Friday, October 28, 2011


Alright people.

I've got something I'd like to introduce to this space. I have been toying with the idea of music for a while, and it kind of get me in a nice way. I like it. I like to spend time on music. In fact, I have been mixing some tracks some time ago, and I think I should continue the momentum.

As many of you must have spent generous amount of time to surf porn, I, other than that, surf for music. My interest at the moment: Electronic music. Or EDM.

To ensure the longevity of my blog space and my music interest, I will try and post my favourite music, once a week, depending on the occasion/mood/laziness.

For this week, since it's Halloween Weekend, enjoy this track by Albin Myers.

Don't forget, ECO FILM FEST!

Dem yuh!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rediscover purpose

This is somehow unplanned. I am in the middle of a really hectic schedule, and this week especially is the most intense week for me. Everything I have been doing since January this year, will come to the climax; a project I am involved since day one in 2008: Eco Film Fest.

Last night I was at the Green Drinks event at The Apartment KLCC, a last-Tuesday-of-the-month event where budding environmental-conscious people gather to, drink. In fact, we (the Team) were lucky to be given a slot to to promote our final EFF2011.

After the event started we got out to KLCC to find something less overpriced to eat. Half an hour after that we walked back to the event. Just in front of the Apartment entrance, I bumped into an old friend (if I'm considered a friend), my former schoolmate. I remembered I saw her status update in some social media platform a while ago when she just got married and everyone was congratulating her and stuff. She was with her husband, and my, she's pregnant. We chatted for couple of minutes and she asked me, "do you still work for the motorsports-thingy stuff?" and I answered, "no, I'm now doing environmental education stuff. Close to four years now." A moment later we made our own way.

The highlight of the story was not meeting an old friend, but rather the fact that I have been doing environmental work for four years. I came a long way; volunteer, part time, executive, and now, the Programme Manager.

And for so long I have done a stretch of things, extending beyond just environment. I write for my blog, I learn music, I lecture, I travel, I play, I party, I everything, in the name of self-development.

However after a while, I got too attached to my works, slowly sunken in the delusional fact that the only reason we all work is for money. Nothing is working without money. My self-development went down the gutter.

And funny, just now, in fact this past month, I've been getting few comments by people I know and I don't: We don't see your writing anymore.

God, a hobby I explored out of realising how crucial it is for my future benefit, was left noticed. Last time I felt like I have the need, the responsibility to write, but now, down the gutter.

It also made me realised how I missed writing; a simple, cheap fun to entertain myself and sometimes, for better or worse, I entertained (or annoyed) others. A hobby which I used to spend seriously to develop and train my honest opinions and thinking process which involves 90% of the time pure bullcrap. Craps take a lot of effort too.

Maybe I was caught in the heat of the moment. We grow older, our drive, our strength, our youthful charm, declining while on the contrary, the world demands more from us; more work, more money, more products.

So is this all worthwhile? The chase for money - something imaginary and feel so damn real?

It made me think that what I need to do is to think of what made me feel happy, what I feel good about, without compromising my commitments and responsibilities. I need to rediscover the purpose of life, my life.

So what I'll do is, I'll start to write again. Or at least pay more attention to my belongings.

Allow me to welcome myself back.

Dem yuh!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Success vs Failure

"Success comes to those who are not afraid to fail." - Benny Gold

I wonder how many people like to talk about failure. Or comfortable discussing it. Or rather, admit that once (or more), they too faced it. It is a jinx. Like what "Laws of Attraction" or even the 'great' Paulo Coelho must have brainwashed you, you never speak of negativity, or "the universe shall conspire and helping you to achieve it," in this case, FAILURE.

Imagine if you don't feel too good about yourself physically, you go to a physician, and run some tests, and see what's wrong with your physical. And then the expert says, "you have a flu." Then what would you do or say, "That's impossible doc, I never asked for it." Deny it?

Who ever ask to fall sick? Who ever ask to get injured? Who EVER ask to face failure?

The thing about failure is, it will always come to you. You will keep bumping on it. Whether you like it or not, more dramatically whether you're prepared, or not. Failure is natural. It's like a preset system that comes to you when your system runs in a strange way. It's an indicator that you need to run your system differently, or fix it. It is natural. It keeps the balance. It keeps the yin and yang.

The secret to success, is, to discuss failure; to admit, to examine, to recover, and to improve.

Just remember, there's around 7 billion people in this world, and every one of them have been through failure(s), even the most successful person must have gone through failures.

Some people believe that if you get "F" for your exam, you failed, but some sets a high standard that a mere "A-" is a failure. I'm sure even Bill Gates can't play basketball like I do. So is he a failure? To me he is. But is basketball important to him? Certainly not. It's about what is important and what is not.

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." - Winston Churchill

Life is unexpected, regardless of the span. So get go, do what you do, find a reason to love it, keep doing it. Failure is the four corners of your wall, but fuck it. Smash it.

Dem yuh!
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