Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tsunami hits again!

Shit this is no fancy title. Khaidi and I felt some movements of the Mother Earth about 10 minutes ago. We rushed down to avoid any possibility of collapsed building.

Received some infos, tsunami hits Samao Island again at around 7.6 - 7.9 Richter scale. Drop a comment if you felt the movements too.

Take care to all of you, may God save us all.

p/s- shit I don't know what label I should put this entry under.

Everybody, say "HI" to LIFE, again.

Technically, today is the 11th of Syawal 1430.

Practically, the celebration has ended. At least, for me. Hence, the title of this entry.

I stopped writing for a while, due to limited access of the internet, even there was internet connection, it totally sucked balls. Even worse, not only Streamyx but a whole set of Internet Service Providers joined the suck-balls connection. Restecpa!

Lucky I didn't wait

Now I'm back in the office after a loooong holiday, well not really. Been sorting out a lot of things and I'm really looking forward to many things starting tomorrow, 1st of October. Yep, I'll keep on updating from time to time, hopefully.

Till then, suckers.

Dem yuh!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Memories rushed through my brain...

Ran into you yesterday. Memories rushed through my brain. It’s starting to hit me now you’re not with me, I realized I made a mistake. I thought that I needed some space but I just let love go to waste. It’s so crystal clear now that I need you here now.

I got to get you back today.

This time I want it all. I'm showing you all the cards, I'm giving you all my heart. This time I’ll take the chance, this time I’ll be a man. I can be all you need, only this time is all of me.

I hit the bar every night looking to score a good time. It’s not like I planned it, we left empty handed cuz I’m still alone in my mind. Now what will it take to feel right? Baby can I come see you tonight? Is there someone new now? What can I do now? I need you back by my side.

This time I want it all. I'm showing you all the cards, I'm giving you all my heart. This time I’ll take the chance, this time I’ll be a man. I can be all you need, only this time is all of me.

Last time I wasn’t sure but this time I will give you more. I’m more mature, I’ll show you. Last time I didn’t know I messed up and let you go. I need you, don’t say no.

Lying alone in this room, all that is missing is you. Pick up the phone, won’t you come home?

This time is all of me.

I did run into you last night.
You were wearing a black dress.
And yes I still love your hair.
It's true.

Dem mi!

To Arthur!

Yes I went to Arthur's Day concert just now, presenting multiple-award-winning foursome, Black Eyed Peas at Sunway Lagoon: Asia's Best Attraction, or so they say. In fact I just got home couple of hours ago.

It was not planned to be honest. I received a call from my boss asking me if i was doing anything tonight. I said no, I'm lazybumming at home watching The Mentalist. So he told me to get ready in 10, he's coming to pick me up to go to the concert. Why not. Plus he's bringing his 7-month pregnant wife, so an extra healthy (by healthy I mean fat) guy would help a lot to clear up the walkway and to protect her.

So yeah reached there around 9.30pm. Had to walk all the way down to the main area.

Not bad. The number of crowd came close to 15,000. I don't know, at least 12,000. Not bad.

Before the main act came to stage, the crowd were entertained (or bored) by few local and regional acts. I couldn't care less. Not that I don't support locals, maybe I was tired (lazybumming the whole day).

So they started to heat the stage around, ermm 10.45pm. Considered late, plus as we know all these concerts must stop at 12am or they will face the hungry authorities trying to fine your ass off with stupid charges. Not my cup of tea though.

Bla bla bla. Watched the performance, finished.

Overall it was an OK performance. They're good, especially, then Fergie came second, and I couldn't decide on the last two, either or Taboo. First of all I thought the sound system was off, but I realized that the four of them was not tight enough when they perform, and the backlines fucked it up too. Fuck it lah I don't wish to go into details. Tired lah siao... Call me if you wanna know.

My number? 017-jangan-gelojoh.

No picture. They're all in my boss's phone, or camera I'm not sure. Even if I do have the pictures, I'm too lazy to edit them and all the bullshits. Maybe I'll post under Random Snapshots later on. Just maybe.

Before I put down my fingers, and my brain to rest, something happened when I was at the concert. At first I wasn't 100% sure because I was walking pretty fast and at the same time keeping my eyes at my boss's pregnant wife to make sure people don't push her or anything, and they're many people (d'uhh) but then after a few seconds I realized that it was real. I saw someone. I saw her. I wanted to patah balik and say "HI" but... well there's no but. I won't give excuse, and I will post something tomorrow, to tell you how I feel.

Dem yuh!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What a wonderful world.

