Saturday, September 25, 2010


I haven't been writing for quite some time. Don't know why, neither what has been running through my mind lately, nor why nothing has been running through my mind. Don't really care either.

I've been talking to many people about many things, sharing equal amount of agreements as well as arguments.

So far, none is interesting enough for me to write back, or worth commenting here, not that they were boring, most of the conversations were interesting but rather unmoving. It left no impact to what I'm going through now, my real situation. To me, it's like looking at a big, beautiful house. You can imagine how wonderful it would be if you actually own that house (in present dream or future) with so many things you can do or fill it up with, but you know you don't want to live there, you can't imagine yourself living there, because it's not you, it's not who you really are, it's not what you want to be.

Maybe because works have taken so much energy from me that every time before I fall to sleep, I keep thinking about the next day. I'm not complaining about it, frankly, it's what we should be doing. Really. Otherwise, what are we going to do everyday? Daydream? Work smart, not work hard? I don't believe that. Do what you are passionate about? I think 90% of people who I had conversation with, always telling me about their passion about certain things (please exclude 'sex' as one of the points in this conversation) but are doing something on the contrary.

Why is that?

Speaking of daydream, Shaq and I had our routine chit-chat at home this one night, and it was Merdeka Eve. So I told him to write something from the word "M E R D E K A", and so did I. After a few minutes, he said:

Most Extraordinary Ridiculous Daydream Ever Kills Action.


Everybody daydream. But can I daydream all the time? Will anything change if I daydream all the time? Will I get rich? Can a tall building possibly appear all of the sudden, if ten thousand people daydream about building the tall building, all at the same time? But if these ten thousands each help place one brick a day according to the construction plan, imagine what will happen in one year. Now that's action.


Everybody says change is so great, but what so great about change?

Here's my piece of mind:

Survival of the fittest is not about being fit; It is about being adaptable to CHANGE.

If President Barack Obama earned his presidency seat from his campaign "HOPE", I will earn mine with "CHANGE".

Well, unless if he steals mine after reading my blog.

Dem yuh!

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