Friday, October 2, 2009

Random Snapshots #3 (and a video)

I think all of these pictures were taken sometime last month of September. Nothing worth being nominated to receive the Nobel Prize or anything, because I only take pictures when it has some sort of value to me, or story to it. Other than that, nahh let the rest of the aspiring photographers with big DSLR with lenses longer than their dicks wrapped around their necks taking pictures of everything and anything in the name of art. Lucky because now cameras store all the pictures in digital memory, hence you notice DSLR in every four people you see on the street. Just imagine if they have to buy the film like last time? Yeah, DSLR is the new black.

Me? Not really my thing. I rather buy a super-miniature camera I can even put in my underwear.

Double barrel, better satisfaction.

Anyway, cut the crap. Let's start already.

I was cleaning my room the other day and managed to round up some clothes that I don't really wear anymore. Everything is in good condition, if not very good and it's all wearable. I would not give something that is not wearable, it's like ruining my fashion credibility. Anyone knows where should I give these clothes to? Orphanage or something? Be specific please. Thank you very much.

These items need new owners

More new owners needed

Found this nearby my house. Shit maybe they're setting up some refugee camp or secret place for Weapon of Mass Destruction or something.

Bar Mitzvah? Mazel Tov?

This is what you get when you buy a package. All-in-one diseases. I still buy though, for my dad and I. He said,"if I wanna stop, I wouldn't have done that 30 years ago." So did I.

New cancer product, it's like shampoo, 3-in-1

My youngest brother's 17th birthday. Yes, the one with the purple tee. The cake was half gone even before he blew the candle and the singing shit. Well, look at his size, can't really blame him though.

Haha look at my beloved nephew, Harris. This boy is so handsome I tell you. Wonder what was he trying to show with that face, dude's trying to be macho in front of some girls? U're cutting a cake boy, not human.

I told him to not be too serious. Do some charming face, baru lah awek cair...

He took the master's advice

Went for a dinner at March é with Pa and Ma and Sue. Owh and my friend Ado. I settled for something I've been drooling for a long time, the Wagyu Beef. Medium-cook. The texture of the beef is different, even though the one they have there are probably Grade C or something. Yeah, The finest grade of wagyu beef can go up to about $300USD per plate. Like normal plate, not dulang.

Lastly, this video is epic.

The derby of the century.

Till next time, suckers.

Dem yuh!

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