I just got up. Slept at around 6-ish this morning. Anyway I would like to take this chance and I think it's not too late to wish Happy Eid Mubarak to all Muslims, and happy holiday to the rest. Although I believe it's a little bit overrated in Malaysia, the celebration and preparation, at the end of the day we are succumbed to the society pressure.

I haven't had the chance to update my blog in a while, errr well in a few days actually. Worry not, I'm back fuckers!

And the best way to start it again is by posting something that I'm ecstatic about. Yes.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you...

(Soundtrack by Louis Armstrong: What A Wonderful World)

Hik hik hik...

Dem yuh!

Friday, September 18, 2009

I wish I could.

You know you could. I wish you would.

Dem yuh!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

She's just not that into you.

Ever been in a situation when someone you are having crush on, or attracted to, but unfortunately SHE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU?

Gosh I hate that. So does everyone.

I’m not referring to those who failed to impress the other party on the first meet.
*Note: The act of ‘impressing’ is not to be done hypocritically, but rather to just be yourself and set a certain value of yourself.

Meaning, when you do something genuine by expressing your interest towards that person, and he or she spontaneously or naturally fond of your personality, he or she reacts positively to it. I don’t think I need to explain more or provide stupid examples of those reactions. Itu dalam cerita Mokhsin pun lu boleh tengok.

I’m sure all of you (even if monkeys are reading this now) have been through this situation(s). Congratulations to those with (s). Not a nice moment, to be honest.

I will use substitute for the third person as a FEMALE, so I don’t have to keep saying “he or she”, “him or her”, “that person”, “your partner”, “the other half” etc. You’ll understand that it’s really annoying.

So, after you know, exchanging phone numbers or facebook account or instant messaging and the sort, and things move from another page to the other. From another chat to another phone call to another meeting to another activity but still stuck at the first base.
*Note: The word ‘base’ has nothing to do sexually, although it is as almost as what everyone would understand. ‘Base’ means the level of your relationship with that person.

FIRST base means you still try to be cool and be witty and smile almost all the time and once in a while trying to touch her unintentionally as if it looks like it’s a nice gesture from you, and how comfortable you are with her around. You know, throwing hints and that special staring technique that works all the time.

SECOND is when you unofficially dating her. Meaning you meet her as much as you can, no make no excuse to hide or express your feelings like holding her hand while watching movie in cinema, you start to call her by the words “dear”, “sayang”, but not “baby” just yet. And you start to kiss her goodnight in SMS or anything, and maybe to a point you even kiss her on the cheek or forehead, you know, anything but lips, just yet.

THIRD, well yeah, you officially date her as in being an item. Budak-budak selalu cakap “Dah declare.” Well again I don’t have to explain further.

FOURTH or the HOME RUN is when normally a normal couple would do at the THIRD BASE, only it adds more drama to it. More fighting and more jealousy, more expectations and more of things sometimes just seem ridiculous.

Third and the home run is out of the topic already because it’s not what this entry is all about. It’s the first and the second that worries us the most. You know; when your testosterone and adrenaline plus your serotonin and dopamine ejaculates and overflowing, all at the same time, you just can’t fuck it up, can you?

Things are doing and going just nice. You cherish every moment; you keep her sweet goodnight messages, you take pictures with her everywhere you go even though you’ve been there God knows how million times. But, suddenly things flopped. She sort of being cold, not answering your calls, no sweet SMS, among other things. Fuck knows why.

Why? Why? Why?


But why? I’ve been really nice to her, I took her out, make jokes, acting cute, show my interest (and I’m pretty sure she responded well to that) at the same time try to be relax and not too pushy or demanding yet it’s not working out.

Let's try to list down a few assumptions:

She was just being nice to you, and that’s all
The most common cases. She's super-friendly, or over-friendly, and might be a little bit flirtatious. That's all.

She found another person/thing/activity that’s more interesting than you
Maybe she's bored and at that time you're the only guy showering her with attentions and affection. Who doesn't like free meals?

She still thinks of her ex-boyfriend
Another most common cases. Still can't stop thinking of him, he still give her hopes, and most likely, a safety net.

Her friends told her bad things they found about you
Whether it’s true or not, it’s a different story.

Her checklist of “The Guy I Should Make Boyfriend” failed its effectiveness rate
Girls, they have some sort of checklist in their mind (if not in their diary) about what they look in a guy. It doesn't matter long long the list is, but just so you know, the effectiveness rate is 80%.

She thinks you’re faking your way in
Paranoid, or too critical. Everything you've done for her seems that it's pre-planned. The choice of words, this and that. All they ever scared of is that you did all the nice and sweet things because you just want to score, that's all.

