Monday, August 31, 2009

Is there still light, the end of the tunnel?

I wished.

Dem yuh!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Marché (pronounced Mar-Shay)

*truut truut*


"Hey man, you wanna help me out today with the launching of Marché's new look and their Ramadhan buffet offer?"

"Free food?"

"Of course."

"Right on!"

So I helped my colleague Deep Gill a.k.a Thirsty Blogger with the event. I'll let the pictures run with a little bit of words.

Same name

Same cow, different body paint

The reason I got free food

Thirsty Blogger a.k.a the bouncer


Buka puasa with this. Pure.

Some of their unique sections:

These flags represent the 26 cantons of Switzerland, the member states of the federal states of Switzerland.

Around 8-ish, I was done with my work. Eating time!

Creepy crepé

Fresh-made pizzazzzzzz

Too many things to choose from

Delicious Swiss rosti

"My momma told me, son that ain't right, no now that ain't right"

Done with everything around 9.30pm. I was really full. Crazy stuff. You guys can go check it out during this Ramadhan buffet. All you can eat for RM45++ only (that makes around RM52) for adult and RM20++ for kids (around RM24) but you have to pay for drinks. Buffet price for food only. Nonetheless, I think it's worth it considering they make fresh-cook meal and it's cheaper than many other places.

For more info, log on to Marché Movenpick Restaurant Malaysia

My passport to indulgence

Dem yuh!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

I've got a feeling...

...that tonight's gonna be a good night.

Say "BOO!" to DIVERS!

Good night, and good luck!

Glory glory Man United!

*pic was taken from SOKERNET.

Dem yuh!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Please try this at home...

...semasa anda berbuka puasa! Gila layan doh! Pecah otak punya.

Jangan pula mencuba di siang hari. Nanti hari tengah panas pun boleh jadi ada petir menyambar anda.

Dem yuh!

Random Snapshots #2

Sometimes between July and August.

I don't know if people still watch WWE or wrestling anymore.

Dinner at Hartamas Square. Triplets.

Pinky beetles. Rare species.

It really is a champion.

Birthday dinner with the birthday biatches: Bala and Yo. Special birthday 'cake'.

Two tak-tahu-malu lads; Pa'tam (left) and Aryll (right) karaoke-ing at Johnny Ferdhaus's wedding reception.

Cleaning still in progress.

Dem yuh!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


I was cleaning up my room the other day, and found a treasure.


This is I would say one of the early stuff I bought on my own when I first started the whole street-wear thing. I think it was around 2002 or 2003. Can't really remember, time flies.

Yes of course I had Levi's and all that mainstream craps before that, but this particular pair of jeans did change my perspective of styling and sense of exclusivity.

I bought them from shit-I-can't-remember-the-shop-name. Owh yes, Zone5 at Sg. Wang Plaza! Yes finally I remember. I remember, when I first had it tried, I was kinda confused or rather uncomfortable, the length of the jeans were just at the bottom of my heel. Like, short? But the material and the texture of the jeans were awesome so I thought,"Hey what the hell, right?" and ended up being one of my most-favourite jeans, all-time.

Au naturale

You can see how trashed this fella looks now, after thousand times of wearing and washing, under every possible weather and condition.

I don't have the picture of it at the early age, so I'll just let you guys enjoy the result after about 6-7 years.

From dark blue to I-don't-know-what-color-is-this

Yeah he traveled A LOT

Still standing strong!

Guys, please wear your stuff until it can't be worn anymore. Jeans and shoes are not for display or trophies. Just wear.

Dem yuh!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tell Me.

Enjoy or don't bother reading.


If I tell you that I like you
What would you do?
Tell me that you like me too
Or ask me to turn around and shoo?

If I tell you that you're always in my mind
Would you say I'm off my line?
Would you deny me one chance
To take your hands for a dance?

I wanna call and text you all the time
And ask you if your day's being fine
And meet you whenever I want to
Listen to you until the night is through

So tell me am I not worth a shot?
Do you only find rockstars 'hot'?
Coz I don't think I wanna be one
I prefer to be the young guns

I'm not a rockstar, no
I can't even play the piano
I don't know how to compose a song
But for you (girl) I'll try day and night long

Are you not interested in me still?
Or your heart's as hard as a steel?
Am I not cute enough to melt you?
Like a hot fudgy chocolate fondue

No, there's nothing special about me
I can't offer you money trees
I'm just me, the next-door guy
But I can say I'm pretty fly

It's true.


