Friday, November 28, 2008

Sale! Sale! Sale!

I know most of you kind readers know what Boxing Day is. But to those who don't, I'm gonna tell you with a short brief about Boxing Day:

Boxing Day is a day after Christmas Day, which is on the 26th December every year. It's a public holiday to countries like United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa as well as many other Commonwealth Nations. It is based on the tradition of giving gifts to the less fortunate members of society."

But what the heck I'm not celebrating Christmas, so I will twist this Boxing Day to my own personal pleasure.

Piccadilly Circus - One of the many places in London to go during the Boxing Day Sale.

Panoramic view of Piccadilly Circus

Usually Boxing Day is associated with a BIG MEGA SALES in the United Kingdom and other countries celebrating it (because most of the stuff I like is from UK so I will only mention UK as my reference). It's when you get to shop branded designer brands for a hefty discounts (the likes of Paul Smith, Alexander McQueen, Ted Baker, Vivienne Westwood and so many more).

Sale! Sale! Sale!

Now it's almost end of the year and Malaysia too (yes I'm proud to be a Malaysian) is having it's very own Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival. This year the Mega Sale will start on the 29 November 2008 - 4 January 2009 (it's tomorrow you buggers!!). Marked it's ninth year, it started back in year 2000 with the objectives to:

- Make shopping an important tourism product
- Increase foreign exchange earnings
- Create Malaysia's own shopping seasons
- Make Malaysia Asia's No. 1 shopping destination
- Be one of the leading international shopping destination

There's always MasterCard, eh?

This nationwide sale was launched due to the economic slow down so the Government decided to give emphasis to tourism industry to help improve the economy. And moreover shopping was identified as one of the products to help boost the nation's economy.
To boost the nation's economy OR to burst our wallet? *grin*

Well whatever I'm so out of my path now. What I really want to say is that it's been almost a year I worked with my company now. And I heard there will be some bonuses (apart from fully-sponsored-year-end holiday to Langkawi *yayy*) for us for the blood-sweating hard works throughout this year.

I should start listing things-to-buy soon!

p/s- To Fazzy, don't forget my Paul Smith scarf and everything else. *yawn*

Dem yuh!

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