Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Senoritas Performing at Eco Film Fest 2010!

It is sad to announce that due to some personal matters, our cool singer/songwriter Mohd Jayzuan had to pull out from Eco Film Fest 2010 performance on Saturday, 16th October 2010 at 5.00PM – 5.30PM slot. We do hope one day we'll get him to perform at one of our events.

But you know what they say, GREAT THINGS ALWAYS COME BY!

While we’re still looking for a replacement, came Senoritas - a breath of fresh air for Malaysia music industry, and they have been entertaining the fans since year 2008 and to continue the flame that fellow girl-groups like Elite and Feminin set alight years ago. An embodiment of youthful obsession with music, dance and fashion, it is hoped that Senoritas as an independent girl group can inspire fellow girls who aspire to tread in the same path and show that making it as a top girl group is more than just glitz and glamour: a lot of hard work, perseverance and strong values of sisterhood is needed. As of today, Senoritas had made quite a name for themselves in the independent circuit and they continue to give it their best shot to stay relevant and giving something fresh and spunky in local music scene.

Being independent, aggressive, hip, energetic and urban to the listeners, Senoritas promises to bring these elements in each and every performance of theirs and they will definitely give you the most unforgettable, heart-pumping experiences.

To add to the already good words, Senoritas is officially signed under Reshmonu's management - R Talents and their first single - MAGIC which is composed by themselves and music by Noctune and Outcome has been aired since last week. With Reshmonu's touch producing the song to sound better and much relevant to local music industry, it is hoped that 'MAGIC' could hit the local charts and win local music lovers' hearts.

Catch them performing with their energetic moves and powerful voices from 5.00PM to 5.30PM, Saturday, 16th October 2010 at Faculty of Economics and Administration, University of Malaya Kuala Lumpur EXCLUSIVELY only at ECO FILM FEST 2010!

Dem yuh!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Eco Film Fest 2010 - Film Making Workshops

To those who are either keen, interested, curious, wonder, bored, confused, whatever you feel, you should come to Eco Film Fest 2010!

I did a write-up on the music performance (more of 'copy & paste' actually) previously, and now this is something more.

Making films. Documentary. Jungle. Wildlife. Riot. War. Crisis. Disaster.



Sunday, October 10, 2010

EFF2010 - Power Down Show (Sunday)

So you have seen the Saturday schedule yesterday. Today we're back for the schedule for Sunday performance.

As always, each year Eco Film Fest will try to bring new singer-songwriters, bands and performers on its Power Down (formerly known as X-Plugged). Having said that, we still work with bands that have already performed in the earlier installation.

Let's see who's rocking up Sunday!


2.10PM - 2.40PM

Elton & Eileen

This duo started off from being really good friends at the gym to working together for a stage performance for the Nottingham's 316 Music Talent Quest; and they won as the runner-up!

Over time, their friendship is constantly growing stronger through the passion that they have for music and nature. Elton & Eileen aspire to continue working and writing songs together to promote environmental awareness through their songs and the community.

2.40PM - 3.10PM

Wanted Symphony

Wanted Symphony is a 4-piece band that was formed in late 2009 by singer/songwriter/keyboardist Daniel Wong and guitarist Andrew Mok then later drummer David Chua and bassist Aaron Jiam completed the band’s lineup. The band brings together a fusion of sounds, a variety of influences and most definitely a whole lot of fun. Wanted Symphony dabbles in a genre of music they like to call ‘fusion rock’ – with a pinch of jazz thrown in the mix.

Since coming together in October last year, Wanted Symphony has been on an exciting musical journey and has never looked back since. To date, the band has written and arranged approximately eight songs and performs mostly original songs like ‘You Will Be Mine’, ‘Promise’ and jazzy tunes such as ‘Midnight Chatter’ and ‘Just You and Me’ have garnered much positive feedback.

3.20PM - 3.50PM

Izzy Mohamed

Izzy is no stranger to Eco Film Fest, as she performed during the first EFF2008. This year she will be doing what she does best; rocking EFF2010! With influences from Sarah Mclachlan, John Mayer, Sara Bareilles, Rachael Yamagata, Alicia Keys, Usher and the list goes on and on, Izzy definitely is Eco Film Fest's light and easy musician.

3.50PM - 4.20PM

Raman the Nose Flutist

Orang Asal Semai craftsman and musician Raman Bah Tuin has been supporting Eco Film Fest since day one. He performed his cultural music extensively to various events and gained his popularity with his outstanding ability to play flute using nose. The co-founder of Gerai OA (Gerai Orang Asal), Raman will share his special music that will surely brings us back to the sound of the nature.

