Friday, October 30, 2009

Crusading for the environment #1

Apart from what I do now (party and bitching over life) is another section of 'crusading for the environment". No, this is not another religion nor a cult. It's a lifestyle.

I work for EcoKnights, a non-profit environmental outfit based in KL. We did plenty of environmental events and programs, corporate and stuff for public as well such as Anugerah Hijau and Eco Film Fest.

At first, I was just a tukang angkat barang for them. I didn't care, it's good for my disabled leg also. One thing led to another, and after I managed the Eco Film Fest 2008, I was promoted as Programme Manager for EcoKnights. Nice.....

Anyway, one of the projects that I'm in charge now is the Internal Awareness Programme for Shell Global Solution Malaysia (GSMY). We have to install posters about environment and some static display (solar charger, recycled handbags, eco enzyme etc), environmental film screening, some environmental talks and other fun stuff. Not so fun to be honest, but I don't care. I enjoy doing it.

So the first installation was last April, about half a year ago. These are the posters that made to the wall, called ENERGY AWARENESS.

Basic understanding on energy efficiency and its common facts & myths

Daily energy usage and understanding phantom electricity

Types of renewable energy

Basic understanding of the renewable energy and the impact on daily usage

Today, after the Jumaat prayer, I'll be going to Shell GSMY office at KLCC for second installation, this time it's called TAKING ACTION. It'll be more on how to make your own eco enzyme and compost in your own house. Sounds cool, isn't it?

I'm only sharing this with you guys so that we learn something about OUR ENVIRONMENT. 2012 is coming soon to cinemas near you.

Together, we crusade for the environment.

Dem yuh!

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