Monday, March 16, 2009

In Sounds We Unite!

I just got up from my sleep. It was very tiring yesterday. I was appointed as Stage Manager for this very special gig, Sounds Unite at SOHO KL. The event was hosted by the very own Rina Omar from the 8TV.

For those who did not make their way to the show, just read this report. And seriously, shame on you for not coming, the show was great I had so much fun I almost broke my leg again. Literally.

Let's not waste time. I arrived for the final setup about 9.30am, had a big breakfast (as I don't usually eat throughout the event, it's like a ritual for me) and monitored the stage setup progress, as well as sound check.

KNUKE Team (Iedil, Rashdan, Hana, Kamal, Tia, Shaq, Afiq)

Getting the stage ready in time is not an easy task

No entry


At about 11.00am sound check was ready to kick off. It was not as planned because the sound system refused to cooperate. But this thing happens all the bloody time so I just had to bear with it. The only option for me to make sure the bands will have sufficient time to sound check.

The sound check ended almost 2.00pm. It was just nice as the gate opens at 2.30pm and the show will start at 3.00pm.

Pretty ladies on the ticket counters backed by those two strong men

The first set kicked off by a band called Modread. They were formed by HotFM and describing their music as rock, progressive and new wave.

~Fanatik fanatiknya duniaku!!~

Next up, our dear friend Rashdan Harith and the Band. Rashdan is one of the Board of Trustees for KNUKE (Kugiran Negara ke United Kingdom Enterprise). Check out his acoustic/rock music HERE! or be in his fan page on Facebook HERE!

awesome pawesome

Third band of the first set was Sundae. This band plays pop/jazz/acoustic and the band's vocalist, Anis Kalisa's voice reminds me of Laura Marling. Well, in my humble opinion.

I smell Laura Marling

In between the first set, we held a lucky draw for the crowd. There were a lot of cool prizes such as t-shirts, CDs, cool stuff. And the winner for the first round of the lucky draw (and Rashdan couldn't miss his chance this time):

posing baeeekk punya..

So yeah let's move on to the fourth act, he called himself Fa'an. This guy describe his music as a bit of folk with a touch of minimalist. Something like Jason Mraz or Jack Johnson if I may say.

Fa'an and the geng

No, we did not stop okay. Even though it's the second set, we continued straight away. This very next act, called themselves To be completely honest this was the first time I heard their songs. I was WOWED! They're really good, and it's a plus since they play some kind of electro/rock/fusion, which is my favourite sounds, just like my weekly Friday night electro/indie rock/clash dosage with Twilight ActionGirl at Barsonic, Zouk. Makes me feel like going to Paris! *and the keyboardist is real honey*

Me lovey secret affairy! (shite blur pic - the only pic I have)

I think I should mention this. This next band came all the way from Manila, Philippines. They came to KL for the exclusive U.O.X Play at Republic, Sunway Pyramid. They have won a lot of international awards such as MTV Asia Awards, just to name one. They are Chicosci (pronounced ci-ko-sai), whose music range from rock/pop punk/screamo and a lil bit of emo. Yes they were really good indeed, the sound was tight and the showmanship, I tipped my hats off. Real performers they are. Enjoy the pics. Caption is not necessary.

Wing Meng of Love Me Butch collaborate with Chicosci

Break dancing on emo song, quite a good match ain't it?

My kid cousin, Afiq couldn't miss the chance backstage

Before we stopped for Maghrib prayer, we finished our second set with a band that's flying high in the sky now. What band? None other than Pesawat. The last time I met them when they performed at my event, Eco Film Fest 2008. It's been a while and they still rocking with their indie/garage/rock sound, with a lil bit twist of electro (I think so, they sounded much more dancy nowadays).

Another lucky draw winner

~Siang malam termimpi-mimpi...~

~Pagi petang tercari-cari...~

Suddenly some of the faces turned red

More of them were infected by Pesawat!

Kudux was happy to infect their music to the people


Blue sky evening

Went to take a lookie at Bijou Bazaar on the first floor during the break. As usual there were a lot of stuff to grab at a very affordable price. Did not get myself anything though, I am broke now.

Laguna Music's booth

Good stuff

Even better!


Nice view


About 8.00pm, the floor was literally empty. But I told the White Percussion Unit boys (and a girl) to start blasting their drums and percussions. Not even a minute, crowd came back curiously. And the afro-beat, samba party started...

Another lucky draw winner

This is the lucky lady I was locking my eyes at *woot woot*

Estrella came up after that. The crowds were looking forward to this acoustic/indie/jazz band with a beautiful lady with a beautiful voice as their frontwoman. And as expected, they did not dissapoint the fans. Niceeeeeeeeeee...

Another lucky winner trying his pick-up lines to Liyana

Ternyata memang indah...

I was looking forward to this band, PureVibracion. They play as simple as reggae genre possibly could. Nothing else to say, but One Love.

One love..

Get up stand up!

This time as you can see, I didn't snap any pics with any girls. It's because there were a lot of them at the show and I don't want to be biased if you know what I mean. Instead, got my hands on this respectable guy, Joe of PureVibracion.


Last but not least, the live electronics/funk/electro band, The Otherside Orchestra. The last time they performed at U.O.X Electric at Zouk KL was as nice as this one. Cool sounds, nice catchy-dancy tunes, and yet still rocking!

Mari disko!

The coolest guy of the night

The other side of the planet

The night ended at 10.10pm, slightly off-schedule but well, I did my best. Thank you very much to KNUKE, Laguna Music, SOHO KL, Bijou Bazaar and last but not least, the performers and the supporters! Till next time, and yes, believe me we'll come with something great soon *hint hint*

Dem yuh!

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