Thursday, December 23, 2010

A bunch of Alpha Male and A BLONDE.

At this very moment I'm watching The Bachelorette. Who the hell watch this show? Anyway it's about a girl (in this case, subject is a blonde) who's looking for a perfect guy for her among 24 young, confident (cam whore and desperate), obviously good-looking men. At the end of the show, there will only be one man that she believe, is the 'Perfect One'. (Or, she's most 'satisfied' with).

She, the blonde, gets the chance to get to know each of these men in a very brief, private and small group session. She will then awarded some of the men a rose that means they still have the chance to win her heart. I tell you people, it's so fucking intense.

However, since I'm in my Zen (thus make me highly observant and analytical), it made me 'see' the subtle/subconcious things especially the characters of the men and the blonde in this show. What I'm trying very hard to say/type right now is that in order for you to be able to take a shot to made into this show is that you need to be extremely good in these traits (and/or):

1. Sense of humor. Gotta be a real funny man. Not like "ha........ ha........." funny but really "HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!".
2. Sensitive. Not the emotional crying type, but the type that 'connects emotionally' with a real woman. Kinda like, "oh, you're having your PMS? It's alright, I totally understand how you feel."
3. Skillful. Each of them amazingly have different skillset(s). Ukelele, carpenting, wrestling, painting. Name 20 other skill sets. It's like the Top 24 of America's Got Talent, but good looking and straight.
4. Agressive. You can smell piss all over the mansion. So bad you can even smell it on everybody's shoes. They are really territorial.
5. Smart. By that I don't mean intelligent, like scienticts or engineers and that kind. I'm thinking more like..... politician 'smart'. Their head and colon/rectum are alike, it's either full of air or shits. But somehow, air and shits still find its way out of the tunnel and reach its goal.

And the girl, oh yeah, ain't she a BOMB? My oh my... Dude, she's so hot all the guys started the piss-on-each-other's-shoes party the moment she walked into the hall.

But ultimately, the most obvious trait that you have to possess, and to deal with at the same time, is you have to be willing to share A BLONDE with 23 other men.

A thrilling Alpha Male drama. Talking about putting 24 different species of monkey in a cage with a female monkey of yet another species.

How about the BLONDE?

She better have experience(s) with at least 24 men in her previous time, whether on singular or plural occasions, passion or professional.

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