Monday, January 25, 2010

Memang dasar BUAYA!

Not me though. Them:

I like something different.

I like how simple twist creates something cynical, yet fresh.

I like these,

But to be honest, erkk, the last one is too much for my liking. In fact, it's kinda creepy, feels like you are being swamped by myriad of crocodiles. I don't think I can pull that off. Shit now I'm paranoid already!

Anyways, this special collection is a collaboration done between Lacoste and Estudio Campana, a design studio based in Sao Paulo founded by the Campana brothers, Fernando and Humberto.

I really think they did an awesome job, as far as design and creativity is concerned. Well, I know nothing about designs anyway, hence I'm the most suitable person to give critics.

Ladies, don't be sad, it comes in your fitting too. Surely not for the faint-hearted though. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Good thing is, it has a starting price tag of RM659 (for the basic - first t-shirt picture). I say it's cheap.

What?! Why?!

Well, simple math. If you buy the normal Lacoste Polo T-shirt, it cost you around what, RM299? So with this special design, you get about eight crocodiles on one t-shirt, and I'd say it's a steal!
The price is supposed to go up with more crocodiles on it (or bigger crocodile).

For more info, you can check out Lacoste x Campanas Collections HERE.

Yes, I'm so gonna buy this later.

One last thing,


Dem yuh!


s t a b i l z said...

ripoff. RM299 for a polo shirt? Beli kat Bandung F.O. baru RM30++

Ripoff.. ripoff...

Budak Nakal said...

s t a b i l z:

To start off, you should Google the meaning of "rip-off", mate.

Yes, they pay IDR15,000 for a 10-hour-a-day salary to the 12-year-old, under-age, drop-out, uneducated kids there.

Do you support this kind of child discrimination, capitalism and oppression?

Indonesia, or Bandung to be exact, is a strong supporter for Factory Outlets stores, simply because it attracts tourists to spend in their country, and they have so many factories there to ensure millions of locals have a job and gets paid.

80% of the products at their factory outlet stores are FAKE a.k.a IMITATION, not defected. FAKE/IMITATION and DEFECTED are two different things already. This is told by a lot of my local friends there, even they don't shop at F.O's.

iPhone 3Gs sells for RM2,500 a pop, and iPhoney sells for RM500. Who's ripping who?

If we look at it, might as well we shop at Danau Kota Uptown or Petaling Street (if you can take the harassment) rather than fly all the way to Bandung and help their economy rather than our own people.

I have so much more to say about your statement, but as a friend, I respect your perspective. My advice is, try to look at different angle(S). It's called 'Case Study'.

I end my comment with one last thing,


Esok basket jom! Aku dah beli kasut basket baru!

Anonymous said...

how many meals do u have to skip or substitute with cheaper stuff to buy the shirt..huhu love the first shirt!

Budak Nakal said...


I have passion in fashion, hence I'm willing to spend strategically on certain things.

Say if I wanna buy that shirt for RM700, instead of cutting down my meals or settle down for the cheaper ones, I'll find other ways to make extra money, so I can buy the shirt that I like. That's two different things.

Do not degrade/demote yourself. Work harder and be smart about it.

s t a b i l z said...

Hahahaha... Yeah, maybe you are right. Couture is NOT for everyone. Aku rasa yang buat mahal tu bukan Couture, tapi jenama tu. And of course the foreign exchange, retailers have to pay for the company brand and the list go on and on. Memang tiap2 minggu aku turun. Ko je yang takde. Cun lah ko turun, boleh aku pelajari ilmu2 sneakers dari ko. Huhuhuhuhuhuhuu...

Budak Nakal said...

s t a b i l z:

Aku tengah compile aku punya sneakers collections. Nanti aku share kat sini.

Jumpa malam kang!

s t a b i l z said...


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