Thursday, April 8, 2010

Placebo: The Concert

And so I went to the Placebo: Live in Kuala Lumpur last month.

I reached there almost 9.00pm. There was a very long queue of people, waiting to get in the concert venue, KL Live.

I was thrilled to see Placebo performing, because I believe they make good music. Unbiased, I would say. And I got free tickets to, so double the joy.

Twilight ActionGirl just finished their set when I entered the hall.

It was jam-packed already

And then everyone were shouting and screaming and I see,

Up-close sikit

So I started to make my move forward,

Jalan raya penuh sesak

Getting closer

On the way, I saw Brian Molko's guitars (demmit!)

Until I was third row from the front

The keyboardist/violinist lady that made everything sounded way better

~We can build a new tomorrow, today...~

This is when everyone went crazy,

I was no exception

Wanna see how the crowds looked like?


They say there's always light at the end of the show

No, we were not worshiping the Sun

How was I looked?

Lost few pounds on the sweats alone

And what was I wearing?

Puma x Alexander McQueen
Nudie Jeans "Average Joe"

The best gig of the year, so far.

Dem yuh!


Cklaudiaa!*** said...

WAWW!! this is wanderfull!!

Cklaudiaa!*** said...

yes ... is that they are wonderful! I swear I'll appreciate if you could send the video, I love Placebo, please! He is one of my favorite songs! if you send me send to this e thank you very much!

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