Friday, June 18, 2010

Tiger Show

Literally, not erotically.

Last week I was invited to come for the announcement of the Ambassador for TX2, which stands for "Double The Number of Tigers". This is a campaign by WWF-Malaysia to help raise awareness to the public and to conserve the tigers from extinction.

The finalists for ambassador were Jeremy Teo, Rina Omar, Sazzy Falak, Mooky and Aishah Sinclair. Guess who was crowned?

I don't care if she's married, she's HOT HOT HOT!

Mooky was trying his luck by doing some jokes

But I cut his attempt and I whispered, "Sazzyyyyyyyyyyyy............."

And she was stunned by my uber-sexy, tigery voice

The newly-crowned Tiger Ambassador for WWF-Malaysia, Sazzy Falak will be "berdiri sama tinggi, duduk sama rendah" with the Tiger Ambassadors from WWF-US, Leonardo DiCaprio, and from WWF-India, Abhishek Bachan. Not a bad deal.

And there was this very nice poster to commemorate this campaign:

I know this is just a normal poster where you can do it at certain photo shops, but the fact that each small photo was an individual person, uniquely painted with tiger face to support this campaign.

To join this campaign, to support, to donate, or to learn more about this marvelous creature, please go to

500 tigers left. 1,000 faces. Let's double the number of tigers by the next Year of the Tiger.

Dem yuh!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A bank of paints

I went for the launching of Dulux Paint Bank Campaign last week, as EcoKnights is the partner for this campaign.

Basically you can donate your left over paints at their four collection points throughout this month of June.

Forget the rumors, or the news, she's HOT HOT HOT!

For this campaign, Dulux will donate one litre of paint for every one litre of paint donated in this campaign, up to 20,000 litres. Then they will organise community projects by painting needy homes, assisted by EcoKnights.

Do you know how many houses you can paint with that amount of paints? 200 houses.

So please, do your part, and just give away your left overs at any of these collection points:

  • Tesco Mutiara Damansara, Selangor (June 11-13).
  • Tesco Tebrau City, Johor (June 18-23).
  • Tesco Sungai Petani Selatan, Kedah (June 25-27).
  • Tesco Kota Baru (July 1-3).

To know more, you can log on to Ecoknights website, or just go straight to

Dem yuh!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Pagi-pagi semua MENEGAK.

Dem yuh!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Asam Pedas Bangi

Just after we done with the FREE CHOCOLATE BUFFET slightly after 2.00pm, we were soo hungry and couldn't afford to go back to Damansara or KL to look for good lunch. But since Bangi is my hometown, and I pretended that I know all the hotspots in Bangi. Heh!

So Shaq drove his car to the left and to the right and here and there. And we saw:

"This is a nice restaurant. Let's go." I said. The rest followed. See, I told you. *grin*

Shaq parked the car, we walked in.

Saw the menu board.


Since it was already past lunch hour (even though it was Saturday, I reckoned many families still go for outside lunch) the food was halfway finished, but still plenty to choose from.

So all of us chose Asam Pedas, obviously, only all went for different base.

Ikan tenggiri, ikan pari
Ikan kembung, ikan terubuk

My extra 'ikan'

Feasting starts now!
The result?

Nah ambik kau perut dah macam jin...

It was a timely lunch. Although we had chocolate buffet, all of us were really hungry. And Asam Pedas's spicy and sour-y taste was just the right dish to have after eating too many chocolates.

Lastly, what was I wearing?

Hot & spicy Dunk SB Hi "Mafia"

Dem yuh!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Beryl's & The Chocolate Factory

This story is one week old.

Woke up Saturday morning and already being harassed by Shaq.

"Cuz, let's go eat free chocolate buffet!"

"What?? Chocolate buffet??"

"You got the wrong keyword cuz. The keyword: FREE."

"Oh, what's the deal yo?"

Shaq handed a paper.

Cousin ain't lying

"Damn cuz, really? Let's go."

"Remember the keyword?"

"(Together) FREE."


Reached there around 12 noon. It was really hot. Like real hot. Tapi free punya pasal...

And I say "Please take as many as you wish" Thank you.

And so we were told

The mineral water looks very interesting

See these ice-creams?

Let the free show begins!

1Malaysia, 1Chocolate!

The other fellow hungry zombies

~Doesn't matter if you're black or white...~

They're into cross-breeding too!

Not only they served free chocolate buffet, they have a store selling their products too. Pancing kuat...

Still hungry

Like I always say, "Smile is the second best thing you can do with your lips."


Nyum nyum...

Nyum nyum nyum...

Nyum nyum nyum nyum...

Nyum nyum nyum nyum nyum...

Nyum nyum nyum nyum nyum nyum.................

Too bad this was not for sale

And too bad I didn't buy anything. It was a free chocolate buffet, so why would I bring any money, right? But I definitely brought this feeling home:

Dem yuh!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tall buildings

I've been extra occupied and busy for the last four weeks, hence the lack of updates. May should be the month where I go out and have fun since it's my birthday month, but I think this year I took a different direction, and I took a freelance job, a 3-week contract job.

I was really busy and sitting down in front of laptop for 10 hours every day for three weeks, kept me out of many fun things I should have done. But again, I have my priorities and I must stick to my objectives.

But during those busy days, I had some time observing and make my life more interesting.

I snapped pictures.

I don't know if anybody still read my blog, but if you do, thanks. I'll try to write more regularly after this.

They say 'one door closes, another opens'. Word.

Dem yuh!
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