Friday, March 12, 2010

The HEART Truth.

I am using a tablet notebook PC (HP TouchSmart tx2) but funny thing is I hardly 'touch' the screen. Not really used to it, as I thought it'd be cool just to have it back then. Served my ego.

Actually I did some 'handwriting' with my touch screen before this, more like a test-run on my notebook. Awfully handsome handwriting I have, you know. Check it out

Anyways yesterday I made some artworks. Been trying to sharpen up my drawing and painting skills you know. Not sure if it's working out right for me but I'm pretty sure I'll still be having plenty of time playing around with it.

Here you go.

To be honest, I took this idea from HERE. You see I have a weak sense of drawing/painting, therefore I needed some "inspiration" to do something. But hey, at least I drew/painted them myself okay? And I did some improvisations as well. Not too bad, I think.

Now I can hear my notebook whispering to my ears (and I can't get over it) asking me to keep on touching its body, "touch my body... touch my body..." just like this guy/girl:

Dem yuh!

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