Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Engaged: Zul & Intan

Finally, last Saturday my closest cousin Zul got engaged to his long-time girlfriend, Intan.

Their love story is considered epic. First they hooked up both at the age of 15 (gatal!), went on for about five years and they broke up, and both of them moved on their own ways.

Suddenly after four years of no-contact policy, somehow the flame is still somewhere underneath their hearts, only need the right chemical to spark it again. And it did. They both dated again for another three years, and voilla!

It might not sound that interesting the way I wrote it, but believe me, I know their story, and it's really inspiring. Talking about things you'd do for love.

Anyways, congratulations to Zul & Intan. And I'll be the best man this coming December, again.

Dem yuh!

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hiddie said...

is that a new look?
lookin good mate!

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