Friday, June 18, 2010

Tiger Show

Literally, not erotically.

Last week I was invited to come for the announcement of the Ambassador for TX2, which stands for "Double The Number of Tigers". This is a campaign by WWF-Malaysia to help raise awareness to the public and to conserve the tigers from extinction.

The finalists for ambassador were Jeremy Teo, Rina Omar, Sazzy Falak, Mooky and Aishah Sinclair. Guess who was crowned?

I don't care if she's married, she's HOT HOT HOT!

Mooky was trying his luck by doing some jokes

But I cut his attempt and I whispered, "Sazzyyyyyyyyyyyy............."

And she was stunned by my uber-sexy, tigery voice

The newly-crowned Tiger Ambassador for WWF-Malaysia, Sazzy Falak will be "berdiri sama tinggi, duduk sama rendah" with the Tiger Ambassadors from WWF-US, Leonardo DiCaprio, and from WWF-India, Abhishek Bachan. Not a bad deal.

And there was this very nice poster to commemorate this campaign:

I know this is just a normal poster where you can do it at certain photo shops, but the fact that each small photo was an individual person, uniquely painted with tiger face to support this campaign.

To join this campaign, to support, to donate, or to learn more about this marvelous creature, please go to

500 tigers left. 1,000 faces. Let's double the number of tigers by the next Year of the Tiger.

Dem yuh!

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UAU! i love tigers =)

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