Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Good Night with Electric.

Goodnight Electric (from left) - Oomleo, Bondi Goodboy, Henry Foundation

I'll be honest with you guys, first time I heard about Goodnight Electric (yes I'm so outdated so sue me) when I went to XLive Festival in Genting (Kota Keriangan!), back in June or July last year. It was an OK-lah event, because I personally think the organizer could've done better.

Anyway, back to my topic. (I think I'm suffering from Attention Deficiency Disorder). Yes this time around I attended Celcom XPax U.O.X gigs last Saturday, held at Zouk, KL. It's called U.O.X Play, a series of gigs held at different spots in KL with different line-ups from different genres. And last week gigs was different as well since the line-ups were more to "electric", not as in gitar karen but the electro kinda genre. The line-ups were The Otherside Orchestra (funky siot!), Komplot (one of the best rock bands now. The frontman, Zac Partician is a real rockstar attitude. You got the vibe dude!), LapSap (always my favourite), Twilight ActionGirl (my every Friday night dosage), Dipha from Agrikulture as well as Goodnight Electric and few other good DJs such as Vice Modern Disco, Ray Soo etc. So yeah it's a disco gig.

For those who don't know what Goodnight Electric is, they are one of the best bands in Asia 2008, reported by Times Magazine, click HERE! to read.

I really dig their songs. Gile high siot.. Yes, they are really good, and personally really funny and really crazy, and they naturally know how to get the crowds go all crazy.

So yeah I had a very good and wild night, and it's a pleasure to have been chilling with the GE boys, Henry Foundation, Oomleo, Bondi Goodboy, Fisma (manager) and the rest of the shenanigans.

Enjoy the pics!

Shaq was shocked by the Electric!

Praying while playing..

DJ Blink @ 5ft (LapSap) and Ly'd..

Seriously this is a major turn-off! Sapa yang amik gambar rosak ni?

With Crazy Andy and Bondi Goodboy

With Bondi Goodboy and Jazi Moc

With Henry Foundation!

*Sorry to Oomleo, Fisma and the rest since I can't find where are the rest of the pictures. I will upload once I found those pics.

Owh for more, check their cool vidoes at Goodnight Electric TV.

Till then, see you guys in Jakarta next week woot woot!!!

Dem yuh!


jazi said...

demyuh!!!tu bukan gamba rosak doh..
tu teknik baru amek gamba..
bukan senang nak amek when u r under POA (igt POA?)..hehehe

Budak Nakal said...

fakk... POA? owhh.... ahahahahaa.. (xleh sebut).

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