Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Asam Pedas Bangi

Just after we done with the FREE CHOCOLATE BUFFET slightly after 2.00pm, we were soo hungry and couldn't afford to go back to Damansara or KL to look for good lunch. But since Bangi is my hometown, and I pretended that I know all the hotspots in Bangi. Heh!

So Shaq drove his car to the left and to the right and here and there. And we saw:

"This is a nice restaurant. Let's go." I said. The rest followed. See, I told you. *grin*

Shaq parked the car, we walked in.

Saw the menu board.


Since it was already past lunch hour (even though it was Saturday, I reckoned many families still go for outside lunch) the food was halfway finished, but still plenty to choose from.

So all of us chose Asam Pedas, obviously, only all went for different base.

Ikan tenggiri, ikan pari
Ikan kembung, ikan terubuk

My extra 'ikan'

Feasting starts now!
The result?

Nah ambik kau perut dah macam jin...

It was a timely lunch. Although we had chocolate buffet, all of us were really hungry. And Asam Pedas's spicy and sour-y taste was just the right dish to have after eating too many chocolates.

Lastly, what was I wearing?

Hot & spicy Dunk SB Hi "Mafia"

Dem yuh!

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