Monday, March 2, 2009

Adidas 60th Anniversary House Party.

Celebrating Adidas 60th Anniversary (1949-2009) *woot woot*

I gotta tell you guys the truth, Adidas has turned themselves into one of the most creative and fresh-looking sneaker producers. In fact, I thought they topped Nike in the last few years with their materials, color combination, impressive collaborations, interesting themes, and last but not least, the quality control of their final products.

Well, since I got the invites to the private party, I couldn't miss my chance. It's been a while since I last partied.

Adidas House Party: Celebrating 60 Years of Soles and Stripes Zouk, KL 27th March, 2009

Arrived at Zouk at about 8.30pm. Got myself the tag and settled down, shook hands and rub shoulders with some friends and Komodo Ninjas. Then went in for the Adidas Spring/Summer 2009 Fashion Show.

ZX, Superstar, ZX, JiveBomber *woot woot*

Throw yer Streifens in the air!

Let the show begins!


The fresh look

The ever-gorgeous Daphne Iking with Henry as hosts

Joe Alif has a penis panics attack (PPA)

With band members from Kugiran Hujan

Trying to look like Russell Simmons

I was focusing on the annoying pimple

mastaflubb, lalabie, pseudooape, BudakNakal, Jkj_R

We're going to Paris!

Me and spoonman of Oneye, tongue-locking pose

The crowd were always berserk

Stephanie Chai is awfully hot, I sweat my armpits!

There's nothing more to talk about after you creamed your pants taking picture with Stephanie Chai and her heart-melting smell.. Gosh ain't she the sweetest thing?

**edit: You can see another one of the gorgeous woman in my Fantasy Island, Carmen Soo (google demmit!) behind us in the last picture *woot woot woot woot* fiyyahh!!

Dem yuh!


Joe Alif said...

Stephanie Chai is thaaa BOMBBBBBBB!!

Budak Nakal said...

Wei ko tgk blakang tu ada Carmen Soo! dem yuh!!!

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