4.30PM - 5.00PM


Ferns were cultivated a score of years ago in a patch of fertile land. Through natural selection, a little loving care and lots of sunlight, the band evolved into a lean, mean & green pop-song-writing machine. Our first-ever debut album, "On Botany" (2007) made nice enough noises to earn top spots on a number local and foreign publications' year-end Best Ofs.

5.00PM - 5.30PM

Diandra Arjunaidi

Diandra is an eighteen year old bedroom songstress who was discovered on Youtube in November 2009. She landed her first gig that month itself, and played for Moonshine's Fourth Anniversary event at Laundry Bar. Since then, she has been featured on local music webshow, The Wknd Session, and has played numerous other shows at Cloth & Clef, No Black Tie and has been voted to play at Urbanscapes 2010 event.

Diandra is currently in her final year of pursuing a Diploma in Performing Arts in Sunway College, and has been busy juggling between shows in college, and gigs outside of college.

5.40PM - 6.10PM

Markiza & Peter Brown

Courtesy of chenws photography

What else can we say about Markiza & Peter Brown? Their influences came from different types of music such as Fleetwood Mac, Joni Mitchell, Rolling Stone, Bob Dylan, Cranberries, Neil Young, just to name a few. This happily married couple is one of the seniors in the music industry, and on top of that, they made songs which reflect the environment, nature and the world. Come over to watch they perform their favourite track "Polar Bear".

6.10PM - 6.40PM

DJ Xes! Xes! Loveseat

Lecturer at Limkokwing University by career, DJ by passion. Be it DJing under the punctuated moniker Xes! Xes! or the more romantic sounding Loveseat, his style is usually a mix of different formats and genres. His biggest influences are LCD Soundsystem, Tiga, Miss Kittin, Erol Alkan, Sven Vath, Giorgio Moroder and Kraftwerk.

He likes to be at the cutting edge of the various underground electronic scenes and at the same time always referring to and picking up styles from the history vault of electronic music. Don’t be surprised to listen to a mix set which runs from the 70’s right to the yet to be released. As Loveseat it’s usually very groovy with bags of surprises.

This is also the first time Power Down will be having a DJ to spin some nice tunes, live on stage!

Myspace: Xes! Xes! Loveseat

Facebook: Xes! Xes! Loveseat


Now that I've fed you with the full-blown list of performance at the Eco Film Fest 2010, you have no excuse to come and enjoy yourself to a fine, breezy weekend.

Remember, Eco Film Fest 2010 will be organised at Faculty of Economics and Administration, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur from 11th until 17th of October 2010. The main festival will be on the weekend, Saturday & Sunday, 16th & 17th October from 10AM - 7PM.


Dem yuh!

However, whoever, whatever.

Live your life however you want, but know one day you will die.
Love whoever you desire, but know one day you will split.
Do whatever you wish, but know one day you will be tried for every actions.


Dem yuh!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

EFF2010 - Power Down Show (Saturday)

The third installation of Eco Film Fest is just around the corner, one week to be exact. Of course, one part that many of us are looking forward to, beside films (d'uhhh) is the music performance. This time it is called Power Down. Pow Pow Power Down!

I'm so excited right now, so let's get started.

The performance will be held on the weekend, Saturday and Sunday, 16th & 17th October, from 2PM until 7Pm. It will be held at Faculty of Economics and Administration, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur.


2.10PM - 2.40PM


They are inspired by rock music. To make it much better, Keladak had to pronounced it as "ghock n gholl". Inspired by the burgeoning of 50s expression jazz, 60s psychedelic alompak a go go avant space rock and proto punk, 70s legendary rock pop-disco-dubfunk and postpunk, 80s DIY hardcore punk alternatives experimental indie noise rock with heavy metal kissing busking-folk, heavy milking influences from early 90s Seattle phenomenon.

Youtube: Keladak
Facebook: Keladak
Myspace: Keladak


2.40PM - 3.10PM

Memorex Dream

Memorex Dream are an indie melodic pop band hailing from Petaling Jaya. As a group of primary school mates, what started off as a cover and wedding band playing pop hits from the 80s and 90s quickly spun off into a project to conceive and play original melodic pop songs. Key influences to their music are Sheila Majid, the Smiths, the Cardigans, Aztec Camera, Fleetwood Mac, My Bloody Valentine, Chic.

