Saturday, June 5, 2010

Beryl's & The Chocolate Factory

This story is one week old.

Woke up Saturday morning and already being harassed by Shaq.

"Cuz, let's go eat free chocolate buffet!"

"What?? Chocolate buffet??"

"You got the wrong keyword cuz. The keyword: FREE."

"Oh, what's the deal yo?"

Shaq handed a paper.

Cousin ain't lying

"Damn cuz, really? Let's go."

"Remember the keyword?"

"(Together) FREE."


Reached there around 12 noon. It was really hot. Like real hot. Tapi free punya pasal...

And I say "Please take as many as you wish" Thank you.

And so we were told

The mineral water looks very interesting

See these ice-creams?

Let the free show begins!

1Malaysia, 1Chocolate!

The other fellow hungry zombies

~Doesn't matter if you're black or white...~

They're into cross-breeding too!

Not only they served free chocolate buffet, they have a store selling their products too. Pancing kuat...

Still hungry

Like I always say, "Smile is the second best thing you can do with your lips."


Nyum nyum...

Nyum nyum nyum...

Nyum nyum nyum nyum...

Nyum nyum nyum nyum nyum...

Nyum nyum nyum nyum nyum nyum.................

Too bad this was not for sale

And too bad I didn't buy anything. It was a free chocolate buffet, so why would I bring any money, right? But I definitely brought this feeling home:

Dem yuh!

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