Monday, February 21, 2011

Twit my bird

I have a blog. No, in fact, I have three blogs, and a Facebook account.

However, sometime last year I was forcely introduced to Twitter by my cousin. Even though I am relatively new to it, it has become something that I really enjoy having around, and it is a good avenue for me to express my sarcasm, profanity and smartass remarks, also at the same time I'm able to share those thoughts to others.

I've followed many, and certainly un-followed a plenty, mainly because over time, their tweets became less and less interesting with a lot of anger. Vulgar words are fine with me, but this is different, if you know what I mean.

Apart from friends in which I normally enjoy their dull tweets, I try to be selective whenever I follow someone else. I guess I want just enough amount of decent tweets. The rest I hope the retweet (RT) reaches me.

I also tend to follow fictional characters, and since a Twitter account does not require you to be a 'real' person, I am free to be creative with my choices.

Eventually, I suppose I need to also be selective and carefully choose what I want to write and how I write it. Grammar and spelling needs to be in check, although not necessarily have to be perfect, as long as I know I'm doing it on purpose.

Please do not encourage yourself to write in short forms unless you talk privately with your girlfriend. I know it is a 140-character thing, but instead of writing short forms, try to be more serious about choosing better words. Example: down to earth (3 words) vs. humble (1 word). See what I mean? This will train you to come up with something concise and sharp, otherwise known as witty.

I will not RT unless I know that person, and only if it matters to me, even in a small way especially when we are living in the age where there are too many false information and cheap gimmicks.

Why do I need to be cautious when I write something in my own space? Your account is some kind of an identity, your identity. People do not know you and the do not need to know you personally in order to follow your tweet. So whatever you write something, others can project an image of your character or imagine you based on your tweets. Some people might find you amusing, funny, smart, sexy, angry, shallow or just plain dumb. Of course, it's your choice.

Why am I saying this? Try read back each of your own post and then ask yourself, "Would I follow myself, if I was another person?" If your answer is "Yes, I would," then I suggest you read again.

Twitter is a powerful platform, and the speed of information being traveled in it is extremely fast. You can get your words out to the world within seconds.

So many people can write, but can they write in just 140 characters?

One of the fun parts is when you jump from one account to another and read their tweets randomly along the way, and you find someone/something that interests you. It's like digging for mine, you might find many things, and eventually some rare gems.

You may find everything from old friend, random person, group, wisdom, shop, celebrity, super villain, even death.

Oh, in case you want to follow me (cheap marketing), please find me


Someone has taken my nick though. I hope he really IS a BudakNakal.

Like, watdefakk la kan?

Dem yuh!

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