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Sunburst KL 2009

No no, nothing bad happened to our beloved Sun nor Kuala Lumpur or anything related for that matter. Nothing like the supernova or anything, rest assured. The photo at the top is just beautiful so I just put it there. It's incredibly beautiful, isn't it?

Back to my report on one of the most-talked-about music festival in Kuala Lumpur for the past one year or so, Sunburst KL 2009- International Music Festival came again this year held at Bukit Kiara Equestrian & Country Resort on the March 21st 2009 from 2.00p.m - 2.00-freaking-a.m.

Before that, let me tell you a brief about this whole Sunburst thing. Very brief, don't worry.

Okay last year, Pineapple Concerts organized a music fest that gathered a lot of acts. It's like Rock The World (if any of you don't know, go shoot yourself in the head) but with international performance by well-known artists (or so they say), plus not only rock acts but also R&B, hip-hop, dance, DJs and whatnot. More importantly it's not just another music fest where you have performances and nothing else, the organizer also throw big bucks (or the SPONSORS if I'm not mistaken) and provide a very cool (and hopefully profitable) festival with a lot of things such as food stalls, merchandise booths, executive lounge for the 'executive party-goers', and many more I'm wasting my time now talking about this anyway.

So the first Sunburst KL 2008 managed to get a few good (or very good I must say) international/superstar acts such as Incubus, John Legend, The Roots, Incognito, among other national and regional acts. I mean, come on, without these acts in a big music fest might as well I just go to Laundry Bar right?

I missed last year's. Work commitment, yes quite harsh but hey, a man's gotta do what he gotta do right? I heard it was good, eventhough it was raining but you know what does it mean right? Rain, mud, girls, wet, multi-coloured bras, thongs etc use your fucking imagination... Sounds like a frat party to me. Demyuh!

You wish...

So this year I thought, I would not miss this chance plus hey N.E.R.D is on the list so why not. Suddenly Korn and Erykah Badu confirmed their appearances, besides the wild rumors of Coldplay (yeah I reckoned with the Grammy's they won among others, they won't come - they cost 7-figure, but I'm not sure in what currency), 311 and some other names I won't waste my time guessing. To add to these drama, Miss Badu canceled at the very last minute. So now only Skate P & co and Jon Davis & co. Still alright to me.

Woke up a bit late on the day. Chillax at home, my cousin Shaq came and we chillax some more, until my other cousin, Mazro "The Posterboy" came to fetch.

Reached Bukit Kiara area about 6-ish. Ate something outside before we went in.
*Again, captions are not necessary. I'm too lazy trying to look cute or smart.

Mazro "the posterboy", and the other cousins (not the uncle in black cap okay)

I know the picture of the horses is not relevant

**Owh I just learned to use PhotoScape software, so I'm gonna use it to save my time resizing the pictures and shorten the length of my post. Get used to it!

In the 90's, "X" globally had another more significant meaning...

I missed almost all of the local acts. I wasn't being un-supportive to my own local scene though, just a bad time management. I'm improving, cut me some slack guys. When I arrived as usual I did my usual detour routine whenever I go to any event which is to go make a round and structure the whole area in my mind like the toilet, F&B stalls, and other amenities.


Everybody obviously had to run for this place, somehow they acted cool walking..

Sun (top) & Sky (bottom)

Disco for the environmentalists (sounds pollution)

Loud & Clear (left) & Livesounds (right)

When I was done with the detour, Nidji from Indonesia almost started. I rushed back to the Sun Stage. Watching their performance, I can't help but thinking about the charisma, personality and the showmanship of these regional and international bands. Watching Giring (Nidji's frontman) controlled the stage and the crowds was just amazing. Kerennnnnn!

No clear pics, Giring was so hyper

After they're done, we switched to Sky Stage. It's my all-time local (with international standard) band, Butterfingers. I've been following them since 1998 if I'm not mistaken. And to be honest, this is the only band in my life that I remember most of their songs. And their lyrics too. But the sound system and amps went wrong sometimes it ruined the mood in a way. Owh and, I saw my friend Ashroff from Stonebay (Stonebay performed during our Eco Film Fest 2008, thanks guys!) was the second guitarist for Butterfingers on this event! Shout out to my boy!

Daulat Tuanku

Next, another Indonesian band, Agrikulture. They play electro pop thingy, which is the "in" thing now. Not bad.

FanDFMC running with his boxer. The guy's just crazaayyy...

My waist tag (during)

This was actually the moment I've been waiting for. Who else but the awesome pawesome (sorry Rashdan pinjam your line) N.E.R.D! I've been following their music for quite a while, especially their older tracks. Pharrell Williams came down without Chad Hugo, the co-founder of N.E.R.D. I wasn't sure about Shae Haley though, can't really see him if he was on the Sky Stage that night. Anyway, fuck everything I just wanna DANCE!

