Friday, April 16, 2010

Euphoria, M.O.S presents Steve "Kid Millionaire" Aoki

Honestly speaking, the only good thing about Aoki family is Devon. Come on, how do you compare Devon with Steve?

The lefty won by miles

Steve, with his weird shit:

Wrong version of Avatar

Guess he's turned on by the yellow-strapped guy

Devon (baby oh baby), on the other hand:

Even if this is not enough, look at this:


But I'm not looking for a date, so that's not the point.

The point is, I wanna go LOCO on the Labour Day. I've been working my ass off throughout the year, and since my birthday is on the May 3rd, which falls on Monday, and everybody knows Monday is the suckest day of the week so it's gonna be the suckest birthday ever. So I've decided to 'fix' my birthday in advance that is on the May 1st, and hopefully, just hopefully, it'll be the best birthday ever.

Maybe some of you don't really listen to electro/clash, indie/clash, everything/clash. Now you should. Why? Watch this:

And I'm not the one that writes about the 'hype' of the town, as you can see me for the past years, doing these kind of things, and I shit you not:

See the backdrop? It's Tiesto in da house.


You cannot catch me!

Somebody even jerked off!

I even witnessed some scary shits

Sometimes, I even had to peek

Trying to catch a breath

DJ Bunga (Twilight ActionGirl) represent!

Most of the times, I came home safely but,


And the rest of the time,

Even these people were infected whenever I'm around:

Jeremy (Prana) was just as crazy as I was!

Thaitanium all day every day!

Even Rudy ( was infected by me!

Mooky (One Buck Short) went nuts too!

Rahul (One Buck Short) and Moots (Pop Shuvit) were more insane!

Bondi Goodboy (Goodnight Electric) also couldn't resist me!

Even, and even when it's utterly impossible:

I will make it possible

And now you're telling me the Kid Millionaire party is gonna be crazy WITHOUT ME?

It will only get crazy when I'M IN THE HOUSE!!!

For more info you can go to their Facebook page. Click the 'Facebook page'.

Dem yuh!

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