Wednesday, January 14, 2009

HIV test for to-be-married couple. What do you think?

Hi, I have something I would like to share with you ladies and gentleman.

This year (2009) our Government decided that HIV test for every married-to-be couples or anyone for that matter. So they will be tested and then only the couple can legally married (given that none of them is infected with HIV). Which bring few things to my concern:

1. What happened if one of them is tested positive of HIV?

The couple can't get married? So they have to split? Can they still get married and use other ways to avoid the virus to be transferred to the other partner (eg. condoms while performing sexual activities)? What if the partner without the HIV virus still want to marry the other partner WITH the virus?

2. What could possibly happen to the ones tested positive of HIV after the test?

Mereka akan menjadi sampah masyarakat? Tidak boleh berkahwin sampai bila-bila? People will have separate toilets? Separate restaurants?

3. If this thing happened, what will the positive-tested victims do?

They get frustrated because they are confused, how the hell did they get the virus? Some of them may never got into any of the causes (free sex, drugs, yada yada yada), since now anything can happen. It can be transmitted due to the misconduct in hospitals, or accident, or anything. Most of us have read emails about nails in the public telephone booths and whatnot. In the end they might revenge. They transmit the disease to other people.

4. After this, if you see someone is not yet married, then you'll assume, "he/she might have AIDS."

Haha this is funny. You see unmarried people, you'll assume he/she is positive. You know how Malaysians love to assume and gossip and badmouth others, so yeah you get the drill.

I know this HIV test for to-be-married couples are indeed good, hell I want to go test myself even though I'm no where near of getting married. But try to look it the other way round. We feel secured because we THINK we are healthy. This is the new age world, IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING.

What do you think guys? Share your thoughts here!

Dem yuh!


Adawiyah said...

This is good actually. But like you said, I hope those with HIV/AIDS will not be sidelined.

Malaysians still need to be educated that HIV/AIDS isn't transmitted by touch. But yes, it can be transmitted through body fluids.

I think those who are diagnosed with HIV/AIDS before marriage should be immediately sent for counselling and support group to help them regain their self-confidence.

Budak Nakal said...

Thanks for your thought Adawiyah. This is actually a big concern to me, since Malaysians (yes sue me) is very famous for 'take care of people's side cloth' wakakaa direct translation.

And yes it's transmitted through body fluids and even hospitals make mistakes on these issues, let alone other circumstances such as accidents, sabotage, and God-knows what else could happen.

This is just one of many problems.

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