Sunday, November 6, 2011

Make more Promises.

One of the biggest tracks this summer was "Promises", from the ever-bliss female vocalist, Andain (Wikipedia HERE). If you're trying to remember who she is, she was the voice in Tiesto's Beautiful Things.

There were about 13 remixes (official) for this huge track, but I have narrowed it down to my top three. It's difficult to put it in particular order, but what I may be able to share with you is the mood that comes with the respective remixes.

1. Marco V Remix

First up, is the remix by my favourite tech-trance producer, Marco V (official website HERE).

When I first heard this remix, I was amazed by Marco's fine touch. I have to say, Marco V is probably the reason I started to listen to techno. I love it as it has a dark, edgy and melodic elements.

I've actually played this track in my Sinful Soul Mix Vol. 1, if I'm not mistaken in track number 5. You'll see at least four tracks are made/remixed by Marco, and in fact, this is my first ever Mixset and it's generally a tech-trance mixset. You can always have a listen to my Sinful Soul Mix Vol. 1 down here:

2. Myon & Shane 54 Summer of Love Mix

Myon & Shane 54 (official website HERE) are very famous with their "Summer of Love Mix" which is as you know, lovely and their "Triplet Monster Mix" which is as you know, monstrous.

This remix feels like summer full of love. I can imagine this track being played during an uplifting sets, it is really soothing and I can definitely imagine girls dancing sexily while singing along to it.

3. Gabriel & Dresden Remix

This duo (Wikipedia HERE) has been around since a decade ago, and after resting for few years, they decided to rock the dance world again.

Their remix of this track is tight with a darker feel, something I'd definitely play at 4 AM, you know, when you are ready to get dirty.

Other notable mentions are the ones from Nitrous Oxide, Soundprank and David Call.

Summer has ended, but not the smell and the sound of it. I am also blessed to live in a tropical, all-year-long summer and rain home.

What's your take?

Dem yuh!

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