She’s just not ready to be in relationship
Ah ha, commitment issue. Trust issue. Whatever issue.

You’re being too nice and she just wants you to spank her ass already
Now that's your fault! Sometimes, being straight forward and show her who's the boss is the way.

Fuck knows why
Fuck knows why.


So what do you do? Confront her? Whack her ex-boyfriend or her bad-mouth friends? Try to convince her with sugarcoating words? Buy her out with expensive gifts or fancy night-outs? Try to change yourself so that you’ll meet her checklist? Or kick yourself in the head?

Do you rather change yourself so that hopefully you would think someone will like you, not because you’re being yourself?

I don’t know the answer myself. But what I know is that, I look at life as if it is a big fucking combination of paths. Sometimes your path crosses with someone else’s, and that person moves at the same direction as you are. If you’re lucky, you’ll both walk together to the end of the world, if not then it’s just not meant to be. But, you have to remember that you will never know where the end of the path is, you just keep walking, running, stop, rest, whatever. Non-stop. It’s a fucking huge combination of paths; you’ll never know one day the path will cross again, or you’ll crossed path with someone else, with flowers and nice things on the side. God is Powerful, if it’s meant to be, it will.

To me, I just let it slide. At least, that’s what my mentor used to tell me. There is no point of holding yourself back, and I quote a favourite line, I’ll take my chances. That’s unfair. Both need to take chances and work it out. You need to keep moving and when you know you finally meet someone, you just take her hand and walk together.

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: If there is any reaction, both are transformed.”

Good night, and good luck.

Dem yuh!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I have no other choice...

...but to break someone's bone(s) today. Literally.

Someone tried to con my cousin and I. Well it's not much, just 10k but the attempt to con us, the insult is unbearable.

Go lodge a report then.

You kidding?

I don't care if it's Ramadhan or not. And when I get that fucker, and believe me I will, it will be too late for him to say sorry or whatever. Fucker you better run as far as you can.

Remember this:

An eye for an eye

Dem yuh!

Monday, September 14, 2009

This is how stupid I can write when I'm bored (I don't even understand what I was writing about).

When I'm lazy to write, I usually post something stupid. Not that my posts are not stupid, I mean, they're all stupid posts, no?

So back to my title, when I'm bored, and I feel stupid, I have few instant lousy options of what to post:

- Stupid pictures

- Terrible choice of music

- Lame quotes

- Pathetic videos

- Tasteless food

- Out-dated gadget(s)

Last week, I read this one quote from a long-time friend of mine, Zairus Fadzli Dzulkifli a.k.a Didi Lalok (his flickr page). and I quote,

Stand out, be bold, brave and different. That's the most special gift God gave each one of us. We're all created equal, but different. He didn't clone us all. So stand out and be who you really are.

So many people, in fact too many of them often agrees and says, "Just be who you are." or "Don't bother what other people say. It's your life." Rihanna and T.I once sang, "~So live your life, ay ay ay.~"

This blog, my personal blog, of which the name I carefully chose without thinking. Stupidity of matters.

"Demo oghe Klate ko? Oghe Klate ghoyak gitu jugok. Dem yuh!"

"Ish, bukey... Kawe oghe Kelumpo. Tapi bereh nok kecek Klate skek-skek."

"Bereh sek kito!"

Read my first ever post HERE.

Dem yuh = Damn you.

Yes, I Malayalized the phrase. Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka loves to Malayalize foreign words, don't they? There are so many Malayalized words, I don't even have to provide any example. Unless you are too lazy, too ignorant to look for yourselves, if that's the case.

On the side note, Oh my God I created a new English word = MALAYALIZE.

Malayalize = To make things the Malay way or pronounciation. Or whatever.
Somebody help me refine the definition please. I'm bored and stupid, remember?

So, why Damn You! or "Dem yuh!"?

Well, it was meant solely to invite people to see and to share things with me in different perspective. Be different. The idea is to be naughty with me. "I'm not here to judge so don't hold any grudge. I try not to be too afraid to experience new things. I am a bender of rules, a labor of love."

How so?

Well, you either gonna see me bring you a notch up, or a notch down, it can be few notches left and right for all we know. It doesn't matter actually. The key thing is, to not fall into the same category like the rest of the "rats" or "cows".

No, no, no, no... I'm not saying that I'm an elitist, not at all. I'm the most-street guy you can find every two seconds on the block, or the typical next-door guy, but I, can also be the guy you've never met in your life.

So what are you trying to say now?

I don't know. What do you want me to say?

How would I know!! This is you blog!