Yes this is so effing true. I wrote this last night before I went asleep, while I was trying hard to get some sleep.

I don't know why, but don't you think most people, well, boys or girls, they always have some thing with "rockstars". Especially girls. Yes, I can totally understand that; girls like boys who possess some kind of skills, be it music, or art, or photography, or sports, or racing, or anything. They find it sexy or appealing.

But guys, they just want girls who are hot. It doesn't matter if she's a teacher or a freaking astronaut. True.

To me, what I find the sexiest thing is the mind. A girl with brain. Looks come in between, not second. If you can find a beautiful woman with a beautiful mind, gosh that's multiple orgasm in both ways.

Have you found it?

Found what?

Beautiful woman with a beautiful mind?

Yes, in fact I can say that all my previous relationships with women, they all shared these fair amount of traits.

Then why are you still single?

It didn't work out.

You mean, you failed?

It didn't work out! That's two different thing. And you, please stop using negative expression, it's bad for your self-esteem. Always look into the positive way. It didn't work out, I don't have to explain here.

Dem yuh!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sad Sunday Evenin' Blues.

I don't really know what to write today, since I have tonnes of works to be done. Just because it's Sunday, and I love Butterfingers, so the title sounds perfect.

Demm I can't find the video or mp3 for this song. It's by Butterfingers on their Butter Late Than Never album. Go find them and listen. I'm in the office right now, doing some works so I can go back early on the weekdays throughout Ramadhan. I have some fantastic plans for me. Will only reveal the result after Aidilfitri.

Butterfingers - Sad Sunday Evenin' Blues

I'm lacking self esteem
Thought you were sowing the seeds
A banker flew over me
Too bad I didn't become one
And I say


Sad Sunday Evening
Boy I cry healing my sins
I've had enough of fake n' funny faces
And now it's your turn to receive mine


And while my pillow sleeps
You oughta move out your shine
Life's so impatient
Do too much
You trip
As long as there's music
We'll be free


Make money
Make money
Show off
Your fashionable
It wasn't our fault to be born as a gift
There's only one god
I believe in




Hik hik hik...

Dem yuh!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Went to my parent's house yesterday, and had dinner and then to Tarawih prayers with them. I had to chow early, since I was using my cousin Jojo's car earlier so I have to send the car to his house.

Then went out with someone I recently have interest in for a chill out. We hung out until about four and I sent her home then straight away back to my parent's house again, for sahur. Yes, just the three of us; Pa, Ma and I. The rest of my siblings are either indiscipline or they are not fasting today due to menstrual stuff.

Had a good sahur, well it's been a while since I ate Ma's food. Yea I'm so busy right now, in fact I'm in the office now, doing works. I'm not gonna complain anyway, Ramadhan is supposed to be the month where we double up everything; good deeds, exercise, work, prayers. I am very motivated to make some improvements in myself. Well, it's not gonna change the fact or stop me from being the BudakNakal as usual, but I'd rather say we balance both.

Nothing much to say, only some reminders to me and to the others who read my blog: Let's make it a good month. Whatever it is. At least, try to improve one thing. Anything. I am trying, why don't we all?

Selamat menjalankan ibadah berpuasa di bulan Ramadhan Al-Mubarak. Semoga segala ibadah kita mendapat keberkatan Allah S.W.T.

Dem yuh!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Grim Reaper will have a hell of a task to catch this man

I know I might be the 17,848,693 person on this planet to write/blog about Usain Bolt's world record breakers in 100 metres four days ago and now, 200 metres just last night.

The Lightning Bolt

I don't care, I still want to write about this guy.

Usain Bolt will be celebrating his 23rd birthday tomorrow, is currently the fastest running human on the planet. He showed his sprint potential since his early age. In 2002, he won the 200 metres gold medal in 2002 World Junior Championships, making him the competition's youngest-even gold medalist. And the rest you can read HERE.

I don't know what to write. I get goosebumps every time I watch this guy sprints. He is so influential, during his participant in a sprint race in England, supposed to be a "street race" where they build the track on the street (hence, it's a street race), local authority was worried that after the race, people would start to run on the streets on England. Funny.

