Tuesday, April 6, 2010

For those who didn't have a childhood.

Went out on Saturday afternoon feeling bored out of my mind. Went to One Utama and as I passed the Subway Restaurant, I saw an unusually large group of people were gathered around.

Some Talibans were recruited, and recruiting too

"Shit what's happening here??"

I see Orange group

Then there's the Green group

And the Yellow group too?

Even my baby niece Elani was there too, worried

After a while all the groups were marching separately.
I decided to follow them.

A futsal court? Is this a futsal tourney?

And suddenly Blue group appeared

I believe this is their Agent Provocateur/Manipulator/Propagandist

Shot some videos too.

And the first fight broke out,

Flag bearers

Actually baby niece Elani is their Mascot (the multicolour-stripe socks representing all groups)

Everyone was feeling very barbaric.

They are all lined up for the next clash

And then the second brawl went on,

More 'blood' were spilled

The Agent Provocateur/Manipulator/Propagandist look satisfied and happy with the amount of damage he has done to the world and the human race

But not just yet,

Oh yeah, he deserves this.

Finally all of them signed the peace treaty

So what was the whole point of this bloody event?

For those who didn't have a childhood

Bought this too,

For every purchase of this tee, restaurant chain Delicious pledge to contribute RM5 to SPCA Selangor.

And what was I wearing the whole time?

Visvim FBT All-White Series 2008,
Tsubi Jeans

If you'd like to know more for info/pictures about the event, go to Random Alphabets. Wanna know more about World Pillow Fight Day? Log on to www.pillowfightday.com.

Dem yuh!


Anonymous said...

wish i knew about this!

Budak Nakal said...

Yeah, that's what they all said. Next time, dig deeper! ;)

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