Tuesday, April 20, 2010


As some of you may have noticed, I have set up, and proudly started not one, but two new blogs.

You may find the link on the right bar of this blog. The first one is called


"Sadofashionism has always been the furthest reach of the fashionable experience: when fashion becomes most purely fashionable, that is, severed from individuality, from personality, from taste, from style - the color, the material, the seduction, the justification, the aim, the fantasy."

There are few reasons why I started "Sado-Fashionist":
  1. I love fashion.
  2. I couldn't find any men fashion blog, who specifically writes mostly about men fashion. Although you see me posting about myself most of the times, it is only because I write about what I like. Obviously what I wear is what I like too. Simple math.
  3. Even though 'fashion' will be the major topic in the blog, I will still write about something slightly off the topic, such as arts, films, music, designs, architectures - anything fashionable. After all, fashion is merely what's in your wardrobe. It's a state of mind.
  4. I often heard, "Fashion is temporary; Style, is forever." Well, how can a style be 'forever', if fashion wasn't there to create your own style?
  5. Like I said, I only write what I like, therefore this blog is also my personal interpretation of the idea of fashion from my point of view. It has nothing to do with what other people think (or it does), and I welcome any comments/criticism/feedback.
  6. I will try to keep this blog true to my beliefs in fashion and everything in between, and I will also try to keep it simple and real. If you wish to read about fashion that's probably different from my style, please, with all due respect, read elsewhere.

Next, the second blog is called


"We present an intimate look at the inner-self of a cult from both the members and the cult leaders points of view. It is an emotional human portrait that explores the reasons why our state of mind is the number one breeding ground for cults in the world, and a chilling reminder that it can happen to anyone. Mari Join Ana."

Few things you might wanna know about "Mari Join Ana":
  1. It is a group blog. At the moment the cult leaders is Kid Kapital, and myself. We will later invite a few more people to join our cult.
  2. This blog is writes more serious stuff, mainly politics, philosophy, world affairs, current issues, policies, psychology, sports, but still relates to our daily lives. We don't talk craps, we don't talk about things that meant nothing to us or our cult members or people around us.
  3. Actually we do talk crap things all the time, so we will write anything we want or we feel like, but at the end of the day, it has something that all of us can learn from, or think about. Or not. Whatever.
  4. We would like to open an invitation to those who believe they belong in this cult, to be one of the writers. They can have existing blogs, just like me.
  5. Every writers have different style of writing. Some are more serious, some are stupid, some are crazy. It doesn't matter, as long as we have the same wavelength of thinking. To simplify it, WE NEED CRAZY PEOPLE.
  6. The name of the blog itself means everything.

So yeah, I hope you can find time and read the other blogs too.

Dem yuh!

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