Let's watch both the record breakers at 12th IAAF World Championships in Athletics, a.k.a Berlin 2009.

100 metres world record breaker (versi Bahasa Jerman)

200 metres world record breaker (versi Bahasa Jerman)

I wonder how will the Grim Reaper does his job to this guy later? Must be hell of a task.

Dem yuh!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Time to make it up again

Read my previous post HERE.

Now I'm gonna make it up. Today, tonight. I'm gonna make it alive again. Will post the result in couple of days.


Dem yuh!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Albino Pigeon is coming to town!

Last year, 2008, marked the release of New Balance 575 "Purple Pigeon". It created so much hype as Jeff Staple, the main brain behind Staple Design who designed the shoe cleverly use PIGEON as his marketing tool. New York = Pigeon. Really?

Hi, my name is Jeff C. Ng. Call me Mr. Staple

The New Yorkers love us now even if we be shitting on them everyday

I didn't buy it, though I kinda like the color combination and the materials used on that pair. I still can get it still, there's some resellers who I can talk to and persuade to sell to me at a good price. We'll see, Hari Raya Aidilfitri is coming soon after all.

This year, Jeff is coming back with the "ever-creative, out-of-the-box, hypebeast-mentality, over-used idea" of making more money without even have to think too much. I admire that, to be honest. And I don't know why people are rambling about the hardships of making easy money. Nonsensical ignorant.

"As you can see, so much effort and creativity were put in designing this pair of shoes which I can humbly say a 'breakthrough' in sneakers industry........... (I'm a few million dollars richer next week!)"

What did he came up with? Rarer pigeon, or very rare species of animal in general, of genetically mutated. Albino. Yes, albino pigeon. Well, he called them the "White Pigeon" but it's not gonna change the fact that these unfortunate pigeons are albinos.

At last, we've got our freedom and equality among pigeons!

Same model (New Balance 575), probably same materials, and a lot of hard work to choose the best color and sell 1,077 pairs (with I'm sure there another couple of thousands in their store, marked as 'samples' or 'for Friends & Family' or 'I wanna make more money, so what?!')

Actually, Nike was the first
to get their hands into this pigeon craze with their own Nike Dunk SB x Staple Design "Purple Pigeon" or "New York SB", as we knew caused a stir in New York upon its release in 2007. Yes, pimps and gangstas fought over a few pairs of shoes. I heard there were 200++ pairs released, but again, who knows?

I don't know pigeons and their shits worth this much

OG? You kiddin' me?

Anyhow, our good friends at SOLE WHAT? are really generous and fortunate to have the opportunity to release these 'physically-challenged' pigeons to our beloved Kuala Lumpur. Seriously, SOLE WHAT? is one of the leading sneaker stores in South East Asia region. Big ups to the cool dudes/dudette there.

One big happy family

Yes, they will be releasing the New Balance 575 x Staple Design "Albino/White Pigeon" this weekend, if I'm not mistaken. For more info, you can check the details from their official blog. Click SOLE WHAT?

I kinda like this pair too, you know. Feels like I'm 'whiter' if I wear them. We all wanna be WHITE, don't we?

Dem yuh!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Soul in Asylum

No, not the Band.

I'm not proud to tell you guys that I just watched the film Changeling, starring Angelina Jolie, John Malkovich, Jeffrey Donovan and the others. Well, of course there's "others", they can't be three actors only in a movie. Anyway, it's never too late for anything, you just have to do it.

That film. Wow, I would say. One very fine film. It was based on true story about a lady, Christine Collins (Angelina Jolie) who suddenly found her son, Walter is missing after she came back home from work. Then blah blah blah long story about two hours. There's a very interesting story in it.

The interesting part in that movie: when Christine was sent to psychopathic ward by the order from Captain Jones (Donovan).

Shit man that plot is really an eye-opener. Imagine this scenario:

Something happens to you. Say, your son is missing. After a few months, the police tells you that they found your son and is on the way back to you. Your heart are filled with blossoming joy, only to realize that he's not your son. It gets more complicated and confusing when the boy claims he is your son and the police says he's yours too. They insist/force you to take that boy home "on a trial basis", meaning to get you and the boy used to it and it may help build the bond again. Like, WTF?

