Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Hi, today I have something to s_a_e with all of you.

First, I will try and to be s_a_e about this.

When I was growing up earlier, I used to s_a_e. I stopped already now but I still watch the videos and read magazines about it. It’s really fun. But I think I got involved because I had a lot of s_a_e time. Unfortunately one day I broke my wrist while I was on it. Funny thing is, I always tell this story to my kid brother to s_a_e him from getting involved, plus he’s huge no way that thing can hold him up. Other than that, I like to play cards, especially the Big Two game. You know, where the lowest card is the Three of Diamond, and the highest is the Two of S_a_e. It is a fun card game.

Speaking of career, I have grown s_a_e on my jobs and I need a long vacation. I have no time for my extracurricular activities anymore. Maybe I need some s_a_e, maybe I don’t. I don't know myself. But whatever it is I need to find a s_a_e and see how much I have gained. Damn, I need to keep myself in s_a_e again. Protein s_a_e, get ready to work!

Sometimes, I even forgot to s_a_e. Well, my face of course. The other parts only when my girlfriend feels disturbed or distracted, otherwise I just let it grow.

Honestly, I don’t think human should work so hard like a s_a_e because at the end of the day we are still fighting and trying to make ends meet. We have to liberate ourselves, and live our lives to the fullest. But I know only a very few s_a_e the same idea like me. It is okay for me, I don't blame them. Some of us just learned from the different books.

Now, I wanna tell you about something that I hate. I hate s_a_e. It freaks me out. I know this is a s_a_e thing to tell. So, do not try to be funny with me if you can’t take my bitch-slap.

Lastly, life is like a play on a big s_a_e, with actors and props and music and plots and dramas. You can either stand there alone and s_a_e at everyone without doing anything to improve yourselves, or follow the storyline that has been given to you, or, you can be different. You raise a bigger s_a_e in the play, and let others follow your storyline.

Dem yuh!

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