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My previous post was about my music production, you can find me at Soundcloud - BudakNakal. That's where I'll share my own music, my own sound.

I get so bad at writing now, I don't know what to write.

Anyway, I've got another place to share my interest in music, and it's called PodOmatic. This is a little bit different from my Soundcloud. This one is more like my podcast. Yes I know I can upload my podcast in Soundcloud but since I'm still observing which one has a better value-for-money, I'm trying out both on the 'lite version'.

Anyway, check it out here: PodOmatic - BudakNakal

To make easier, you can straight away listen to it:

You can also download it (there's a tab to it - on my webpage) and please, share it with everyone. This is my first upload although it is not my first mixset. I've done a few but it was shitty and I've been practicing and learn a few more things every now and then. Quite challenging when you learn everything, well almost everything on your own. But that's the fun part and the best one.

What is podcast? I don't know the right answer and I don't want to look up on Google and copy-and-paste here, trying to look smart.

To me, my podcast currently is more like sharing something my mixset/mixtape. I look for tracks (say, 10 tracks), find a good mood (hiphop, dance, trance) , mix it (don't mistaken it with 'Remix') and there you go.


I don't know. The thing about making a mixset, in my humble opinion is about getting the mood flowing. Yes a song or a track is supposed to be good, standing (or sitting) on its own. But for electronic musicians (or they call it DJ) usually plays a set of music that has a growing or flowing mood to it. It's like a journey.

I've been listening to some podcasts by some DJs, and man you'll get what I mean when you listen to it. I'm no DJ to explain it to you.

Everything, music production and mixing was done at Trancignal Studio (TS). Thanks to Gotjo and the other TS Team. We'll try to make it better, time by time.

Keep the music flowing.

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