Exactly. Keep on reading, or get the fuck out of here. Since when I feel terrible if no one read my stupid writings?

A while ago, well not too long ago, but a while ago like few weeks, errr shit it didn't really matter, did it? Ha ha ha fuck my Adult Attention Deficiency Disorder syndrome. Anyway back to the story, there's a friend who told me that her job is giving her headaches. So one day she reads my blog. She realized that she gets this headache too when she read my blog. And soon every time she chat with me she always complain that chatting/talking to me gives her headache. So I said, "That's great! At least I know I'm as important and critical as your job!" .

Frankly, I do appreciate people who read my blog. I truly do. And the comments and critics, I do take it personally. Nahh! Kidding! I mean, those comments and critics were really thoughtful. If any of you read my blog frequently, or in any way on daily-basis, you should continue reading.

I'm tired and I feel more stupid now than ever. Oh shit I need to finish up paperworks!

Dem yuh!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Gua sahur semalam dengan tiga ekor AYAM BIRU. Free. Kenyang gila babas.

Nak tahu kat mana gua sahur? Sila klik DI SINI!

Sedikit gambar juadah bersahur gua malam tadi:

Hik hik hik.

Dem yuh!

p/s- To Ado: gua memang tengah bosan nak mampus. Itu pasal sinikal. Lu balik lah Malaysia cepat beb, banyak story nak kena catch up.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Setan kenduri makan Ayam malam ini.

Apakah makanan kegemaran Manusia?


Apakah makanan kegemaran Jin?


Apakah makanan kegemaran Setan?

Bila lu makan tak baca Bismillah.


lu rasa kalau Setan Merah lawan dengan Ayam Biru, siapa menang? Siapa yang jadi lauk?

Ulang suara,




Mesti lah Ayam Biru yang bakal kena lauk, bukan?

Kelab Bolasepak Setan Merah akan menghantar penyokong-penyokong yang sebegini:

Dan sebegini:

Manakala Kelab Bolasepak Ayam Biru akan menghantar penyokongnya yang tersendiri:

Memang kelakar.


Gua pula tak sempat beli tiket pergi London hari ni. Kalau beli sekarang pun mesti sampai Heathrow Airport dah dekat-dekat nak start game, dengan jet lag lagi, dengan sejuk lagi nak pergi singgah Hyde Park lepak-lepak usha awek lagi, nak pergi round dekat Piccadilly Circus lagi nak shopping raya lagi seminggu saja, nak buka puasa lagi dekat Malaysia Hall, memang tak sempat lah nak tengok. Jadi gua pun mungkin layan depan TV rumah gua ataupun mana-mana kedai yang sudi pasang TV tu. Kedai makan lah, bukan kedai jual barang-barang letrik.

Ye, perlawanan berat sebelah dan bakal meng'grill'kan Ayam-Ayam Biru sekalian akan disepak mula jam 12.30 tengah malam waktu Malaysia, atau bersamaan jam 5.30 petang waktu Meridian Greenwich.

Dem yuh!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Berapa banyak Malaysia kita ada? SATU.

Negara Malaysia ni dah merdeka 52 tahun. Baru tahun 2009 ke dia orang nak laung-laungkan SATU MALAYSIA ni? Apa yang SATU? Kalau lu orang nak tahu apa konsep SATU MALAYSIA, lu orang boleh tekan SINI. Tapi gua tak pernah baca pun, bagi gua ini semua doktrin-doktrin dan propaganda yang mengarut. Selagi benda isu perpaduan dan sebagainya ditunjangkan oleh ahli-ahli politik penting diri, gila kuasa, tamak haloba, fasis dan terasa diri dah macam taraf nabi, selagi itulah gua malas nak ambil port.

Kalau ada sesiapa yang nak menjerumuskan diri dalam dunia politik, silakan dengan segala hormatnya. Tak salah. In fact, mungkin satu hari nanti gua terjerumus juga, siapa tahu? Pokok pangkalnya, NIAT. Lagi satu, tolonglah baca buku, cari ilmu sebelum nak jadi ahli politik, atau nak jadi apa pun atas bumi milik Tuhan ni. Orang nak jadi ahli politik, kau pun nak jadi juga. Orang nak jadi angkasawan, kau pun nak juga. Tapi lantaklah kan, lu punya hidup. Janji lu tak kacau gua.

