Sunday, February 6, 2011

The truth about hobbies

Let's talk about hobby-slash-potential-future-career. More like a reality check. Or a solid knock on your head about what you love to do in life that means so much to you and to the world, but in the end it's just something you love to do, nothing more than that.

One example, and the most misconception/mislabelling a.k.a poyo tak bertempat: PHOTOGRAPHER.

1. If you own a DSLR it doesn't make you a photographer. At most, it shows that you are either:
a. A kid from a well-off family and caught up in the 'green grass' syndrome
b. A kid who knows how to manipulate their not-so-rich parents
c. A person who has deep interest/curiosity in photography (with very little knowledge)

2. Don't worry, most people do get into something under false assumptions. Something like, "I love to capture moments." or, "I'll get invited to cool events/parties and meet pretty people." What does that mean, really? That you can be a stalker, or peeping tom? A pervert?

3. Many so-called photographers take wedding pictures. Is it really that interesting, the wedding jobs, or is it because you get to finally charge some couples your 'ACTUAL PROFESSIONAL RATE' at least once in their lifetime?

4. Those who are professional photographers, get invited to events and take pictures of pretty faces, beautiful things, amazing places and so on. Great. But remember, it's your job. Nothing to be extra proud of. Really.

5. A photographer gets to take pictures because that's their job. Sometimes something special, but that's about it.

6. The reasons why some things (ie., photography) suddenly became an popular hobby are:
a. The tools became cheaper and cheaper
b. Easier to get/purchase
c. Many people are doing it, therefore it becomes less awkward (ie., Rempit)

7. If you really want to be a photographer (or anything for that matter) you need more than just, "I love to capture moments." Or if it really is, stop self-labled yourself as a "photographer".

8. Having the backstage passes to snap pictures of artists who naturally crave their pictures taken but don't really care who takes it as long as they get their powdered faces on the magazines don't make you a cool photographer.

9. The price of your camera isn't an indicator of your skills.

10. Shut up and just do your job.

11. This also goes to those who think they are a DJ, model, skater, cook, fashionista, or many other fad hobbies.

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I Love Ski Jumping said...

Sangat blog cute. Aku ramah menyapa Poland! Saya berharap anda melawat saya. ;))

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