Monday, May 10, 2010

I was in the House.

This surely come a little bit late. It doesn't really matter.

I won a pair of exclusive passes to Kid Millionaire gig, so happened that my birthday was just around that corner.

I was informed to collect the passes before midnight, and as a good Malaysian that I am, I arrived at Euphoria around 11-ish.

Crowd was still thin, but just nice. Hung outside for a while, to smoke (Euphoria has a no-smoking policy in their club, except for some designated areas). Then the boys and I settled down at the VIP section, because downstairs was heating up.

The heating crowd

The deck

Another thing is that upstairs is less noisy, well at least I can have a decent conversation without shouting and doing some stupid body signs.

We waited for Steve Aoki for at least one hour, it was until almost 1.30am, he walked behind our table, escorted by a bunch of security personnel, a groupie and some weird people.

Crowds were shouting like crazy, and he didn't wait long considering he was fucking late already. I heard he was so busy signing on the tees and merchandises.

I came down and made my way closer to the front deck.

And that was just as far as I went to. I'm a boring person, I know.

Nevertheless, some of the weird shits he did:

Yes, stuck some toys up his ass

Piss the crowd all over with champagne (four bottles)

This I don't have to explain:
And some fancy QuadCamera shots from my iPhone. This app is swell!

Come on, you really think that was just it?

I am hardcore, I am BudakNakal.

And where was I?

Thanks to Euphoria for the passes, and most importantly thanks to the lovely people that came to celebrate it with me. We fucking nuked the House.

Dem yuh!

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