Wednesday, April 29, 2009

After almost three years...

Maybe most of you did not know, that I was caught in a rather unusual car accident back in 2006, September 1st to be exact. That accident was really funny (it was not at all at that very moment though), quick (it's quicker than a quickie sex) and horrible as it may look like, or sound like. Let me story in present tense to make it more interesting, and easier for me to write without having to THINK of how to write in past tense or past continuous tense or whatever arggghhh gosh I'm so tensed!

It is almost 4 in the morning, me and my extended brother Aie Dragon went to see Brother Yut at Jalan Pinang (behind KLCC, where the old Rum Jungle used to be) to hand him his handphone that he accidentally left in my car earlier. Aie and me, along with Pejo the Hercules and Izral Kuntum has just finished work suddenly Brother Yut called and said he left his handphone in my car. He needs the phone because he is leaving for Kedah at 6.00am. So yeah we went straight away, feeling sleepy and tired.

We arrived at the corner (the T-Junction between Jalan P.Ramlee and Jalan Pinang where the old Rum Jungle is situated right at the junction) and parked the car across street. Crossed the street and Brother Yut is already there with few other familiar faces (Izan, Kocok, and the rest). Secret hand shake, borak-borak kosong, passed the handphone to him, and secret hand shake again.

"Selamat sampai ke Kedah abang", I said to him.


I turn my head to see what is that sound. It is actually a good-looking, solid dark blue BMW 318i thundering towards us. All I can say is, "Wow, Beemer....."


It's like the sound of an explosion in the sky. I can't really explain the feelings that time. It happens so fast it's almost not happening at all. All I can feel is that as if I was a great matador in a show at Colosseum with a huge raging bull charging towards me and the bull was running so fast things gone wrong as I just couldn't swift to the side from being hit by that outrageous monster. I swear to God it was so fast. The car went on the pedestrian walkway and just rammed on to whoever that was there. My eyes were force to close of looking at something that came to me in a thunder-like speed. Split second and I can feel that I was literally flying and hit some things to my horrendous landing.

I open my eyes, I am in between all these trees and broken vases. Head is spinning. My teeth feels like dropping off the gum. Blurry eyes. Back pain. Fuck fuck fuck! I can feel that my saliva is filling my mouth in a rapid flow. Ludah. Shit it is not saliva, it's blood. Mouthful of blood. Shit shit shit! Cold sweat on my face. I wipe my face with my dirty hands, and yes as I thought, it's sweat plus blood on my face. Teringat kata-kata Din Beramboi, "Biarkan peluh mengalir bersama darah." Self-explanatory. I am so hysterically pissed off with that mofucker. I'm just gonna fuck him on the street, right in front of everyone. Like, literally fuck him upside down. Just like Derek Vinyard in the American History X.

But something is wrong somewhere. I try to get up, but only my right leg is moving. The left, paralyzed, dead. What the fuck??!! Slowly I touch my left shin, and yes fuck times three it's twisted. My left shin bone (in case you want me to explain it scientifically, it's called the Tibia bone). How would I know it's broken? Because it is goddamnit!

Shit I don't wish to continue on the details, it's still irritating. Long story short, that fucker got served by the public, especially my friends. He was beaten up so good he had to admit himself in a hospital (I wished he went to General Hospital so I can kill him softly but fucker is smart too despite his retarded driving skills).

Me? I went to GH with a taxi. Ambulance was slow as a kura-kura and I rather naik my arnab taxi. The pain was unexplainable. I got warded for seven days, and yes it's not the nicest moment in my life, though I'm always blessed for the life-and-death experience. Well at least it added to my character, no? I was diagnosed with a broken left tibia, broken nasal bone, stitches on my nose and forehead, bruises, and suffered Bell's Palsy three weeks later.

I'm going to share some pictures that are still with me. I don't know if anybody else have my picture(s).

Menunggu dilanggar beramai-ramai

I see light

Opss sorry this is a different 'accident'

It's more straight now

Donny menunggu masa untuk mencabul gua

Smile, you are on the Candid Accident!

Silver Surfer coughed blood. Tuberculosis I guess...

You believe me now?

Infected by beautiful kurap for six months

So my whole point of this story is, I received a call from my case lawyer earlier today. I have to attend the hearing for the settlement at the Jalan Duta Court Complex. After almost three years.

I hope the Judge will excuse my new look

Dem yuh!

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