Friday, May 22, 2009

Listen to: Stonebay - Si Murai Penipu (Latest Single)

Last night, may cousin Shaq (KNUKE Chairman) and I went to Laundry Bar to watch some local bands performing. We were later joined by Iedil (hey Iedil kongsi-kongsi lah sikit wang kemenangan Pop Kuiz itu!), Rashdan, Rendra and few other close friends. It was pretty good night with four band performing if I'm not mistaken; John's Mistress, Car Crash Hearts, Prema Yin and Nitrus. Again, I forgot to bring my camera. Fuck.

Anyways, I bumped into Senthil Raja @ Sen, One Buck Short's manager which happened to be the booking agent for quite a number of bands apart from OBS including Bittersweet, Bunkface, Love Me Butch, They Will Kill Us All and Deja Voodoo Spells. If you guys ever want to get these bands to perform for your show/gig/party, email Sen at *promo promo Sen you better give me some commision!*

Story goes...

While I was chilling with Shaq and my long-lost-but-same-age nephew Marwan (damn I missed you big boy! - Marwan is my eldest late-uncle's first grandson. Go figure), I saw few familiar faces, couple of tables across. Ahh! It was Ojie, Ashroff and Afiq from the ever-cool band Stonebay. Went to their table, shook hands and chatted for a while. It happened that they just came back from an interview with XFreshFM (Seriously I don't know what's the deal, some says XFM, some says XFreshFM but yeah whatever). Cool band with definitely cooler guys on the plane. And what makes it cooler than cool, they just launch their latest single exclusively at XFresh last night as well, Si Murai Penipu (hence, the title of my entry). And much to my surprise, they were really generous to have given me a copy of the single. Thank you guys.

Stonebay from left: Afiq, Ojie, Roni, Ashroff

Okay, so today I had to listen to the single and let you guys know what I think about it. Before that, let me tell you guys something about Stonebay. I met these cool dudes (Ojie, Ashroff, Afiq and Roni) when they agreed to perform for Eco Film Fest 2008 at ASWARA last October. Salute!

Stonebay at Eco Film Fest 2008

Their music is something different, something fresh I can say. Yes, I am not being biased just because they are my friends, but seriously they don't really follow the "rules" and just go with their own definition of MUSIC. That's exactly what we need now. This is what we call INDEPENDENT MUSIC. And yes, they actually play rock/alternative but they remind me of my all-time favourite band, Butterfingers.

Si Murai Penipu!

So what about this new single?

Catchy title. Seriously it's a good song. Well composed. It's a rock&roll-ish song to my ears. Every band members did their job; the solo, the bass lines, the drum strokes and to the whole arrangement of this song. Well produced. I always have respect for bands that put 100% effort by each members. Whenever I listen to their song, I know it's Stonebay sound. Maybe this is a response to Merpati Sejoli by Butterfingers? I can only say so much but guys I seriously recommend you all to listen to Stonebay.

Check out their official blog at

And don't forget to check out their latest single at

Rock you don't stop!

Dem yuh!

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