Facebook: Memorex Dream


3.20PM - 3.50PM

The Great Metropolitan Expressway

The Great Metropolitan Expressway (TGME) was formed not more than a year ago, consisting of three ambitious 20 year-old blokes hailing from Bangi, Kajang and Putrajaya. It all started when highschool buddies Izzy, Syahir and Zikri (former member) decided to pursue the more challenging task of writing and playing their own music. They were soon introduced to keyboardist Faridz by a mutual friend. These chaps eventually got together, jammed and immediately felt the substantial chemistry between them. TGME claim that their variation of progressive/spacey/post-electronic draws on influences such as 65 Days Of Static, Porcupine Tree, M83, Efterklang and Frost* to name a few. The band's name was remotely influenced by life's various phases, train stations and low shutter speeds. Surely, this is one band that you would want to keep an eye on.

Facebook: The Great Metropolitan Expressway
Myspace: The Great Metropolitan Expressway
Twitter: The Great Metropolitan Expressway
Vimeo: The Great Metropolitan Expressway


3.50PM - 4.20PM


Shh...Diam! is an all-girl rock band from Kuala Lumpur. The members of the band are Farah (Vocals/Lead Guitar), Yon (Second Guitar), Diyana (Bass) and Jellene (Drums). These young ladies started to jam together in August 2009. And they since then have played in more than twenty shows all around town. What do they look forward to? To have fun in the independent music industry of Malaysia and worldwide! Shh...Diam! also loves to make new friend, so contact them, and lastly, they love groupies so much.

4.30PM - 5.00PM

Kyoto Protocol

Comprising of Fuad Alhabshi (vocals/guitar), Gael Oliveres (vocals/keyboard), Hairi Haneefa (guitar), Shakeil Bashir (bass/vocals) and Rashid Brown (drums/vocals), this quintet is from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. After winning first runner-up titles at competitions like Yamaha Asian Beat and Global Battle of the Bands in 2009, the band has been busy burning up the gig circuit, landing important slots at Rock The World 2009 (Malaysia’s biggest local rock music festival) Urbanscapes 2010 (Malaysia’s leading creative arts fest) and Baybeats 2010 (an annual 3-day music festival held in Singapore) where they’ll be sharing the stage with the best bands across the region as well as headliner, eccentric synth-rock Canadian band, Handsome Furs.

Myspace: Kyoto Protocol
Facebook: Kyoto Protocol
Twitter: Kyoto Protocol
Official FM: Kyoto Protocol
Youtube: Kyoto Protocol


5.00PM - 5.30PM

Mohd Jayzuan

At a glance, Mohd Jayzuan is a jovial yet nonchalant writer and musician, but underneath his friendly smile and hearty laughter is a serious artist as an author, poet and singer-songwriter. He is also often known in the Malaysian independent music scene as creator of honest music. With his current band, indie rock / noise pop act; Free Love, he sings of fun, friendship, God and of course, love. Apart from his writing, with his music, he has released an E.P, two albums and few compilations. He has been performing to neighboring countries like Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines, either playing solo as Mohd Jayzuan or with his band, Free Love.

In June 2010, his debut book entitled, ‘28 Hari: Jurnal Rock n’ Roll’ (28 Days: Rock n’ Roll Journal) was released and within a month, the first print of the book has sold out in Malaysia and gained rave reviews from local medias and literature scene. He have acted in some independent projects, TV series and in an indie film called, 'Konsekuensi' in Malaysia.

Facebook: Mohd Jayzuan
Blog: Mohd Jayzuan
Myspace: Mohd Jayzuan
Twitter: Mohd Jayzuan


5.40PM - 6.10PM

Goodbye 20th Century

Formed in late 2008 in Petaling Jaya by main noisemaker Andri. Begun life as a cover band for of 90’s alternative rock, but eventually evolved to a full fledged creative template exploring original compositions. Inspired by the biography of the influential alternative band Sonic Youth bearing the same name. The name also serves as a homage to the musical era the band members grew up with. Describing their sound inspired from various bands from The Stooges meets Pink Floyd meet Sonic Youth meets Soundgarden meets Radiohead meets Sun Ra meets an astronaut launching into a box full of stars. They also believe that "Sound is in a constant state of flux, never the same the second time around."

Myspace: Goodbye 20th Century
Youtube: Goodbye 20th Century
SoundCloud: Goodbye 20th Century
Twitter: Goodbye 2oth Century
Facebook: Goodbye 20th Century


6.10PM - 6.40PM


This uniquely music-performance-art was established in 2009, where a dude named Kuning met a dude named Amir and met a dude named Fadhil, and voilla! They've turned into Think!Tadpole!Think! They also like to experiment their music with the sound of stone drops, heavy rain, the wind, the sea, people mumbling, animal mating, human error and the humanic tendencies, among many others. Surely to be a new perspective of music.

Myspace: Think!Tadpole!Think
Facebook: Think!Tadpole!Think


Log on to Eco Film Fest to check on the schedule, map, activities and many other things happening at the Fest.

Stay tuned for more acts on the Sunday schedule.

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