You, as a father or mother, should be very sure if the boy is or not yours, more to evidences like your "new son" is shorter by four inches than last few months, and is circumcised. Scary shit.

When you go to the police, telling them they made a mistake, the police tells you that you are delusional, or crazy. You get upset, you yell to them out of frustration and the police sends you to mental institution. Thing is, you are perfectly normal, and that boy is not your son anyway. WTF times two.

Now, the more interesting part: The Mental Institution.

Shit man if you're being sent to that place, you'll go crazy anyway. I mean, it's so depressing that place is; if you laugh or smile or joyous they'll say you are delusional or schizophrenic, if you don't eat of scream or cry they'll say you are hysteric and depressed. Either way you are crazy. They force you to take pills that claimed to "make you relax and calm" actually those pills reduces your ability to think or act because they want to tame you and make you more stupid, so that you won't do anything stupid and keep them busy.

The only way you can get out of that place is to sign a paper which you have to admit that the boy IS YOUR SON and you're not thinking straight and it was your mistake. Fucked up, right? How the fuck can you admit to that, when he's NOT YOUR SON?! And when you starts to act aggressively, they send you to this horrible room where they will do some electric-shock procedure on you so that you won't do it again, as a lesson.

If, you decides to sign the paper just to get out of that hell because you think you can go and report it to the newspaper or anyone, think again. No one would actually believe you because you've signed the paper and they'll think you're really crazy. Then you'll be fucked up, and thrown into that hell again, this time you might stuck there for a long, long, long time, if not until you are dead. Otherwise you sign the paper, get out and live a lie, with your fake son and pretend nothing happened.

How terrible is that? Suddenly it reminds me of how we're living now. How the country, the world is being ruled by these moronic, corrupted, deceiving fascists that tells us this is how you will live your lives and you can't question us, we're the one who decides on how you should live and to be the law, we have to be above the law bullshits. Fuck man, just because you didn't do your work, you don't wanna admit your mistakeS (with big S meaning they're a bunch of aSSholeS), you hide the truth and nothing else matters to you as long as you can be re-elected on the next campaign.

A pick of your soul

Don't let people tell you what to do and how you should live your life. Don't let people own your soul for a temporary happiness or pleasure. Please don't let other people hold your freedom to do what you want to do. No one is better than the others, only your faith to God.

Ladies and gentlemen, please, PLEASE, do not let your soul jailed and locked in asylum.

Dem yuh!

Boomer and Power!

Apart from being creative is what is all about to artists, being innovative is not bad either. For me, I don't think I'm creative at all, in music respectively. But that's not an excuse for me to not be involved or have myself a try-out in music.

But before I start anything, I need to do some research. And so I bumped into a music video. I don't wish to write more, I gotta sleep tomorrow I have a big meeting Nine In The Afternoon, nahh nine in the morning. I like the song though.

Speaking of innovative and getting out of the comfort zone. Awesomely cool twist huh.

You guys can go to YouTube and search more on BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge. I'll write more on what's it all about later. Not soon. It's fuckin' awesome that's all I can say.

Let's all call it a night.

Dem yuh!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Days Without Your Waves.

It has been many days
Days without your waves
Food lost its delicate taste
It's worse than living in a cold cave

Never thought my ship would be this wrecked
How did I possibly lost my track?
Maybe it was your drop dead curve
On the sea of your pretentious love

I don't care if it was all faked
We both know the love was half baked
I don't know who's at loss
It's like taking a coin and just toss

So off you go with your life
I hope it will not be filled with jive
Me? Are you really asking me?
I'm having a picnic under the coconut tree.

It's true.


I love beaches. I'm not sure about bitches though. Anyway bitches are not a topic I wanna talk about, yet.


If you love beach like I do, you must love the waves too. The sound, sometimes the roughness, sometimes the gentleness, the smell of the sea water when the waves hit the shore. But the best thing I found about waves are the calmness of it. I don't know, waves are something I can look at without getting bored. And when I go inside the water, sometimes it's pretty scary and dangerous. That' what I like about it.

Why do we love beaches if not the waves? Sun-bathe? Go to Africa yo! Sand? Go to Egypt! Water? Gosh, go home and shower!

It's the waves.

So what happens when there's no waves anymore?

Dem yuh!


A good starter.


Well done Mr. Bassong.

Hik hik hik...

Dem yuh!
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