Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cool Covers: Kings of Leon - Use Somebody

People who evolve from one's originality of own thought, expression or imagination: CREATIVE.

People who make changes in anything established: INNOVATIVE.

I admire BOTH.

This time, I want to introduce a sub-topic of my blog, which I call it Cool Covers. It doesn't have to be strictly music, but can also be arts, or writings, or anything. Why is it called "Cool Covers"? Because the word "Covers" usually referred in music as a form of another party playing/performing/singing someone else's song. It can be a straight-forward cover, a re-make, re-mix, re-arrange or improvise. The word "Cool" of course refers to what I believe is cool to me. If it's cool to you too, then good. Great minds think alike. If not, then you have all the rights to disagree. I can't expect you to have the same taste in life like mine, obviously because my life ain't like yours.

At the moment, I will post more on music.

Another thing, the idea of "Cool Covers" is not to judge who or which one is better. It's under different categories. To compare CREATIVE and INNOVATIVE is IRRELEVANT. The songs chosen as cover versions are often from a completely different genre to that which the performer originates, and offer a new perspective on the original songs, mostly in acoustic set up. So the idea here is to give a different perspective (I love this word), to get the artists/performers out of their comfort zone and to see how far they're willing to take the challenge.

As for today, I want to officially start this special section. Actually I did post something about BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge before, check it out HERE.

Today, I chose a song by Kings of Leon - Use Somebody. I think many of you have listened to this song before. It's a nice pop-rock song, jiwang-jiwang gitu. I like it too he he he.

Now, listen to the cover by Grammy-nominated band from Tennessee, Paramore.

And now listen to the cover by the ever-cute British pop star, Pixie Lott.

I personally think they're both HOT! Well, my vote goes to Miss Lott though *grin*

So, what do you think?

Okay, let me help you out. In order for you to get used to my idea is that, you need to open up a bit. You need to let loose of yourself, have no expectation and try to relate as to how the cover is done by respective singer/band. It might be boring, it might be dull, it might be off but at the end of the day, you will get more ideas of how other people take something. There are no boundaries (soundtrack by Kris Allen - No Boundaries).

Comments are welcomed. Thank you.

Dem yuh!


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