Thursday, January 21, 2010

Who is the real MAN?

I don't know why women really wants to be equal to men. I mean, yes I 100% agree that women should be treated and respected equally. And to have the fair amount of opportunity and chances to do what they wish to, and excel in whatever they do, and to pursue their happiness.

But, women want to be in the realm of men, yet they still act emotionally, often misjudge their conscience, and weep all the time. Well, I weep all the time too but I never want to be in the realm of women.

Please STOP hoping or expecting us to be like you; neat and tidy, organised, diet, smell good, SHAVED, sensitive, fussy and cute.

  • Just let us have our own Poker Night or Boys Night Out at least once a month.
  • Just let us mess around a little bit with the living room with snacks and drinks while watching football.
  • Just let us wear scabbed jeans with crumpy tee when we go out.
  • Just let us brag about our pastime as the football captain back in high school.
  • Just let us with our scruffiness - means we don't have to shower two times a day, or shave every week.
  • Just let us feed our sometimes undeserved ego, because we are MEN.
  • Just let us take care of you ladies, even though we look like we don't seem to care, we can't live without WOMEN. We ACCEPTED that fact LONG AGO.


I'm just sharing with those trapped in the same dilemma.

I ain't being sexist. I love women; I love my mother, my sisters, my aunties, my girlfriend. I love women in general. But ladies, please, just let your man WEAR THE PANTS.

Dem yuh!


hiddie said...


okay okay we will let you lead. but when we ask 'nak makan kat mana?' jangan jawab 'tak kisah' pleeeaasseeeee? ;)

Budak Nakal said...


You know us men, we don't mind. WE DON'T. Really.

When we decide to go for Westerns, you say, "Again?"

When we suggest Thais, you reply, "Boring."

When we bring up Indians, you stare at us, "Are you making fun of my race?"

Lastly, we say "Mackers?", and you girls are all HAPPY. "I love the Value Meal!".

We gave up giving ideas already.

Truth is, we really don't care where and what to eat.

We are so used to eat the same boring food all the time. Just like how we are so used to girls. Well, not that you all are boring.


hiddie said...

Hahaha nice comeback.

Okay okay ill admit that girls can be fickle minded and we have answers to everything and I understand its pretty annoying.
So imma be a good girl now, I'm gonna shut up :)

Nice article, btw :)

MayLin :: Melinda said...

so true....and i kept complaining my bf for not shaving even for a day, spending every evening on futsal and wearing the same jeans for 2 weeks. maybe i should start understanding him...nice one! :)

Budak Nakal said...

MayLin :: Melinda:

You are one damn lucky girl.

I shave once a week, I go out every night, and I don't wash my jeans for AT LEAST one year. I'm not gonna start with other things that MEN do, or how men act.

Just let men be men. Football is equal if not more to Gossip Girls, or Sex in the City. Or manicure & pedicure. Or saloon. And I can go on with the list.

Truth is, us MEN, we also know what you women love to do. In fact, women have more activities than men. But we live with it.

Just let us do what we want to do as MEN, because we already let you do things that you want, LONG TIME AGO.

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