Friday, March 20, 2009

Or is it just a wild DREAM?

Dream a little dream of me..

The other party is really something. The other party is a heart warmer. The other party is so soothing. The other party is very funny, and very pampering, very indulgent.

But I think I'm being too serious about it. Maybe the other party does not feel the same way like I do. Maybe the other party was just trying to be nice to me, because the other party is indeed, wonderful. These few days really made me go nuts. In a good way though.

I want to be happy but I really want the other party to be happy too. I'll do anything to make sure the other party happy, even I have to face the fact that I might have to sacrifice myself, and still, the other party is not going to be mine.

But in the end, even after all these years, it will probably always be a wild dream for me.

Got this from jawe:
"r u in love bro? plzz dun... coz people like us dun deserve that kind of life man...think bout it..."

I kinda agree on that man. Even the fact that LOVE is the most powerful thing ever existed, I still think I don't deserve it. Probably I've done mistakes, broke the heart of others, one too many.

To jawe
: I'm falling in, maybe. But if I crashed and burned, please somebody save me.

The best thing you can do with your lips

Dem mi!


jawe said...

thanx for acknowledging my i read this post..i would say its not just a dream man..its sumtin bigger..situation dats changing u to become sumone not makes u unhappy in the end..lets me go straight on dis..for me, jus be need to sacrifice or change ur ethics..coz the 3rd party should luv u n be happy wit who r u..u lost ur life when u r not become basics is..if do the thing dats makes u happy..then, u done the ryte thing to urself..whatever long as u r happy wit it..i'll save u when the times is come...or she will... i gerenti nii...

Budak Nakal said...

Yes I know but sometimes, it's just not as easy as you would think.

Whoever or whatever or wherever this other party may be, let's hope that the other party gets this message. And the other party would eventually understand my true feelings.

ewadayana said...

hmm..hmm..spe the other party tuh? y not,u trus trg je dgn die,so that xde la u rse cm x happy jer.=)

Budak Nakal said...

If I berterus terang, and then end up not getting what I want, might as well I just diam je. It's been years already. And somehow the other party still can't see it, still can't feel what I feel.

Memang susah. Memang parah. Tapi biarla I simpan je skarang ni. Mungkin belum masa, atau mungkin masa itu takkan tiba.

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