Sunday, January 16, 2011


Music is like how a feeling would sound. You feel it, in a way only you can describe it in your own mind, but not with words. There are so many feelings inside a human's mind, same goes to music; some feelings are simple, some are deep and complicated. Yuna is simple, Seven Collar T-Shirt is deep, both are good nonetheless.

If music need lyrics, where do all the classical music fall into? FAKE?

If you listen to a song sang in a different language and you don't understand a single goddamn word (take Japanese or Romanian for example), would you not call it a REAL music?

If you listen to electronic music, trance for instance, there's no lyrics, or minimal, repetitive lyrics, would you not call it REAL music? Take Daft Punk's "Around The World". It doesn't really make sense but the song nailed it, worldwide.

Björk talk crazy stuff in her lyrics, not to mention the music are disturbing most of the times, yet she has won multiple awards and concert tickets are usually sold out.

Music, or art, or even civilization, is a progress. It's a process of redefining the previous works.

REAL music has no boundaries.


Music has no boundaries. REAL music are often off-boundaries.

Dem yuh!

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