Masalah yang gua jadi nak memberontak sekarang ni, atau orang lain pun sama gua rasa, sebab terasa seperti 'dikacau'. Lu orang faham tak perasaan gua? Lu orang pernah kena kacau dengan hantu tak, dengan benda-benda ghaib ni? Haa, macam tu lah lebih kurang. Hantu tu antara nampak dengan tak nampak, tapi lu rasa rimas, rasa resah, nak pergi berak tengah-tengah malam pun takut sebab nanti ada benda bertenggek kat atas siling jamban tu. Jadi apa lu buat? Lu panggil orang-orang kampung buat tahlil, majlis doa selamat ke atau majlis halau hantu, tak kisah lah. Jadi beramai-ramai orang tolong support lu halau hantu yang mengacau hidup lu ni.

Jadi kalau gua nak halau 'hantu-hantu' yang menyusahkan hidup rakyat SATU MALAYSIA ni, macam mana? Kena buat majlis halau 'hantu-hantu' juga ke? Nak kurung 'hantu-hantu' ni dalam penjara? Atau kena pindah negara lain? Atau lagi best, halau saja 'hantu-hantu' ni suruh dia orang balik kampung duduk diam-diam?

Ahh gua malas nak fikir benda ni lagi sekarang. Dah ramai sangat orang dok berdebat hal SATU MALAYSIA lah parti politik lah masuk neraka lah skandal seks lah apa lagi gua pun geli nak layan. Biar orang lain cerita politik-politik sampah ni, gua nak hidup cara gua. Jangan kacau!

Anyway, you guys should watch these clips. Actually it's a series of short stories by PROTON, in conjunction with Malaysia's 52nd Year of Independence. At least there's something good to watch. Click on the link below.

I personally like the 'kuih-muih' part. Ha ha ha ROFL!

Dem yuh!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cintan Asli? Cintan Palsu?

Hati rasa tak sedap betul. Macam sesuatu... Gua terus belek jam Nixon di tangan kiri, 2.04 pagi. Masih awal lagi.

Tak senang duduk. Tak senang berdiri. Ke hulu. Ke hilir. Ruang tamu rasa macam kecil saja. Baru lapan langkah, dah sampai balkoni. Ape kejadah rumah sekarang kecil-kecil... Zaman dulu siap boleh sesat lagi nak cari bilik air. Sekarang bilik tidur gua tu lagi kecil dari jamban rumah kat kampung gua.

Rasa-rasa gua, dah lama gua tak berperasaan macam ni. Gua cuba sekat. Tak mahu terlalu bermain-main dengan perasaan. Organ-organ dalam badan semacam bergerak-gerak. Pankreas dan hati semacam sedang bertumbuk bertendang. Lu orang mesti boleh faham perasaan yang gua rasa ni kan?

Gua lihat dia terlentang depan mata gua. Masih bertutup badan. Pandangan dia sungguh mengancam, rasa macam nak robek-robek saja pakaian yang melapik badannya.


Gua cuba perlahan-lahan tolak perasaan tu. Ini mesti fling saja ni. Dah lama gua cuba tak mendorong perasaan gua ke arah itu. Puas tu memang puas, tapi selalunya memudaratkan gua. Bukan apa, gua dah bergelumang dengan benda-benda macam ni dari kecil lagi. Dah masak sungguh dengan kesan dan akibatnya. Tapi lumrah manusia, degil. Benda yang boleh menyakitkan badan lah yang dikejar-kejar.

Gua cintan ke ni? Cintan asli atau cintan palsu? Susah gua nak pastikan, dah lama gua tak rasa macam ni. Betul ke perasaan ni? Nak ikut akal atau nak ikut perasaan? Ikut perasaan memang best lah, benda lama tak dapat. Nak ikut akal pula sakit sikit lah. Orang tua-tua cakap, ikut hati mati, ikut nafsu lesu.

Gua pandang kali terakhir, cuba menjadi rasional. Akhirnya gua tak tahan dengan dugaan dan godaan hati dan nafsu. Alah, salah ke gua nak jadi normal macam orang lain, bergelumang dengan perkara-perkara macam ni? Memang lah orang kata easy come, easy go. Tapi dah lewat-lewat malam macam ni, nafsu memang mebuak-buak lah.

Gua nekad. Tak nak buang masa. gua melangkah perlahan, sedikit berat tapi masih nekad. Gua perhati saja dia yang terbaring, seakan tidak bergerak. Gua sentuh dia lembut. Sentiasa jadi manusia yang berlembut, teringat kata-kata ibu.

Jangan fikir panjang lagi, koyakkan saja pakaian itu!, getas setan dalam hati. Sial! Memang kuat godaan ni.

Ahh! Pergi mampus lah! Gua tak peduli dah. Gua koyakkan pakaian dia. Lantas gua lucutkan semua. Tiada apa lagi yang menutup. Kulit dia cantik, bersih kekuningan.

