Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Elevate your weekend

Versi skema haram.

Last Sunday my cousin Shaq, his girlfriend Tia, and I went to Taman Tasik Titiwangsa for an event called Elevate, organised by Elevate, and co-organised by DiGi. We made our move from Ikano Power Centre to Tasik Titiwangsa at about 4.00pm.

We arrived at the venue half an hour after that. The weather was quite hot, but it looked like it's going to be cloudy later. Nevermind.

The ticket for the event was RM10, but the good thing is, you pay ticket RM10, you'll receive F&B coupon worth RM7 + RM3 = RM10. Mathematically, it was a free event, wasn't it?

We missed the performance by Robot Asmara the time we arrived, and the band called An Honest Mistake was already performing. They are actually quite good, to be honest. I'm not sure why they named themselves that, they should have named themselves "To Be Honest," (with comma), sounds more honest, he he he. But honestly, they should loose the second frontwoman (I don't know her name). Stick to one guy singer or get a better second girl singer. That girl was trying to be Hayley Williams, I guess. Nowadays semua orang mau jadi Hayley Williams, I told myself, grinning. But I still support local bands nonetheless, I'm just trying to be honest, that's all.

An Honest Mistake

Next up was a Ska/Punk/Rock-you-can-form-a-soccer-team band, Forty Winks. They have been in the industry for a couple of years already, and I enjoyed their music. I personally think they know music quite well. Pun ada perempuan menyanyi juga.

Forty Winks

After they finished, it was Bittersweet. But while waiting for the boys to set up, three of us decided to take a walk outside, by the lake. For all we knew, we have walked quite far and by the time we arrived at the venue again, Bittersweet had finished their performance. Demmit, demmit. I really like the band.

Here's what happened to me

I have to say, the frustration was instantly washed away by Love Me Butch. Oh boy, they never failed to entertain me. They're just rock-solid. A true 4-piece band, and rocking it to the max. Nothing much to comment as Syarul and the boys always deliver the 'screamo-est' performance.

Love Me Butch

Apart from the music performances, Elevate also set up a cool 'VIP Truck', where all the guests with VIP wrist tags can go in, chill in the air-conditioned space, and play games.

It's almost 7.00pm and Pesawat has landed on the stage with their usual Pramugaru. The sky was getting darker and more cloudy, and ready to pour everything down, any time. Crowds were not giving up, they stood there and enjoyed the performance. It was an 'okay' performance, probably because I'm not a big fan of them, but still a fan of local bands.

Lawak doh kakak depan tu

Muka dia cemas ke apa


Pesawat departed from the stage, and Hujan came over, both literally and figuratively. I really like Hujan, and I was soaked in hujan, but I had fun playing in the hujan. The Raingers (so the Hujan fans are called) never bothered the hujan, as they were dancing to Hujan. Good performance from them, like every other time.

Blurry photo, due to the rain


Event ended almost 8.00pm and everyone left right after. The turn out was disappointing, as the bands were good. Rain was getting heavier, and all three of us walk as fast as we can to the car, which was about a kilometre away.

Luckily the organiser was very alert and understanding about the scene event scenes in Malaysia, as the provided the crowd with free disposable raincoats. And it helped all of us got through until the end of the show! One of the small, but crucial observation and understanding.

Oh, and another thing, if any of you would like to get good-to-great indie bands to perform at your event, you can contact my man Senthil Raja @ +6019.568.0035. He is the BEST booking agent for local indie bands as well as international bands too.

Oh, what was I wearing again?

Nike SB Dunk Hi "Skunk"

Check out my other post about "Skunk", HERE.

Dem yuh!

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