Okay this I had to comment. Fuck I was on the first line in front, and Pharrell just sort of pointed out few (well, quite a few actually) dudes to come on stage and dance with him. Not that he's a gay, but that's how they do it all the time, he want the crowd to party with him on the stage. I missed that chance, but I'm sure I'll have that chance next time.

Only fortunate, not destined

After couple of songs, dudes got to go down already. It's the ladies now!!! Demyuh! Saw some friends, Hana (Iedil's girlfriend) and Shazana (my friend, not girlfriend - I'm still single and available) getting on the stage. And look at those girls harrasing Pharrell like he's some kind of food on refugee's camp! Haha.. On the side note: Everyone deserves a little piece of something in their lives, isn't it? *envious*

Again, only fortunate, not destined

Bumped into DJ ChaseyLain of Twilight ActionGirl and DJ K-Natz of Dudesweet Bangkok. They both spinned the night before at my usual Friday night dosage, Barsonic@Zouk.

Star Trak

Woo woo woo.. Hold up! This very next report is probably mediocre like my usual writings, nothing impressive and full of bullshits. Well I never said I'm good in writing, but one thing and the only one thing, you better fucking trust me, I'm so fucking good in having fun!

So yeah after we done with N.E.R.D, we switched again to
Sun Stage and I had to squeeze in between the smelly, messy and half-drunk half-stoned people to go to the closest to the frontline of the stage. But halfway through (like the fifth line from the front) I decided that I can't (or rather won't) go to the first line. Firstly, I cramped my legs from the N.E.R.D performance. Secondly, I was so thirsty and I didn't have any drinks but I didn't wanna go out from the spot I've already secured in between these people. And lastly the crowd was so crazy and I might be pushed or stomped to death. No, not gonna happen now. I'm not married yet.

Why and what am I talking about now? I'm talking about a band that I listen to since more than 10 years ago. Yes, since I was in boarding school we had nothing cool to do. Well actually we had quite a lot of cool things we did, but I don't wish to start blabbing here.

So this is another of 'the moment' I've been waiting. It's Korn motherfuckers! Who else but Jon Davis (frontman), Munky (lead guitar) and Fieldy (bassist). They are in the music scene for 16 years already and this is their first time they performed here. And I quote from Jon Davis, "It took us (Korn) 15 years to come here (Malaysia). We traveled 20-fucking-hours to see you guys, so you motherfuckers better rock this fucking show up!". Word from the master. They performed more than 10 songs such as (in no particular order): A.D.I.D.A.S, Falling Away From Me, Faget, Did My Time, Clown, Freak On The Leash, BLIND!!!, and many more. Enjoy the pics.

Just unbelievable

A series of fucking annoying hand

Just incredible (hope that guy is still sane)

Surfing, stomping and moshing!

Jon Davis's signature head-banging (left and right) & bagpipes for Shoots and Ladders (centre)

Fucking awesome, fucking insane and fuck y'all too!

I got me some bruises here and there, some no-voice and definitely lost my mind. I was in the middle three-quarter of the time and I left just after Blind. I mean, you've probably watched Woodstock '99 right? When they played Blind, it was just beautiful, out-of-the-world crazy wave. So I thought "I wanna go to Woodstock. I wanna mosh with these fuckers!". I may have not been to Woodstock yet, but I surely kicked ass(es) that night! One of the most memorable gig I've been to. Period.

My waist tag (after)

Bumped again with a friend, Jeremy Little of the ol-time band Prana. We partied the night before at T.A.G in conjunction with Mooky's (of One Buck Short) birthday. We both did the Sounds Unite gig together few weeks ago. This boss for Laguna Music sure is one helluva cool motherfucker!

We are the Children of The Korn!!!

The last but not least, any music fest will not be completed without the sound of my boys the Twilight ActionGirl. It consists of four members that is DJ Bunga, DJ Xu, DJ Ribut and DJ ChaseyLain. They've been in the music scene for more than five years and this 'rakan joget anda' is the only night that I would go on weekly basis. Why? Because they are sofa king awesome that's why. Owh and T.A.G were joined by DJ Chelsea & Friends.

With Azuwan @ dazed (top left). Check out his blog HERE!

Before I finish my rather long report this one I can't miss. These two girls were dancing erotically and just look at those pictures below from top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right. She is just one naughty babe, standing in front of the mist fan to cool her down while it makes us fucking burnt! Still waiting anxiously for a friend to email me the BEST picture of this girl. Click the picture below to enlarge, just like my dick!

Sunburst ticket = RM200
Party time = 12 hours

Loss of body liquid = 2 pounds

Snapped an upskirt pic of a hot girl = FUCKING "A" PRICELESS!

Yeah yeah I'm pervert I'm a loser double loser whatever moron. At least I got mine! *woOt woOt*

Dem yuh!

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