Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Moving out, moving on.

In life, we often move from one place to another; to a new house, a new career, a new relationship, and so on. Most of the times there's nothing wrong with it. When it is time to move out, it's time to move on.

I started this Dem Yuh blog, wait.... on November 26, 2008, over three years ago, without any plans, I just did. I was looking for something to do, something to fulfill the need to try out something new. It was like standing at the edge of a cliff, waiting to be pushed, but instead I just jump.

And there you go: my first blog post. (HERE). Silly, but good start.

Anyway, long story short. Until before this post, I have written (or copied, or plagiarised) over 400 entries, on which most of them were 94% bullcraps (that, I guarantee you). In fact, this post is almost surely part of my bullcrap too.

Not just that, I thought I could write something else, and I came up with, not just one, but TWO more blogs (speaking of obsession); one about FASHION, and another one, well,, right... See what I mean?

It has been few years, and time has passed, very fast, and like any other human, you venture into new things, more commitments, new interest, blah blah blah. And my passion for writing has slowly taking its toll. At one point, I didn't know what to write anymore, I got rusty.

So, after much deliberation, I made my decision to move out, and move on.

I will no longer use this blog to speak my mind. I don't know. I need a new place. And all the furniture in this house will be left here and waiting for it to rot and be part of my memories. It is such a joy, to be able to say things that, never in my life, have I done something like this and I'm glad I did it.

I want to start a new chapter. The same me, but new house, new environment.

If there's any of you who still want to check out what I think about stuff, you can go to my new home:


To all my subjects, my inspirations, my angers, my point-of-views, I thank all of you for being part of my life.



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