Maafkan gua. Gua pun tak tahu ini perasaan cintan asli atau cintan palsu. Yang gua pasti, gua perlu mamah dia secukupnya malam ini.

Segalanya dah terbentang depan mata, apa lagi?, setan sekali lagi berbisik. Jahanam, bulan Ramadhan pun setan dalam diri ada lagi.

Gua terlanjur juga akhirnya. Berpeluh juga. Puas? Tak pasti. Bagai tersepit di antara puas dan kesal. Gua rasa tak perlulah gua ceritakan lebih lanjut. Cukuplah lu orang boleh bayangkan apa yang berlaku.

Sebelum gua lucutkan segalanya dari badan dia yang cantik kekuningan itu.
Habis licin gua sedut segala khasiat itu

Dia telah bersedia untuk dimamah, dijamah.
Ku hirup segala kesedapan dan kenikmatanmu itu

Dem yuh!

09.09.09 (Part 1)

I should write something because it's a really good number. But not now, maybe later tonight. Right now I have to go back to my hometown, my nenek saudara passed away just now. May Allah S.W.T rest her soul peacefully.

No curse in this entry.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Battle of the Hemispheres.

Every day I see new things, I do new things, I hear new things, and I feel new things. I have so many things I want to write at the moment. I want to speak up my mind on so many things. I wanna share, discuss and change thoughts with people.

But at the same time, I have few challenges:

#1- My English is weak, is bad, and is lame.

#2- I have never been to any mental checkups but I think I'm suffering from A.D.D. So, where do I sign?

#3- I prefer physical conversations as in face-to-face with REAL PEOPLE in order to achieve my objective of sharing thoughts.

#4- I tend to stray from my objective when I write something. Refer point #2.

#5- I think I can write in Bahasa Melayu, only it’s going to be too long.
Example: Saya rasa saya boleh menulis dalam Bahasa Melayu, cuma ia akan menjadi sangat panjang. Simpler example: Saya = I. Extra three (3) letters to define the same thing. No I’m not being un-nationalist. Plus, I'm training and improving my English.

#6- I have a tendency to write poems, if I may call my ‘poems’, poems. Again, refer point #1.

So, what should I write now?

I should write about Human Brain.

Remember (or have you ever read) an entry I wrote about…… wait let me search for it. Wait… wait… Ah ha, click HERE. <- THERE, not HERE nor HERE.

Brain is a subject I believe even the best scientists throughout the whole generations cannot best explain the truth and the mysteries of human brains. There are always new ideas, new theories, new explorations, new findings and new discoveries about brain. Look at it this way; there’s always something happening around the world or around the universe every single second, constantly. So there’s no way the best scientist in Japan would know what the best scientist in Germany is doing. I just named two countries.

By the way, do you know how many countries are there in this world? Exactly. No one can be too sure. As of now, there are around 195 countries in the world. The number might increase the number might decrease, no one can be too sure about it.

Okay, let’s cut the crap, again.

Brain. Brain. Brain.

What’s so interesting about human brain?

Every animal you can think of -- mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, amphibians -- has a brain. But the human brain is unique. It gives us the power to think, plan, speak, imagine... It is truly an amazing organ.

The brain performs an incredible number of tasks:

#1- It controls body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate and breathing.

#2- It accepts a flood of information about the world around you from your various senses (seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching, etc).

#3- It handles physical motion when walking, talking, standing or sitting.

#4- It lets you think, dream, reason and experience emotions.

I don’t wanna go in too technical, I wanna talk about what most people have read or heard of: Left Brain vs. Right Brain.

Battle of the Hemispheres.


But before that, Let me ask you one fun trivia question: Why polar bears don’t eat penguins?

The reason they don't is because polar bears and penguins live a long distance apart. Polar bears live in Arctic regions of North America, Europe and Asia a.k.a northern hemisphere whereas penguins live in the Antarctica a.k.a southern hemisphere. If polar bears had the opportunity to eat penguins, I'm quite sure they would, don’t you think so?

See, one good Battle of the Hemispheres.

Alright, let’s start with Right Brain. Langkah kanan orang-orang utan..., ehhh salah, orang tua- tua cakap.

