Monday, April 26, 2010

The Year of the Rudeboy.

PFA Player of the Year (Rudeboy) and PFA Young Player of the Year (Milner)

Where they have come this season:

Hull (5)
Portsmouth (4)
Milan (4)
West Ham (3)
Wigan (3)
Arsenal (2)
Fulham (2)
Man City (2)
Aston Villa (1)
Bayern (1)
Birmingham (1)
Blackburn (1)
Burnley (1)
Chelsea (1)
Liverpool (1)
Tottenham (1)
Wolves (1)

And, for the fourth consecutive year:

2007 - C. Ronaldo
2008 - C.Ronaldo
2009 - Giggsy
2010 - Rudeboy

And now, only waiting for two more games to grab the only team to win the EPL title for the fourth consecutive year.

And because of that, I dedicate this song to Wayne "The Rudeboy" Rooney. You know Rihanna has a thing for you, mate.

~Come, Rudeboy...~

Dem yuh!


j or ji said...

ah! aku ingat betul2 ada tadi!


Budak Nakal said...


Anonymous said...

ceh! tertipu aku.. igtkan betul la ada lagu..

Budak Nakal said...

Betul lah tu abangpit, tajuk lagu dah "Rude Boy". Heheh. Satira.

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