Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Poetry: Wherever They Be

This is actually one of my writings. I wrote it back in the days (not long ago) and normally I get ideas instantly and straight away develop them into something. A poem, or a lyric, whatever you wish to call it. And somebody did read this piece and he said it's similar to Louis Armstrong's "Dream A Little Dream Of Me". Well honestly and so of an ignorant I was, I never heard that song ever in my life before. Well I guess, great minds think alike, no? *memasukkan diri di dalam bakul bukanlah perkara yang molek untuk dilakukan wahai tuan-tuan dan puan-puan*

Anyways, this is called Wherever They Be. It's about waiting for true love to come and pick me, and take me away.

Wherever They Be

Dream, dream a little dream of me

Close your eyes, let me make you see

In the dark, the stars are shining above the sea

Then you'll know, then you'll know how much I love thee

Earth beneath, and heaven above

Where art thou, where art thou Love?

I looked everywhere, wherever you may be

Still I'm all alone, darling I'm so lonely

I can't sleep so I can't dream

The only place where she can be seen

A place I can hear your lovely whisper

Don't wanna open my eyes coz you'll dissapear

I'm still here waiting for you after these years

Coz there's no more angel in this whole universe

But in your dreas, wherever they be

Please dream, dream a little dream of me.

Salmon adalah untuk dimakan, bukan ditulis di atas tangan.

Dem yuh!

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