The right side of the brain is often thought of as the dreamers, the artists, and the musicians of the world. I’ll list down some things associated with Right Brain:

- Prefer rock music
- Right brain controls left side of body
- Prefer visual instructions with examples
- Good at sports
- Good at art
- Follow Eastern Thought*
- Cat lovers
- Enjoy clowning around
- Can be hypnotized
- Like to read fantasy and mystery stories
- Can listen to music or TV while studying
- Like to write fiction
- Prefer group
- Fun to dream about things that will probably never happen
- Enjoy making up own drawings and images
- Good at geometry
- Like organizing things to show relation
- Can memorize music
- Occasionally absent-minded
- Like to act out stories
- Enjoy interacting affectionately with others
- Think better when lying down
- Become restless during long verbal explanations
- Enjoy creative storytelling
- Prefer to learn through free exploration
- Good at recalling spatial imagery
- Read for main details
- Skilled in showing relationships between ideas
- Preference for summarizing over outlining
- Solve problems intuitively
- Very spontaneous and unpredictable
- Dreamer
- Philosophical

Now, how about the Left Brain?

The left side of the brain is often thought of as the logical, thinking side. Some of the characteristics:

- Prefer Classical Music
- Your Left-Brain controls the right side of your body
- Prefer things like instructions to be done verbally
- Good at math
- Like to read
- Follow Western Thought*
- Very Logical
- Dog lovers
- Don't enjoy clowning around
- Can't be hypnotized
- Usually remember things only specifically studied
- Need total quiet to read or study
- Like to read realistic stories
- Like to write non-fiction
- Prefer individual counseling
- Enjoy copying or tracing pictures and filling in details
- Also like to read action stories
- Usually rational
- Usually do things in a planned orderly way
- If you have to answer someone's question, you won't let your personal feelings get in the way
- Good at algebra
- Can remember verbal material
- Almost never absent minded
- Like to tell stories but not act them out
- Can think better sitting down
- Like to be a music critic
- Attentive during long verbal explanations
- Prefer well structured assignments over open ended ones
- Read for specific details and facts
- Skilled at sequencing ideas
- Likes to be organized

*Eastern and Western thought: A doctor in an a country like China would first ask a person how they are doing and what else is going on in their life before they give them medicine. A doctor in North America would just ask them what their symptoms were and then give them medicine.


Click to enlarge if you are too dumb

Wow, quite a list wasn't it?

I have to say, I do see my DOMINANT side in one of the categories. Pretty fascinating to know though. How about you?

Finally we come to the last question: Who wins the battle?

Answer: There’s no winner.

Please keep this in your brain:

Just because you THINK you are a Left-Brainer or a Right-Brainer or even a No-Brainer, it doesn’t mean one is “smarter” or “dumber” than the other. They just have their strength in different areas.

I would be dumber to tell you the same thing twice

Another example:
There is a known correlation between brain size and intellectual ability. Homo Erectus, our distant ancestor, had a brain size of about 1200 cc. Modern Homo Sapiens have an average brain of about 1400 cc. Oddly, the Neanderthal people who failed to evolve into humans already had a brain size of 1500 cc -- larger than modern man. Obviously then, it’s not only how big the brain is as much as how it is configured. This is further evidenced by the fact that we have known genius brains measuring as small as 1000 cc and as large as 2000 cc.

Let’s stop with this boring thing already. Now, how about we do some tests to our beloved and amazing so-called BRAIN?


Test serial number #101010101010:

“The great pleasure and feeling in my right brain is more than my left brain can find the words to tell you.”
Roger W. Sperry, Noble Prize Winner

Test serial number #110011001100:

Look at the facial expressions depicted below.

Write the corresponding letter that represents your interpretation of
each of the following emotions:


When you've made your list, check here for most popular interpretations.

Test serial number #010101010101:

Look at the moving object of a dancer below.

Do you see the dancer turning clockwise or anti-clockwise?

If clockwise, then you use more of the right side of the brain and vice versa.

Most of us would see the dancer turning anti-clockwise though you can try to focus and change the direction; see if you can do it.


Phewww... That was rather long. Enjoy reading and playing with your own brain.

Dem yuh!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Love without talking.

I don't know if this is the way to start a Monday. But it's so moving, and I'm so moved now. I like it move it move it, she like it move it move it, I like them move it move it, we like it MOVE IT!

Cut the crap!

Opss sorry. You must watch this video. It comes in Part One and Part Two. Watch Part Two first. Nahh! I'm just kidding. This is not the Star Wars sequels.

Part One

Part Two

This short film is titled SIGNS, directed by Patrick Hughes, an Australian director.

I like what Rashdan Harith mentioned on his Facebook status, and I quote,
I wish I met someone I could exchange signs with... :)

More than words, as told by Gary Cherone and Nuno Bettencourt.

So much for a simple yet meaningful love.

Dem yuh!

The most desirable asset...

Aristotle (384 BC – 322 BC):

"All men naturally desire knowledge."

