Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Just get back up when she knocks you down.

Have you ever been turned down by girls/women?

I have. One too many times. Well, not a big issue, to be honest. That's how life goes. Crashed and burned. And when you're being crashed and burned, you ask the girl,"What makes you say "NO" to me?"

There are few possible answers:

"I don't go for younger guys."

"I don't date my ex's friend(s)."

"I like you as a friend. I just don't wanna ruin our friendship."

"I'm not ready to get into relationship."

"I heard you are a heart-breaker."

"I like guys who makes at least 'X number amount of money' a year."

And many more.

Funny, isn't it? Last I heard, the ratio of male to female is 1:21. Correct me if I'm wrong. Yet they still think they can get certain type of guys that fulfilled their list of "Criteria To Be My Boyfriend."

I think that's a bad idea.

First of all, you need to stay in the REALITY. How can you say NO before you even try it? Like I said, women have their so-called 'checklist'. When they see/meet a guy, they will rate everything;

how old is he,

what does he do for a living,

how tall is he,

his skin color,

what car he drives,

does he have a nice set of teeth,

who are his circle of friends,

and all of these non-stop outrageous bullshits.

Is it the reality check/shock that our expectations have yet again gone unfulfilled and that maybe just maybe they are more unrealistic than we’ve ever considered?


You know what, does all that really matter? I mean, all these physical attributes (height, skin color, teeth, hair) and numbers (age, money you make a year, savings, expenses) and material (house, car, money, watch) are all that they ever care about. Not someone who can actually compliment and fulfill their NEEDS (not WANTS) on a deeper level. Emotion. Meanings in life. Experience. Drive. Motivation. Adventure. Challenge. Potential.

So guys, worry not. The idea is to keep practicing and keep trying. I'm not telling you to be a player whatsoever, but the more people you meet, the higher chance you meet the right one. And the thing about practice is that, the more you practice the more precise you'll be. Not perfect, but more precise.

Tell you what, you're not alone. Or I know I'm not alone in this issue. I've been turned down so many times by so many women. Well, there must be a reason why. But I truly believe that I will always being turned down, crashed, burned, overlooked and underestimated by women, until I find myself THE ONE. Until then, I will never give up.

Get yourselves a pair, it's gonna be really dirty

Perhaps if we’re successful in knocking that down the less likely we are to be knocked down when love doesn’t go our way.

Dem yuh!


Anonymous said...

Ok, I read your blog, I read this girl's blog and somehow, and I can't help myself from doing this, I really think you guys can really hit it off quite well.

Do check her out here :

In no way am I related or even friends with her, I just enjoy reading her blog and yours too.

Best wishes.

Budak Nakal said...

Does it mean that I write like a girl? Maybe I should write about death and torture and wrestling. Don't worry, I'm innocuous.


Whatever it is, I take it personally, as a compliment, and thank you Mr/Ms/Mrs Anonymous for the enjoyment of reading this blog. I'd be embarrassed to say "Please, keep reading my blog" but, there I go.

Oh, and another thing, "Share my blog with your friends/family, as long as they pardon my insensitivity towards choosing appropriate vocabs and pictures." There I go, again.

The Inglorious Writer.

Budak Nakal said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention how flattered I am for being related to someone with over 700 followers. If only I can borrow half of them, if not all. To save the world I mean, not to be my followers.

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