Monday, September 14, 2009

This is how stupid I can write when I'm bored (I don't even understand what I was writing about).

When I'm lazy to write, I usually post something stupid. Not that my posts are not stupid, I mean, they're all stupid posts, no?

So back to my title, when I'm bored, and I feel stupid, I have few instant lousy options of what to post:

- Stupid pictures

- Terrible choice of music

- Lame quotes

- Pathetic videos

- Tasteless food

- Out-dated gadget(s)

Last week, I read this one quote from a long-time friend of mine, Zairus Fadzli Dzulkifli a.k.a Didi Lalok (his flickr page). and I quote,

Stand out, be bold, brave and different. That's the most special gift God gave each one of us. We're all created equal, but different. He didn't clone us all. So stand out and be who you really are.

So many people, in fact too many of them often agrees and says, "Just be who you are." or "Don't bother what other people say. It's your life." Rihanna and T.I once sang, "~So live your life, ay ay ay.~"

This blog, my personal blog, of which the name I carefully chose without thinking. Stupidity of matters.

"Demo oghe Klate ko? Oghe Klate ghoyak gitu jugok. Dem yuh!"

"Ish, bukey... Kawe oghe Kelumpo. Tapi bereh nok kecek Klate skek-skek."

"Bereh sek kito!"

Read my first ever post HERE.

Dem yuh = Damn you.

Yes, I Malayalized the phrase. Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka loves to Malayalize foreign words, don't they? There are so many Malayalized words, I don't even have to provide any example. Unless you are too lazy, too ignorant to look for yourselves, if that's the case.

On the side note, Oh my God I created a new English word = MALAYALIZE.

Malayalize = To make things the Malay way or pronounciation. Or whatever.
Somebody help me refine the definition please. I'm bored and stupid, remember?

So, why Damn You! or "Dem yuh!"?

Well, it was meant solely to invite people to see and to share things with me in different perspective. Be different. The idea is to be naughty with me. "I'm not here to judge so don't hold any grudge. I try not to be too afraid to experience new things. I am a bender of rules, a labor of love."

How so?

Well, you either gonna see me bring you a notch up, or a notch down, it can be few notches left and right for all we know. It doesn't matter actually. The key thing is, to not fall into the same category like the rest of the "rats" or "cows".

No, no, no, no... I'm not saying that I'm an elitist, not at all. I'm the most-street guy you can find every two seconds on the block, or the typical next-door guy, but I, can also be the guy you've never met in your life.

So what are you trying to say now?

I don't know. What do you want me to say?

How would I know!! This is you blog!

Exactly. Keep on reading, or get the fuck out of here. Since when I feel terrible if no one read my stupid writings?

A while ago, well not too long ago, but a while ago like few weeks, errr shit it didn't really matter, did it? Ha ha ha fuck my Adult Attention Deficiency Disorder syndrome. Anyway back to the story, there's a friend who told me that her job is giving her headaches. So one day she reads my blog. She realized that she gets this headache too when she read my blog. And soon every time she chat with me she always complain that chatting/talking to me gives her headache. So I said, "That's great! At least I know I'm as important and critical as your job!" .

Frankly, I do appreciate people who read my blog. I truly do. And the comments and critics, I do take it personally. Nahh! Kidding! I mean, those comments and critics were really thoughtful. If any of you read my blog frequently, or in any way on daily-basis, you should continue reading.

I'm tired and I feel more stupid now than ever. Oh shit I need to finish up paperworks!

Dem yuh!

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