Plato (428/427 BC - 348/347 BC):

"I agree, and I would add that genuine knowledge is a central component of the good life, and is achievable. But first we have to penetrate the clouds of appearance, which often distort our reasoning."

Socrates (469 BC–399 BC):

"But I believe that we more often than not overestimate our capacity for knowledge and that ignorance is a lot more prevalent than we suppose. I advise caution and the suspension of belief."

Sextus Empiricus (160-210 AD):

"I conclude by saying that knowledge, however desirable, is simply not within our grasp. Ironically."

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Saturday, September 5, 2009


...I wish to sail into your port.

My new lullaby song.

I'll review about the band (the album, I mean) soon. Let me finish listening to the whole album, at least 20 rounds. Yes, at least 20 rounds. It's like the number round of sex you need to have with one particular person until you can decide whether you want to stay with him/her or not. True or false?

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Friday, September 4, 2009

Merdeka Foam Party

Shit = tahi.

The title of the entry is self-explanatory. But I'm still going to write a little bit.

Went out on Merdeka Eve. Streets were surprisingly (or not) un-jammed (is it right to use it?). Maybe because everyone is too tired during this Ramadhan. Ha ha ha. Funny how people always make it a big fuss when they have to fast for one month. "Bestnye kalau dapat makan binatang tu, nasib baik puasa hari ni..." , "Gua tak larat nak keluar la hari ni, puasa..." , "Wei, lu puasa ke tak tahun ni?". As if fasting is such a hard thing to do.

Cut the story short.

I went to this one secret place for I heard there's a private party going on. *I will not mention the name of the place on my blog unless you ask me nicely *grin*

Reached there 9-ish, almost 10. Enjoy the rest of this entry.

These pictures were not super-imposed whatsoever.

Gua tak larat nak tulis panjang-panjang lah... Gua kan puasa. Nanti kurang pahala puasa. Nak kena save tenaga sikit, karang nak pergi Pasar Ramadhan nak beli ayam percik, roti John, popiah basah, bubur lambok, air sirap, apa lagi yee........

Happy Merdeka wahai negara yang tak pernah merdeka.

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Jennifer's freaking awesome Body

Megan Fox. Megan Fox. Megan Fox. Currently the ___(fill in the blank)___ girl in my mind.

One fine librarian

I'm a Crue too!

A while ago, I found out these pictures and I was like, "What???!!!" That's the closest to be getting her naked.

Puasa wei puasa!

Ha ha ha sorry guys. Time-time macam ni lah banyak sungguh dugaannya...

Anyways, it's her new film. It's called Jennifer's Body.

She's coming to all of us, September 18, 2009

Watch the official trailer:

Well in this case, I don't mind being bit by The Fox.

Dem yuh!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

R.I.P: Adam Goldstein

I know this news might be a little bit late, but I will post it nevertheless.

Adam Goldstein, 36, or as known as DJ AM to the music industry, found dead in an apartment in New York City on August 28th, 2009.

Undefeated AM

Spinning for some bastards

DJ AM, as maybe some of you might know, was dating (or engaged, I'm not sure) The daughter of Lionel Ritchie, Nicole.

Yeah, the engagement ceremony


Why does this ceased-to-live guy deserve a mention in my blog?

For those who don't know, DJ AM has been one of the most prolific sneaker collectors in the sneaker collections scene. I think he has a collection of few thousand pairs of sneakers.

Air Jordan 1 at a red carpet

Air Jordan 4 "Lightning" during NBA Playoff Finals between L.A. Lakers and Orlando Magics

Spotted the Dunk Hi "Deftones"

Part of his collections

Another part

Dem yuh!

Watch the video.

Cause of death? Overdose?

Anyway, a little bit of his background:

Adam Michael Goldstein (March 30, 1973 – August 28, 2009) was an American club disc jockey better known as DJ AM. Goldstein was a former member of the rock band Crazy Town, and scratched on albums for Papa Roach, Madonna, and Will Smith, among others. He collaborated with Travis Barker of Blink-182 at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards, and appeared in several television series.

With Travis Barker of Blink 182

On September 19, 2008, Goldstein was seriously injured when a Learjet he was traveling in crashed on takeoff.

Picture of the crashed airplane

Singer Mandy Moore, with whom he was close, flew to be by his side at the Georgia hospital where he was staying. He had been battling post-traumatic stress after the crash, and suffering from 'survivor guilt'.

In Memory:

The music scene, sneakers scene and the gossip scene lost another cool dude.

You guys can check his official website to send condolences or anything at

Dem yuh!
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