Friday, January 23, 2009

Youth '09

This is rather late. Reason being is that all of the images I snapped using Yaya's digital camera (demm I'm still camera-less!) was with her, until today. Now I can sedut every pictures and write about the YOUTH '09. I went to the event with my colleague, Zaha (sorry mate, of all the pictures, I forgot to snap yours. Next time.)

Youth '09 is Malaysia's Largest Youth Lifestyle Festival, so they say. There were a lot of activities went on those three days from 9th - 11th January 2009 at Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) such as 2nd National Youth Entrepreneur Convention, Battle of The Bands, Career Attack, Cosplay Competition, Learning Workshops, Community Meet-ups & Gatherings, Basketball 3-on-3 and Caged Futsal 1-on-1 Challenge, Creative Mafia Bazaar and many more.
Yes I don't wish to write longer, it gets bored to you guys and to me as well.

Let them pictures do the talking.

Look at the guitar (or whatever they call it), it's sick!

The main entrance. They recorded 36,720 attendance. Good number ;)

The map. It's huge isn't it?

Celcom XPax (under their U.O.X product) is everywhere nowadays. I bet they spent more on A&P. Gigs, concerts, events, events, more events.

Shake your booty like a belly dancer!

Met with a very good friend of mine, Mr JoJo is the founder of; a community, a platform, a talent factory, a future and a service for writers to publish their writings in Bahasa Melayu, English and as well as Bahasa Indonesia. They will be having their 4th Anniversary next week, so go check it out HERE!

Main stage for performances by artists and Battle of The Bands. Sound system was badddd...

Some cars on display. I'm not really sure what's the theme. Was it 'National Cars Autoshow' or what.

Me and Zaha, we were starving that time. Rushed to look for food and we managed to find it. RM10 for a plate. Well, I rather pay than die.

After we ate, we made our move to the Creative Mafia, a unique shopping experience organized by Bijou Bazaar. As usual, tonnes of booths with different styles and products from t-shirts to temporary airbrush tattoo to cupcakes to everything you name it.

Some of the artworks in progress and on display:

Vandal freestyling. He's good, really.

Met my old friends, Odie and Khun. Odie was one of the vendors at the Bazaar. She sell cupcakes, a very tasty one. You can even order your custom-made cuppies for your birthday, party, or you don't need any reason at all to eat cupcakes! Check out her website to order your custom made cupcakes at Itsy-Bitsybites!

2009 sees a difficult year for everyone. Career Attack is a career fair to those who are seeking for a career. D'uhhhh.... Check out their website if you ever need a career HERE!

Yo-yo demonstration. Is it still exist???

This wall is situated at the centre of the hall. People can actually see your butt-crack or g-string from a very promising angle while you climbing enthusiastically.

Caged Futsal 1-on-1 Challenge. It makes a very annoying noise whenever they kicked the ball to the fence!

I was really confused, or rather wondering, why on earth people do the aerobic routines in front of thousands of people? It's hilarious, seeing the determinations of them.

Just before I left, met up with Jai Son @ MC Vandal. I remembered during the "All In The Family" event by Streething, he rapped about the Komodo Ninja! Huhu thanks Vandal! Read more about this Urban Camper HERE!

On the way out, I saw this artwork by PhobiaKlik. Actually the entrance and the exit were the same but when I entered, it's still under progress. It's almost done when I came across. And, it's damn awesome right? Need any paint-job? Contact them HERE!

I almost made my way out but I heard some music from afar. Went there and saw this one kid beatboxing like nobody's business. He's not bad yo.. Waited for a while, watched the rest of the boys perform. Talked to the manager, and I might use them later for some events. They call themselves Sound Rhythm Beatbox or SRB. Very young gentlemen, aged around 16-17ish if I'm not mistaken. You guys can check their video in Youtube HERE!
Sorry boys I can't remember your names, it's too fancy I got me tongue twisted.


That's all for now. I think it's quite long already.

Dem yuh!

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