false assumptions. Something like, "I love to capture moments." or, "I'll get invited to cool events/parties and meet pretty people." What does that mean, really? That you can be a stalker, or peeping tom? A pervert?

3. Many so-called photographers take wedding pictures. Is it really that interesting, the wedding jobs, or is it because you get to finally charge some couples your 'ACTUAL PROFESSIONAL RATE' at least once in their lifetime?

4. Those who are professional photographers, get invited to events and take pictures of pretty faces, beautiful things, amazing places and so on. Great. But remember, it's your job. Nothing to be extra proud of. Really.

5. A photographer gets to take pictures because that's their job. Sometimes something special, but that's about it.

6. The reasons why some things (ie., photography) suddenly became an popular hobby are:
a. The tools became cheaper and cheaper
b. Easier to get/purchase
c. Many people are doing it, therefore it becomes less awkward (ie., Rempit)

7. If you really want to be a photographer (or anything for that matter) you need more than just, "I love to capture moments." Or if it really is, stop self-labled yourself as a "photographer".

8. Having the backstage passes to snap pictures of artists who naturally crave their pictures taken but don't really care who takes it as long as they get their powdered faces on the magazines don't make you a cool photographer.

9. The price of your camera isn't an indicator of your skills.

10. Shut up and just do your job.

11. This also goes to those who think they are a DJ, model, skater, cook, fashionista, or many other fad hobbies.

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Boys like girls.

All girls want:

✔A lap to sit on

✔A hand to hold

✔A shoulder to lean on

✔A partner to dance with

✔The perfect lips to kiss

✔A hand to wipe away the tears

✔A person to heal every pain, every scar

✔A person to vent to

✔A person to cry to

✔A knight in shining armor


All guys want:


Dem yuh!

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Music is like how a feeling would sound. You feel it, in a way only you can describe it in your own mind, but not with words. There are so many feelings inside a human's mind, same goes to music; some feelings are simple, some are deep and complicated. Yuna is simple, Seven Collar T-Shirt is deep, both are good nonetheless.

If music need lyrics, where do all the classical music fall into? FAKE?

If you listen to a song sang in a different language and you don't understand a single goddamn word (take Japanese or Romanian for example), would you not call it a REAL music?

If you listen to electronic music, trance for instance, there's no lyrics, or minimal, repetitive lyrics, would you not call it REAL music? Take Daft Punk's "Around The World". It doesn't really make sense but the song nailed it, worldwide.

Björk talk crazy stuff in her lyrics, not to mention the music are disturbing most of the times, yet she has won multiple awards and concert tickets are usually sold out.

Music, or art, or even civilization, is a progress. It's a process of redefining the previous works.

REAL music has no boundaries.


Music has no boundaries. REAL music are often off-boundaries.

Dem yuh!

Friday, January 14, 2011

A ripe mango.

Do you like mango? If you do, keep reading.

Well if you don't, whatever.

I like mango. In fact, I really like it. It's a beautiful fruit, and the taste is really distinctive. Sweet-sour. Yellow-gold in color, sometimes with a shade of red or orange.

And when you peel it carefully, the fruit is clean, shiny, and inviting. Awesome.

I haven't had mango for quite a while. More like 6 months or so. But today is a good day. And I'm well fed with mango.

Put your hand in the air, if you don't really care, put your middle finger in the air.

I'm mangoed.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Smoking. Or not.

When a baby is hungry, we feed them. But sometimes or more, we give pacifier to 'trick' them to believe they are actually being fed with real food, which is not.

It works, nonetheless.

Maybe i should get a pacifier to trick myself into believing it's a cigarette.

Then I'll embarrassed (is it single 'r' or single 's' or double both?) myself and maybe, I'll stop smoking cigarette.

Or maybe it'll create a new hype in town, adults with pacifier. It does look sexy and seductive though.

Dem yuh!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


We're all just a bunch of signals.

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