Saturday, September 26, 2009

To Arthur!

Yes I went to Arthur's Day concert just now, presenting multiple-award-winning foursome, Black Eyed Peas at Sunway Lagoon: Asia's Best Attraction, or so they say. In fact I just got home couple of hours ago.

It was not planned to be honest. I received a call from my boss asking me if i was doing anything tonight. I said no, I'm lazybumming at home watching The Mentalist. So he told me to get ready in 10, he's coming to pick me up to go to the concert. Why not. Plus he's bringing his 7-month pregnant wife, so an extra healthy (by healthy I mean fat) guy would help a lot to clear up the walkway and to protect her.

So yeah reached there around 9.30pm. Had to walk all the way down to the main area.

Not bad. The number of crowd came close to 15,000. I don't know, at least 12,000. Not bad.

Before the main act came to stage, the crowd were entertained (or bored) by few local and regional acts. I couldn't care less. Not that I don't support locals, maybe I was tired (lazybumming the whole day).

So they started to heat the stage around, ermm 10.45pm. Considered late, plus as we know all these concerts must stop at 12am or they will face the hungry authorities trying to fine your ass off with stupid charges. Not my cup of tea though.

Bla bla bla. Watched the performance, finished.

Overall it was an OK performance. They're good, especially, then Fergie came second, and I couldn't decide on the last two, either or Taboo. First of all I thought the sound system was off, but I realized that the four of them was not tight enough when they perform, and the backlines fucked it up too. Fuck it lah I don't wish to go into details. Tired lah siao... Call me if you wanna know.

My number? 017-jangan-gelojoh.

No picture. They're all in my boss's phone, or camera I'm not sure. Even if I do have the pictures, I'm too lazy to edit them and all the bullshits. Maybe I'll post under Random Snapshots later on. Just maybe.

Before I put down my fingers, and my brain to rest, something happened when I was at the concert. At first I wasn't 100% sure because I was walking pretty fast and at the same time keeping my eyes at my boss's pregnant wife to make sure people don't push her or anything, and they're many people (d'uhh) but then after a few seconds I realized that it was real. I saw someone. I saw her. I wanted to patah balik and say "HI" but... well there's no but. I won't give excuse, and I will post something tomorrow, to tell you how I feel.

Dem yuh!

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