Friday, September 4, 2009

Merdeka Foam Party

Shit = tahi.

The title of the entry is self-explanatory. But I'm still going to write a little bit.

Went out on Merdeka Eve. Streets were surprisingly (or not) un-jammed (is it right to use it?). Maybe because everyone is too tired during this Ramadhan. Ha ha ha. Funny how people always make it a big fuss when they have to fast for one month. "Bestnye kalau dapat makan binatang tu, nasib baik puasa hari ni..." , "Gua tak larat nak keluar la hari ni, puasa..." , "Wei, lu puasa ke tak tahun ni?". As if fasting is such a hard thing to do.

Cut the story short.

I went to this one secret place for I heard there's a private party going on. *I will not mention the name of the place on my blog unless you ask me nicely *grin*

Reached there 9-ish, almost 10. Enjoy the rest of this entry.

These pictures were not super-imposed whatsoever.

Gua tak larat nak tulis panjang-panjang lah... Gua kan puasa. Nanti kurang pahala puasa. Nak kena save tenaga sikit, karang nak pergi Pasar Ramadhan nak beli ayam percik, roti John, popiah basah, bubur lambok, air sirap, apa lagi yee........

Happy Merdeka wahai negara yang tak pernah merdeka.

Dem yuh!

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