Friday, May 8, 2009

Pick-up: April's FULL!

"Pick-up" is not about picking up girls, it's so lame. Seriously to all the guys out there, get a life.

My definition of "Pick-up" is basically buying something, same as shopping but more significant to my passion. As for me, it's always sneakers and anything related to fashion. I don't post my pick-up of groceries because it does not make any sense to my passion.

I have not updated anything about my pick-ups. In fact, I think I've never had this kind of entry yet. Well guess what, I will try and start this special "Pick-up" entry, starting this month! It's gonna be a monthly thing, where I'll be writing about stuff that I bought for the month.

Let us start now. This will be for the month of April 2009.

First up, is the
Adidas Kegler Super! It's super! And in it's original colorways! I've rocked them quite a few times already. Adidas is my new craze! You can find this sweeties at selected Adidas Originals stores around South East Asia. *ehem-ehem* KLCC *hint hint*

Hail Kegler!

Second up, is the Nike Dunk Hi Vandal Premium in black/black colorway with super-fine full nylon material. The good thing about this nylon material is that, it doesn't creased easily and yes, it looks super-shiny and super-rich too! Grab them at Sole What? now!

Darth suit.

Owh shit I forgot. It comes with a set of pink laces. PINK. And yes it looks mighty fine and cute too, believe me. Pink is not for girls anymore. Girls, just move on with it.

With a darther bow-tie...

Third pick-up of the month, is this classy yet simple Pedro leather shoes for my formal wear. This is rather unusual for the family, but hey the other shoes are professionals so they totally understand. Yes I have to wear it for my meetings or any other formal purposes, though I believe I can still wear it with shorts and polo shirt. Will try that later.

Welcome to the family pendejo..

Next, is something that I've posted before I got my hands on it. This hustler came all the way from Germany. The flight was delayed, and this hustler had some troubles with the authorities regarding the permits or visa to stay in Malaysia forever. Well he must be really excited to meet the new Master a.k.a BudakNakal.

Coming soon?????? No!!!!!!!

Finally (so sweet he brought a souvenir for me)

Yes this is a pair of Puma R698 x Solebox. I like it very much. Nice colorways, different materials used on the shoes (suade, mesh, what else) and it's only sold in Solebox. <-- Check their website! And we received a cool surprise, a light-beeping laces or whatever they call it. I'll try to lace it up later to TAG night ha ha!

Looks like a pair of handcuffs.. Me likey kinky from Germany...

Light me up bitch!

Deutschland delicacy...

Finally, the last pair. But this last pair are not sneakers. It's in a different category. It's a pair of jeans. Yes. Finally a dark black (I wonder if there's less-dark black or light black) slim-cut jeans for me (Can't wear skinny jeans coz my knots don't fit!). It's from McQ by Alexander McQueen.

Alexander McQueen is one of my favourite designer. He designs something different and in a way, his name just fits the aura. Like a rockstar, ain't it? I got these pair from M Store for Men at The Gardens, Mid Valley. Brought to you by Melium Group. Go check them out biatches!

Crime scene..

M is for...

Devil from valley of the darkness...

Micro-focus (this is solely for Joe Alif)

April's FULL!

Dem yuh!

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Afiq Hakim said...

Dayum!! I'm lovin the black on black nike dunk hi x vandal supreme!! pink laces yo!!

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