Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Please excuse me for a few days late.

Anyway, the next day after Sunburst, I woke up at 12 in the noon. My body was still aching from the insanely crazy Korn moshing after-effect. Felt like I just survived a gang fight the night before. Cramped my legs and it takes a while to be fully recovered. My bruises are getting better though. But like I always said, you have to experience things in life yourself to appreciate life itself.

I was starving. Really starving, and dehydrated. Too lazy to cook and I thought, would it be a waste if I do nothing on a Sunday afternoon? I mean, I like to go out, watching people, and just chill while sipping coffee at a park or something, with the loved one. But since I don't have one, I don't really go out nowadays.

Suddenly I thought of a plan I've made for that day, a week before. It was my juniors at school, Hadi Sallihin (known as Boon) and Nurul Hazwin (Awin) wedding reception. I don't usually go to weddings, obviously it looks stupid to go alone without a partner, or in a group. But since I can ask Ami and Yaya to tag along to go and pay a visit to the newly married couple, why not? Plus, Ami was my schoolmate as well and the married couple were his juniors too, technically.

So three of us got ready and off we go.

Reached the place which was at dewan Kolej Kediaman Ke-11, Universiti Malaya (UM) about 2.30pm. It's been a while since I last set my foot there. A lot of unforgettable memories. Okay let's not go down that memory lane.

So yeah went in the hall, the couple were busy taking pictures with relatives and friends and guests. Made our ways to Boon and Awin to congratulate them and zasss!! to the nasi minyak!

They never put off smiles from their faces. Never.

A little bit on Boon:

1- He's two years younger than me. When I was in Form 3, he was my Form 1 junior.
2- He got that name BOON from me and my gangs. It was actually BABOON (not because of the physical - don't get me wrong Boon) but he was like a clown but big. Haha.. Ask him in details if you want to know. Or call me.
3- He was the official tukang urut or masseur for our school basketball team. And other teams as well. I recruited him.
4- I believe he's one of the few juniors that actually made his way up to the supreme level (our level) without any blood spilled. But a lot of sweats though.
5- He's the only junior that I'm very close to. Very matured, very obedient and diplomatic.

Boon & Awin are high school lovebirds. God bless them all the way until now, and I'm sure they'll be all they way to the end of time.

To Boon & Awin, I tip my hats off to both of you.

It'll be a long time before my time comes

Then we went back. But the noon was so hot we thought of going to grab some ice-cream or something to cool us down. And since Yaya said she planned to go to Uptown, Damansara for some personal matter, we decided to go to Baskin-Robbins in Uptown. Bumped over my Komodo Ninja Crew, Andrew @ Gingerfish. Met him the night before at Sunburst, met him again this time. Check out his cool blog HERE!

Andrew was a lil bit shy

Ordered a Sundae Brownies with two side flavors, my all-time Jamoca Almond Fudge and Ami chose Love Potion. Niceeeeeeeeee....

Wahahaa look at these lovely couples

Licin! Setel...

Completed our mission. Back to home sweet home.

No, I wasn't complete yet! It's still very hot, and since it's Sunday, let's jump off to the pool!

Ami and I came down to the pool. But Ami was not really in the mood to swim, so he sat back and relax while reading a script-writing book. *hint hint*

Ian Thorpe? Michael Phelps? Bring it on...

Swam for almost an hour and it's getting dark. Puas!

Dem yuh!

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Nikeda said...

u've never seen me in a dress, i've never seen u swim.. i guess we're even.. hahaha...

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